Francis Blackwood: Irish Luck


Nov 16, 2013
We're Back!

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After my long hiatus, I'm back with more of Blackwood's story, I want to thank you all with your patience as this has not been updated since July but I can say I will try my hardest to update this frequently until FM16 comes out and after.

Without further ado let's get started. Today we are starting with some good news, if you read the last post you will understand the gravitas of this situation.

Happy days. North after proving his worth in the Derry game no longer wants to leave, good news. Hopefully this means good form is incoming for this lad.

Olivier Thomert joins the club

Signed him, back when I was updating this back in July, knew none of his stats, my scouts said he was good so obviously my July self took their word for it, suffice to say my gamble paid off. Although he is old, he has lots of quality for this league, I'm looking forward to using him.

Shamrock Rovers VS Athlone Town

EA Sports Cup

First Round

And there we have it, my return. Within the first fifteen seconds Devante Cole had a chance... he missed and that summed up his form for the rest of the game. Miss after miss after miss. Luckily we did score, four times in fact. Danny North got the first goal, making me feel better for picking him. Within 25 minutes we got another goal from captain Conor Kenna, a nice header from a nice Keith Fahey cross. By half time we are two nil up and Danny North and Binnom Williams pick up a knock and Stephen McPhail is tired, Dominic Knowles, Patrick Cregg and young left back Luke Byrne replace them.

On the 55th minute Knowles shoots... it's going wide but good ole Athlone defender Derek Doyle puts it in his own net. Deflection but oh well. Athlone were running scared and in the closing minutes of the game Knowles scored, officially this time, putting the game beyond doubt.

Conor Kenna, the captain was man of the match