Funniest image ever from football?


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Sep 19, 2005
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:D I think there both equally as funny, because van persie was looking to smack that and then stacked it
I think this one's funnier purely cos it was van Persil
The spin from van Persie wins it for him :D
thats so funny was brillinat how he stayed down afterwards in embarresment. he lands a bit funny on his arm thou if you watch his arm bends 3 times as he hits the floor
How do i save this to my computer so i can put it on my fone? anyone please and dont mention dunn's :)
hahaha good one, thats quite funny, its funnier than dunns cos noone really likes van persie, when was this ?
In the game on saturday against bolton on live TV lol. :D
I don't hate van persie :D Dunn's is better for me.

but that makes him look like hes been killed, and u cant laugh at him for that, but u can laugh at him cos he tried to kik and balll and fell over afet filpping like a cheeseburger

Lucky he didnt do that to Ciise

EDIT : Reason it was down was due to the amount of people viewing it!
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dont know if its just my computer but what ever you tryed to upload isnt showing just an imageshack frog
I saw it on motd2 yesterday and it just showed it on skysports news...the mascot goes to shake gerrard's hand and then pulls it back and gives aa cheeky wink ;)