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Dec 3, 2009
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Basically, this game will be run, much like an Auction game, but a little less gangster.

What happens is, there will be 16 players, each with their own team, in a league against the rest of the players. Every day, each player will send me a list of 16 players that they would like to sign for their team. Basically, you put them in order of most wanted at 1, and least wanted at 16. Then, I go through the PM's and work out who gets what player by the order that they have put them. So lets say, the 1st pm I get, someone put Messi as 1, and then I get another PM with Messi as 1 and Ronaldo as 2, the player that Pm'ed me 1st, on round one anyway, will get messi, while the other player would get Ronaldo, as Messi has already been chosen. This goes on and on untill all 16 teams have a player, then I will post the list of players already taken, and the next round people have to obviously choose 16 players that haven't already been selected.

After the 16 days have been done, I will be doing a Managers Draft. In the reverse order of the 1st round. :) Also, after that draft day, I will need your formations. Aswell as your 16 players, your allowed 5 'back up players'. Tell me what positions you want back ups for with your formations and I will find players to suit with a lower CA so they are deffo classed as backups :)

The 1st round will be 1st come, 1st served, but after that it will be in reverse order of the 1st round, and then again reversed for the 3rd round so its the same order of the 1st round.

I understand this is quite confusing, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. It's a pretty basic concept that I seem to have made relatively confusing.

Although I am not a fan of not allowing people to play, I am going to put a 1000 post count req for 6 of the spaces, because I feel I can fill the other 10 with people I can trust to play the game.

Once I have all 16 people ready to play and team names and colours, then I will start the rounds of 'bidding'.

If you post and you don't have the required post count, or if I think your a ****, you won't be playing. :)

If you miss a day, you will be given a ***** back up under 100CA :)

Current picks:​


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In ;)

Edit or if I think your a ****, you won't be playing.

****.... ;)
I would like to play!
Although I might need some explanation of the rules.
yeah, why not, don't really understand, but I will be able to soon :p

Me joinio please :)

EDIT - I'm a **** :p
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I join please
Team David Cassidy
Home: Red and white trim
Away: Blue and white trim
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Yeah boy, count us in.
Might make it 16 teams.. as seems like a fair bit of intrest.
woop woop

sign me up :)

Team name: Eboue Army
As I said earlier I will play.
Im in
Team name: Bling Singhs
Kit (If needed) : Red and white stripes
Just so you know, this isn't 1st come first serve. More like I will decide on each player individually, as some people I can feel I can trust to play every day, and others, not so.
Alright I'm in.

Team name: Prawn Dance FC
Home: Pink and White
Away: Green and White
McAwesome United
Home: Black and white
Away: blue and orange? probably looks cool
Ok, so far, I am leaving the last two spaces to fill for a few more peolpe to say if they are intrested. Not being in the list and currently not having a space doesn't mean your a ****, although likely, but rather that I am wating to see what the responce is like, and you still have a good chance of getting in.

To all those that have made it into the 6 unreserved spaces, please post your team name and kit colours. TY.