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I really am properly impressed at your Scottish updates, haha.

My boy Brugger has fallen away :(

Rashford with a 4-fer! What a time to be alive.

****** Germans look good...
Ha thanks mate, I’ve ended up enjoying writing as a Scotsman more than I intended to :D

Yeah disappointing about Brugger, he was so promising. The fact that he didn’t play v Belgium genuinely baffles me. Germany and Dieckmann in particular do look good, as does Rashford surprisingly, although a couple of those goals were proper poachers efforts. Who do you reckon’s winning it?
Well... that was unexpected. I was gonna back Germany for the championship, but now I can't see past France...
Interesting. Italy sent packing by England of all teams...

Is that the order of the draw? So Germany v Belgium and Ukraine v France in one half, and Norway v England and Holland v Portugal in the other?

Assuming that is the case, I'm gonna call it as follows:

Germany v Belgium - Germany
Ukraine v France - France
Norway v England - England
Holland v Portugal - Holland

So Germany v France and England v Holland semi-finals. Maybe not the most inspired/brave guesses, but the majority of matches in the tournament appear to have gone as expected. Not many major shocks.

I'm gonna say France v Holland final, with France winning the whole thing, though I could easily see any of those 4 taking the crown.
Farkin'ell, weren't Ukraine the side that didn't conceded for the first 4 games or something? And you've won 6-2 and then 7-2! What's going on.

Can't see past France for the tournament on this form. Vive la Franj indeed. Even your rotations options are banging them in.
I see from the comments you've had a mare of a fortnight - hope all gets sorted mate, need your updates to liven up my mornings at work!
Good ****** morning!

I’m not entirely sure how many people still follow my story from here and to be honest, it’s completely slipped my mind to do an update to let you know that i’m still continuing the story and I suppose that I’m still alive in general. Apologies for that and for the extended break, but I’ve got a backlog of episodes to release now and will be starting to post them again this monday (18th).

As always, thanks for staying patient with me and rest assured I’ll never leave this story to end unfinished. Here is the latest meta-sode, which basically just reiterates all of this.

See you Monday and cheers again,

Commented on the blog site before you even posted it here (H)


Welcome back mate. I'll probably keep commenting on the Wordpress tbh, save you having to post updates on more than one page if it's easier!
Haha I saw! I was off work today and you’d commented before I’d even woke up! To be honest I was considering that this morning. This is now the only place I actually post links any more so i may stop. If anyone who comes here to get to the story has any objections, let me know by next week. After that I probably will stop posting here.

Glad to be back mate :) hope everyone enjoys the new episodes
I am. Don’t wanna burn through my backlog too fast cause if work gets busy again that could get problematic haha. I’ve got enough episodes stored up for the next month but could go back to a 5 day schedule at some point