FM Base Network Game!


Sep 17, 2005
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Well i thought i would start one since i no longer have a FUP and can play at decent times. The game engine or what ever has improved so the net games are as fast as **** now which is always good.

Basically im looking to play 1-2 weeknights really from 18:30 untill about 9-10.

One Rule!
No n00bs! if any one post wonders ask about joining the game im not even going to reply, Regular posters only please :D

Once i know who all wants to play we can all vote on the league etc

Anyone Game?
Well, i am not quite active on forum, never was, i only post when i really when i want to post.
But i read the forum every day more then 3 times and i really love the game

So you can count me in
Jamgla and Andel didnt you stop playing the last one? will you be commited?
i only recently joined the site but i play football manager everyday 4 like 4 hours and would love 2 play this network game can u count me in
Jamgla and Andel didnt you stop playing the last one? will you be commited?

i will be committed, its a new game, its just b4 wen i joined i started to get bored of fm
Im up for a game. If the hours are what you said or roughly like that then i should be committed. Never really played a decently long lasting net game.
glad your playing need a fellow scot :D
I'd be committed as you know untill i start doing ***** :) but i don't have the game yet cos im cheap :D
Was on home pc last time and cudnt play the late nights. Now i am at uni, and times are good.
good good will need to ask Andy and few others then we will be good to go
Hi im in, i read the forum daily and do post but only to answer questions or to recommend players, can i join
hey guys,

been busy last wee while and aint had chance to reply just wanna see if people are still interested in playing a few nights a week.

See how many we can get, so if your usually free some weeknights and commited then let me know.
i can alwways do 9:30pm onwards on everyday, and most evenings, as long as i dont have homework
I will play during my homework if it comes to it. But i often go away so some days i wouldn't be able to make it. i will warn you in advance if that is the case.
I should be OK to join in, long as I can find summat to keep the wife happy and the bab quiet!
Meh, I'd join but my comp dies, so i'll have to wait 'til crimbo *dreams of new comp