FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

OWN GOALS JESUS! What is it with the keeper making a great save, the ball being on/near the goal line by the post and a defender just John Smiths'ing it against the post and into the goal..... 4 times in like 12 games this season/patch.
How on God's given Earth has this baby-faced numpty won Manager of the Year ahead of me? My win ratio was 94%, our team scored 2 more and conceded 4 fewer than PSG, and we won the league undefeated. PSG lost in the league twice.. both against me! :mad:



just beat Bayern 2-0 with this , game clearly bollocks, although worldclass arp missed 4 one on ones, hmmmmmmm thought that was patched
This is less a frustration and more of just a head-scratcher. Why do they care what I say about a third-string goalkeeper who's out on loan?

Found why my strikerless tactic won't perform well:

while we're at it, here's my striker getting mad at me for praising him after he scored a brace??

3rd in England with 98 points!


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SI need a good sorting out boys, time to stop buying this ****. Its worse than FIFA at this point. I'm just taking the **** with these formations now. back post headers , missed CCCs, no central play , set pieces and defenders staring at the ball.

19 games into the season and we've dropped points by conceding in the last 15 minutes in 9 of them. Dropped 15 total points as a result.
Have anybody figured out how to stop te AI from being much more effectiv than themselves ? i find that a lot of tims i can have to have 10-15 shots on target to score 1 or 2 goals, while the AI will score 1 - 2 goals from 3-4 shots on target. And their goal will most like be from a set piece or a long shot :(
Im so sick and tired of seeing my strikers miss the most simple goals. multiple simple chances that shouldnt be missed. most of the team getting poor ratings even though im top of league. have i missed something?

yes i know im top of the league. but its just making the save so much less interesting seeing players miss simple shots or not following instructions and the team getting poor ratings
Why is it my players seem to have forgotten how to tackle? It doesn’t matter what instructions I use/change, it makes no difference at all. The only bloke who tackles is my forward who drops mega deep and then shoots (I say shoot, it’s more of a soft pass) from 40 meters out. It’s really getting to me now.
Might not be the right place to mention this but what really frustrates me is the kit selection for some games. On nearly every save I've had this season we've had at least 2 or 3 games where the home team has worn their away kit at home because of a kit clash? How often does that actually happen? Very rarely if ever these days. It's just so unrealistic and takes away some of that realism factor that makes the game enjoyable.

Examples I've seen are,

Notts County wearing green away at Yeovil when the home kit is fine
Sheffield Wednesday wearing away kit at home to Blackburn
Chelsea wearing their away kit at home to Brighton
Bradford wearing their away kit at home to Northampton
Bought the game because of the Ultimate legends database being added this year only to find out now it won't be. What a utter waste.
Premier League Champions for Lichfield City FC - QF in Champions League and won an FA Cup and Community Shield and 'finihsing in the top half of the Midland Football League Division One is the finest achievement to date' DA FUQ?!

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