FM Base Nation - The Challenge


Jan 10, 2009
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I have replace Luxembourg with FM Base (the nation), I have also created a large group of FM Base regulars as 16/17 year old wonderkids of FM Base Nationality.

The Challenge:
Your job is to take FM Base currently ranked 204th in the world as far as you can, please post as much information on your successes as you can to make this challenge more informative.
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the fm base that ive downloaded are a team in the blue square haha? whats this all aboot?
Just starting now, putting all the people i havent heard of in the reserves. Going to be me + Dunc upfront <3
It's taking me ages to put together a squad, some players are horribly imbalanced, lol.
Drew my first game with Wales 2-2. Tiraths and Jonesy scord ;)
I would do it, but i've looked through all the squads and i know where i'm not wanted :/
Injured in the first game

EDIT: Just noticed I can't see my player in the opening post whats up with that
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anyone who has downloaded the database I suggest you re-download it as I have found a problem with it which I have now fixed.