Gary Neville Academy - Class of 2011


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Mar 14, 2009
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The first of Neville's graduates is Scottish 15 year old Chase Status, Chase's main position is as an attacking midfielder and he is already popular with sides such as Bolton and Fulham.

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The second product of the academy is englishman Daniel Oakes, but he likes to be known as Danieldinho, god knows why. Danieldinho operates as a striker but can also be played in the Attacking midfield position. The 16 year old is already being followed by Aston Villa and Newcastle.

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The next former academy member is the first South American. Dinho Marcos is his name and he operates mainly as a striker but can also play as a right footed left winger. The Brazilian is 6 foot 2 so will likely be a threat in the air and Santos and Flamengo are among the many to be after his signature.

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The next academy graduate comes all the way from Newcastle and is simply known as 'The Tank' to many. Duncan Greentank can play solely as a striker and Villa and favourite club Newcastle are after his signature.

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Neall Johnston is the next graduate and is simply known as Johno. Johno can operate as either a striker or a right winger and Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest are among the many battling for his signature.

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The next graduate is the second Brazilian to come out of the Manchester based academy. Milberto Silva is mainly a left winger but can also play as a striker. All teams battling for his signature are from his homeland of Brazil including Cruzeiro and home club Sao Paulo.

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Neil Hart is the next graduate and is the only goalkeeper to come out of the academy. Hart is South African and it was unusual that he would come all this way rather than stay in his homeland. Hart currently does not have any clubs tailing after him.

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The next graduate from Gary Neville's academy is Romanian 15 year old Nicolae Enescu. Enescu plays solely as a striker and no clubs are currently after him.

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Pablo Hernandez is the ninth academy graduate. The Argentine plays as either an Attacking midfielder or a central midfielder and is one of the brightest prospect of a brilliant class. Osasuna are carrying major interest in him aswell as minor interest from Independiente, River Plate and Udinese.

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The penultimate graduate is simply known as Pauley. Charles Thirtle can play primarily as a right winger but also as a central midfielder. There is minor interest from Wigan and Mallorca among others.

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Last but not least is Tirath Eboue. The 16 year old can either play as a right back or a central midfielder. There is minor interest from Crawley, Newcastle, Leeds and St Johnstone, to sign the only defender from the academy.

How will these players fare in the future of the football world? Follow this to find out!

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just out of intrest , what league are you playing in , and are these real or made up players
They are players created from a select few users on this site. I created them asking each of them to fill in a template :) And I have all the top leagues loaded so I can follow there careers.
Very nice :) Hopefully someone better than Wigan and Mallorca come after me though.
If Gary "The Legend" Neville has coached these guys, all players should have -200 potential.
As most of us have found a club, I will now post the first update.

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Scottish teenager Chase Status has been signed up by Championship side QPR. Status has already made 2 sub appearances and scores 1 goal for the Hoops.

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In perhaps the biggest move out of the academy graduates, Danieldinho moves to Aston Villa on a free transfer. Since moving Daniel Oakes has looked brilliant, scoring 5 goals in 7 games for the under 18 side.

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Brazilian Dinho Marcos is another to agree terms with a club. However, he will not join his new club until 2012 when he will join Sporting Lisbon. As a result of this, we will not be hearing any more from him until then.

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Duncan Greentank joins Chase Status at QPR and they will no doubt form a formidable partnership. Just like Status, he has made 2 cup appearances and scored 1 goal.

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In another big move, Johno has joined one of his most hated teams in Newcastle United. It is believed that the sexual favours that they offered him were too good to turn down. He has made 2 competitive starts, scoring 1 goal in the cup.

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The other Brazilian, Milberto Silva, has joined a Brazilian club to become his first team as a professional footballer. The new Corinthians winger has made 1 start with 6 sub appearances to score 2 goals.

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Neil Hart looks like a great star of the future. Unfortunately, no-one has yet noticed the South African keeper and he has yet to find a club.

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Just like Hart, Nicolae Enescu is yet to find a club.

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Argentinian Pablo Hernandez has signed for Argentinian side Velez. Since there, he has made 4 competitive appearances, yet to make an impact.

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In a shocking move, Pauley has decided to ply his trade abroad at Spanish side Mallorca. He has yet to make a competitive appearance for the Spanish side.

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Tirath Eboue is the last graduate to report on and he has joined Premier League side Birmingham. In 7 Under 18 games he has made a significant impact, scoring two goals, creating five assists and receiving three man of the match awards.

******* Newcastle and I scored for them WTF how ****

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also, hope i score an own goal to get newcastle relegated and administrated then liquidated
Mallorca, not bad, suppose I can just own Messi and Ronaldo then move to the EPL ;)
looks good - will follow :D
Looks good :) Why do they all have such low flair though, esp. the south americans :./
Looks good :) Why do they all have such low flair though, esp. the south americans :./
they are 16 - Flair can be taught through tutoring and it does develop over time through training (ball control)
End of Season 1

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In January, Chase Status completed a £2.1 million move to Manchester United after impressing for the QPR youth team.

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Danieldinho had a great season for the Aston Villa youth team, scoring 23 goals in 30 games. Hopefully he may get some first team football next season.

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Along with his fellow QPR partner, Manchester United came calling for 17 year old Duncan Greentank. In his time at United, Dunc scored 4 in 9 for the youth team.

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While at Newcastle, Johno demanded a name change to be known by his full name. Unlike the others, Neall made 14 first team appearances for his bitter rivals, scoring three goals.

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After signing on a free for Corinthians, Silva scored 4 goals in 14 for Corinthians before being shipped out on loan. While on loan, Milberto did not particularly impress, scoring 3 goals in 21 appearances.

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Neil Hart still fails to find a club.

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Nicolae, just like Hart fails to find a club.

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Pablo Hernandez had a years full of opportunities, making 24 appearances for Primera League runners up Velez. However, he was not overly impressive, scoring no goals and achieving an average rating of just 6.44.

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Pauley had an on and off season for Mallorca, making three league appearances but 17 appeareances in the youth side. He impressed in the youth side but did not show it when called up to the first team which suggests he is not quite ready yet.

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Tirath Eboue had a year full of appearing for the youth side. He was majorly impressive with an average rating of 7.8, which may be looked upon by Alex McGleish for next season.

Competition Standings

meh my reserve/u18 record is pretty sweet 24 games 16 goals and 7 assists

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just seen that i scored 3 goals and newcastle were 1 away from relegation WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!