FM Base Network Game!

Can i be villa please...and also what are you using to communicating Xfire or mIRC?
Kris sucks as the host might as well let someone else host who actually has the time to play...

As Kris says some of us have social lives
i know its a bit late and i havent posted 4 ages but would it be possible for me to join? Please:| I'll be West Ham if so
Nah we have enough now sorry it's laggy as it is. Tomorrow if everyone closes all outstanding programs after i give ip on msn.
Im just trying to find a few hours a week that suit everyone in the game which you are NOT so why change it when the rest of us are happy?
Sorry bout the no-show on the network game, had to work til 9 :irked:
ahh unlucky fair enough maybe sometime soon when people are free.