FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

Yeah yellow cards are dumb in that game. In FM19 I got a lot but most tactics asked the players to be pretty aggressive. In FM20 a lot of tactics don't use that, and yet you still take so many yellows
Can anyone help!?

In the Competitions screen, I keep having to scroll to see the stats at the bottom of each comp (Top Scorer etc)

Its such a little thing but so frustrating!


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Yet another bug...

I am the one deciding who starts a training course amongst my staff, yet my assistant got 3 in a year, spending over 5.5k for it. I'm a semi-pro club and those 5.5k are vital... SI can't even do a game properly ffs
Every match is the same i have about 30 shots 10 straight at the keeper 20 miles wide unless there off side then they slot it away perfect. They get 1 chance and im 1 nil down, have to go full attack to try and get a draw.
Got yet another bug, and someone else had it too... Can't add any staff member. When I ask the board they say ok but then they cancel the transfers. Can't even have an assistant.

And also, every season, same date, I lose all my games. All february is all losses. No matter what I do.
how do you win away from home??? i use the same tactic for home and away. do i need to use a different one for away games? the opposition regardless of league standing and quality just pass through my team like its not even there.
Slight frustration - why do my older players` go on FA Courses without my knowledge, costing Bolton money they don`t have?.
Well every issue I have has been mentioned so I won't mention them again, however, If I see one more of the opposition Full backs, just gracefully wander his way up to the pitch and score, I may just quit, especially when you're talented winger does the same, and then passes the ball to their keeper
The winger approaches the goal from the either side, often comes along the byline, shoots... and either hits the post or the keeper from which the ball bounces either to the middle of the goal or to the other post where there is a player waiting for the rebound in exactly where the ball comes. This happends hunderds of times with miracelous precision like its essential part of the tactic/ME. Especially the one where they seem to intentionally hit the near post to get that straight rebound to the opposite post. IDIOTIC! Just let them score from the first shot! Much less infuriating. If the keeper doesnt leave room to score, he sure as **** doesnt give those sort rebounds.

edit. All in all the ME is a POS and I'm now going to play something that actually doesnt have huge luck and FU factor coded in and doesnt just say "you missed, you missed again". Where as the enemy hits you right in the while aiming at some tree.
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20.2.4 Changelist
- Performance and optimisation improvements

Various Match Engine (version 2039) changes including (but not limited to):

- Improved one-on-one finishing
- Recalculations regarding clear-cut chances
- Tweaks to penalty kick conversion rates
- Lowered frequency of players overrunning ball and losing possession
- Improved realism of player recoveries from slide tackles
- Improved crossing variation and instruction behaviour
- Improved defensive tracking from long balls
- Improved heading accuracy
- Improvements/tweaks to referee behaviour
- Throw-in positional adjustments
- Various other balancing tweaks/improvements
I hate SO MUCH when another manager says something about you or your team, you come back, and then they say "he's a very petty and bitter manager, unfortunately. His reaction to this whole affair has been quite revealing", AND YOU CAN'T ANSWER!
Like wtf is that?!
The guy talks ****, you answer and then he has the last word and there's nothing you can do to have it. That's completely ridiculous. That's not "interaction".
Nothing has improved!

The game just contantly f*cks you! What the **** is wrong with this game that it needs screw the player again and again?! The results are so inconsistant that is pathetic. The object of the game is create chances to get goals! I cant score the goals. I can only have them create chances through tactics. Why the f*ck doesnt it give you the results you deserve! If I want real life random football I will watch that! This is f*cking game! Why the f*ck would you make a game that is no better than a coin toss!

CCC's 8-1, Score 2-2. If those chances stats would have been other way around I would have lost 5-0! I know because they have and I did.

1. FC Heidenheim v FC Augsburg_ Match Stats.png
1. FC Heidenheim v 1. FC Köln_ Match Stats.png
1. FC Heidenheim v Bayer 04 Leverkusen_ Match Stats.png
1. FC Köln v 1. FC Heidenheim_ Match Stats.png
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This is one thing I really find annoying..

Why not just pass the ball to the player next to you so he can put it into the goal? It's nearly a 100% chance of goal but instead he shoots and misses (ofc...)

Football Manager 2020 Winter Update – January Transfers
How i can search staff with coaching attributes filter in new update? I cant find it. I just start with new club and it make me stop playing.
Well it was the last time when I bought FM before last patch and for full price.
Meaningless game with a limited set of functionality.
Still, after all these years, having issues with ****** ghost goals!!!

My laptop is ancient, so I have to run a match on commentary only and view goals as highlights and here's the issue. I started unemployed before taking over at Chesterfield. My first game in charge and I'm 1-3 down at half time to Woking. I lay into the lads and they pull back to 2-3 by the 50 minute mark, lots of chances follow for both sides before I equalise in the 75th minute. The commentary says something about a brilliant come back and I'm more than happy as the game ends in a draw.

Only it didn't. No more goal highlights, no mention in the text commentary, the commentary bar didn't flash, but I lost 3-4. Apparently Woking scored in the 83rd minute. This happens 4 or 5 times a season regardless of the version I'm playing and never happens in my favour.
my frustration and rage this year isn't caused by FM. it's becouse fake news posted on this site: "Tactic Testing will be coming back very soon."