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Nov 13, 2010
The Great San Marino Media Comparison

With FM 19 coming soon I want to share one of my biggest achievements in FM 18 and my whole San Marino career in the history of the series. In 15 years of attempting the SM challenge I only had one player who got the media comparison of being 'touted the next' [insert San Marino legend here], a midfielder touted as the next Massimo Bonini (a good Juventus player in the 80's) I think in FM 14. Of course it was a super rare event and I was prepared not to see this happening again, or maybe get another 'new Massimo Bonini' at some point in the series. I would often joke that I'd never see the next Andy Selva (the talismanic SM striker for the past 15 years, and the only decent professional player in the history of San marino together with Bonini). Well, it's happened!

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Giacomo Giacobbi, dubbed the new Andy Selva! Of course at 19 he's really much better than Selva ever was in his career as Giacobbi has already scored 30+ international goals while also scoring at good rate for a successful, CL winning San marino club. Still, this comparison has been the highlight of FM 18 for me as well as one of the greatest moments of my long CM/FM career 8-|.


Jun 18, 2018
In my first season in charge,
My team Truro City won with over 100 points!
I remember my team scored about less than 130 goals.
My highlight was the thrashing of Concord and Eastbourne!
I will try gaining promotion to league two.

Thanks to Liam's tactic, I have scored a massive 71 goals in my friendlies including the 11-0 wins over Clough Rangers and Plymouth Parkway aswell a 12-0 VICTORY OVER Camelford!!!!
And I have only conceded 5 goals.
My highlight of the friendlies was a epic comeback against Ajax in a 4-2 win!
Update: I won promotion to League Two and the Football League for the first time!
129 points and only 1 loss. 3 draws and 42 WON!
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Mar 4, 2010

Finaly win 2024.. I already accepted defeat..but 95+ minutes.. and penalties.. (I dkn why some guys take average teams..just use SAVE and win all.. no sense.. If you do not play one of top team, its hard to win.. first few seasons.. I do not restart match, because PC AI won against me heh..) ..even RUNNER UP in UEFA SUPER CUP, after that win heh