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Dec 18, 2010
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Anyone got any suggestions on negotiating the "you spend more time on that game than you do with me" conversation which will shortly be rearing its ugly head?
Considered a free transfer but it cost an arm and a leg to get her to sign in the first place and she's on far to large of a contact to pay her off.
I'd suggested some ppms and retraining her but she refuses saying she "just wants to concentrate on nagging me". I don't really like the idea of loaning her out but I need to do something to improve her morale before she goes awol.
Any solutions?
One thing I've learned........always make time for the other half lol. For me, the games always come second
yet to experience that sadly lol. But normally I just wait til the missus is watching some garbage she likes on tv like Glee or summit. She tapes a lot of rubbish, watches it next day, so just sit beside her and play the game. Then she can't really complain lol. Until I start swearing at the playes of course lol
What's her determination attributes like? On top of that, if she has handy physicals it might be worth ducking.
Surely the stats to watch out for are agression and long throws
I'm spending time on here because your not spending time on me ?
Hopefully her speed isn't too high, otherwise you're definitely doomed.
Download Genie Scout, and check her hidden dirtyness attribute.
If she has high physical attributes and amazing stamina dont loan or re-train play her all the time
Tell her to work on her physicals, that'll **** her off. XD
Put her on a very physical cleaning training schedule so she'll get injured.
If she's a keeper, beware her Kicking and Tendency to Punch. If you're going to free-transfer her though, pay special attention to her Balance, and overall Distribution, lest you go into administration.
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