Franjo: A Journeyman Story (New Episode Every Week Day)

It WAS tonnes of work, possibly the 2 most time consuming episodes to create, but worth it I reckon. Thank you for noticing haha. So many ****** screenshots...

You certainly know your audience by the way, don’t you. There’s no better way of getting me invested than mentioning Rooney’s goal v Arsenal! Remember the name etc. I think you’re fine to be honest though. Leaving for PSG, who absolutely have a higher ceiling than Bordeaux and the money to fulfill their potential, is fair enough regardless of timescale. Sounds like a good opportunity to build a young team from scratch too so should be exciting.

and also “Victor Lindelöf vs Mars” would be quite an interesting concept for a film, but yeah I’m with you: Heading, marking & tackling are the most basic things centre backs need to have, so i don’t see how you can be world class without them. Unless he’s actually a world class libero or something and that description hasn’t been coded into the game
For context I’ve just done a bit of quick maths and I reckon I took 350-400 screenshots for these 2 episodes, which is absolute madness!

Also, any predictions based on the roundup of the nations? Potential winners? Golden boot winners? Best player?
Ha! I figured the Rooney reference might get you, but it legitimately was uncanny. He beat his man in a similar area in the left channel, muscled through and cut in towards the edge of the box, and then unleashed a curling dipper. Only difference was that Chekraoui hit it into the far top corner, as opposed to bending it in off the bar like Rooney did, but the coincidence was astounding. Both 16 years old at the time too.

You're right about the higher ceiling at PSG, though I should mention that they've not won the league in a decade and in the past several years they've been in the Arsenal role of fighting for the 4th CL spot. So in truth they're a sleeping giant just like Bordeaux - in fact, they're at remarkably similar levels in terms of recent league finishes, with Bordeaux's 2nd place finish 4 seasons ago being the best either side has managed in a number of years.

It just feels so dirty when success at PSG will necessarily mean ******* over my beloved Bordeaux side in the process! Oh well. Might as well double down and buy all Bordeaux's top youngsters. Haha.
I’m just imagining the commentator saying “Remember the name... Shek... Chek... Row-ee? Shek-rooey?”

Haha yeah you’re probably right. The fans aren’t going to like you either way so you may as well take the best and brightest along
For context I’ve just done a bit of quick maths and I reckon I took 350-400 screenshots for these 2 episodes, which is absolute madness!

Also, any predictions based on the roundup of the nations? Potential winners? Golden boot winners? Best player?

I missed this post, sorry. My predictions:

Winners: Italy (seriously, they look outstanding)... sorry!
Golden boot: tough one, but I'll go Mbappé
Best player: Gonna go a bit left field and say Yuri Brugger from Italy. Random name for an Italian, but he's outrageously good and his international form is outstanding.
Sports Direct reference made me chuckle. Ahh, the alternate future. Wonder what's happened with Brexit. And Trump. Actually let's not go there.

Eddie Howe. What a ledge.

Looking forward to tomorrow's match mate.
I’m sure I’ll cover all that at some point. Will almost certainly revisit the fact that Robbie Savage had a spell in Downing Street too

me too bud! Should be a good un
Don Collins is actually Neil Patrick Harris.

Round of applause for that Scottish roundup.

Glad to see my Brugger prediction looking solid after round 1!
Ha! Yeah he does look like him. Not as cool as NPH though.

cheers. A surprising and unnecessary amount of time and work went into that little paragraph!

And yeah I thought that, good call! Brugger, Buitink, Alcácer and Morata leading the way so far
Well that was... unexpected. As was the dogshit comparison, but on reflection it's actually pretty accurate.

I think there's something a bit off with international management in Footy Manager. Like... yeah, it's not much fun compared to managing a club, but I think it's actually slightly broken. I've never managed to get my international teams' tactical familiarity anywhere near full, which means the team always plays pretty terribly. And at big international tournaments I find it's more a question of luck than anything else, because none of the players play anywhere near their potential even when they're playing in ostensibly similar systems to their club teams' formations - all because of that **** lack tactical familiarity. It's almost more of a lucky dip from one match to the next, relying heavily on team talks to which the players rarely listen very much.


Ah well, onward and upward. Hopefully it'll click vs Denmark...
41 shots?! What the ****?! Christ, I'd be fuming if my team had had that many shots and (a) only got 10 on target and (b) only managed TWO measly goals... blimey.

****** international football. Still, a win's a win. It's weird how spates of woodwork-magnetism seem to happen - I've got a guy on my PSG save who just ******* LOVES the woodwork. Almost like he thinks every game is the crossbar challenge and he'll get a bonus based on how many sitters he can spank against the post instead of tucking it away.

****** game.
Haha I know mate. I sometimes feel like FM doesn’t know how to portray the idea that one team’s going to be dominant but the other team will keep them at bay by the skin of their teeth. IRL this kind of game would probably happen because the keeper has a worldie or the other team’s players are throwing themselves in front of every shot. Kind of shatters the illusion of realism when you hit the woodwork 8 ****** times in 3 games! If all those shots had gone in we’d have beaten England 5-2, Georgia 5-1 and Denmark 5-1, although admittedly I think 2 of the times we hit the woodwork, rabiot v england and maupay v denmark, we scored from the rebound.

But never mind, we march on