Jul 13, 2013
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Monday 20th May, 2013

I just sat there, looking at the wall as the debt collector carried away my 40 inch TV. What had become of me? I was once one of England's brightest young talents. They called me the boy with the world at my feet, I had become a nobody!

Saturday 16th October, 2005
Ewood Park

I was at full pace, as Morten Gamst Pederson attempted to take me out, I quickly dashed past past him with a speedy stepover. I found myself in plenty of space on the left wing, there was no options in the box for me to cross into but I did see Shearer running into the box looking for a signature header. I decided that if I was ever going to get into the English squad I had to impress with my skill. 5 skillful stepovers clearly confused Lucas Neill the rovers defender. Maybes I took too long as Shearer was already waiting in the box, as I swung my leg back too land the ball in the box I felt my whole body being swept of the floor. Lucas Neill had got annoyed with me and decided to take me out. Pain and anger swept through my injured body, I looked up to the crowd and saw faces of horror and to my sunrise were trying to swing a punch at their own player. That is the last I remembered as I started to fade away.

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Great start mate, the forum has been crying out for something like this!! Looking forward to the next post :)
cheers mate that really means a lot. this is my first story in the game so to get that comment was a real morale booster
Great start mate, the forum has been crying out for something like this!! Looking forward to the next post :)

cheers mate that really means a lot. this is my first story in the game so to get that comment was a real morale booster
Monday 20th May, 2013

The door slammed and as I looked around my shabby apartment I could only wonder what had happened, all I had left was a phone and deck chair. My apartment was in a nice place in the city, only 2 blocks away from the place I used to ply my trade- St. James Park. I decided that I could sell this place for a nice fee and move in with my parents down the road at Durham. I needed to get out of the place and go for some beers! As I left the building my car wasn't there anymore. I have to admit I did shed a tear :(, As I begun my walk to the Strawberry my phone began to ring, it was my old friend Charles N'zogbia now at Aston Villa, I answered the call, " mate what do you want, the debt collector has took almost everything from me so this better be good!!". " All the better then, Alan Pardew has been sacked mate". A weird sensation crept over me, Alan was a good manager who did a lot for the club!. I answered " what has it got to do with me", " You have just got your coaching badges haven't you?". Indeed I had just got my badges and that set off a lightbulb in my head. " So what are you saying" not that I didn't know!. " Why don't you try to be the next Newcastle Manger?". I didn't know, imagine if a 30 year old with no managing experience and only 4 years of playing experience became a premier league manager. I came to an eventual conclusion that I should give it a go. " Cheers mate thanks for the advice". " No problem", I hung up and turned around, I was going to start my letter tonight!

Dear Newcastle United

I would like to apply for the vacant managers role at the club, I have my coaching licences and have played for the club 8 years ago and played for the first team. Although I don't have any experience of coaching I believe that I could bring attractive football and sustainability to the club I love. I would be privileged to return to the club that I played for and hold further talks with you..

Yours sincerely

Christian Forbes
Friday 24th May 2013

I could only sit there and watch as Sky Sports broke the story that Tony Pulis was to become the new manager of Newcastle united. I felt upset but it was an outside chance that I would get the job. Was this the final nail in my coffin? was I a true failure?. Just as I was about to head down to the pub my phone started buzzing. The number was unknown, probably's another call centre, but what if it was someone else? I picked up the phone, " Hello". " Hi this Mike Ashley the owner of Newcastle United football club, I understand that you applied for the job". Oh I see trying to let me down gently. " Yes I did but I thought you hired Tony Pulis?". " No don't believe everything you hear in the news, we want you to come to St. James park and have discussions about having the managers post here?". I froze, a sensational happy feeling crept over me that had not for the last 8 years." Yeah sure what date?". " How about tomorrow". This was it I had hit the jackpot!!!!

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Saturday 25th May,2013

The taxi pulled up outside a large hotel, opposite this hotel was St. James Park- the home of Newcastle United. Here I was looking all dapper in my suit and tie heading in for the most important day of my life, as I entered the glass doors of the reception I was instantly greeted by an executive of the club. He guided me into a lift up to one of the boxes at the ground. When the lift stopped at the level of the boxes he directed me to the Wor box, in other words this was Alan Shearer's box. I hastily opened the door to see the owner of Newcastle United Mike Ashley sitting there with his lawyers. " Hello Mr. Forbes, please have a seat" He pointed me to leather armchair and I sat down, nerves swept across me. " So I understand you want to become manager of this club?". " Yes sir". " Please just call me Mike" he said laughing, I sat there stone faced almost like Ivan Lendel. " Being a manager takes dedication and brains, i'm taking a risk on you so you better do well". Those words struck fear into me, " I will do my very best Mike". " I will take your word for it, please sign here". He showed me the dotted line on the contract and with that I was the manager of Newcastle United football club!!

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Just want to ask whether or not I should add match details onto my story or follow the Prodical sons route and just do personal stuff, please leave your suggestions?
Yeh a few updates every now and then would be nice the story side of things never really interests me usually but im quite enjoying reading yours. Keep up the good work.
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Saturday 1st July, 2013

As I left the training ground I felt exited with the teams training. After a few brief discussions with certain members of the squad to decide their future we got straight into the first training session of the season. Every player impressed as they tried to prove their worth to their new boss. The most productive of talks was with want away defender Collocini. I persuaded the argentine to stay on here at Newcastle. As I pulled out of the car park my phone began ringing, with my new car with built in phone I answered it. " Hello this is Christian Forbes, manager of Newcastle united". The line was silent for a second until " Hola this is Tito Vilavanova manager of FC Barcelona". I was in awe, what did Barcelona want to do with the club, " I'm requiring about your centre back Collocini?". Then it hit me, Barca were looking for a new centre back! " Sorry he is not for sale!!!" I swiftly replied. " We are willing to pay 12 million pounds for him", that was a lot of money for a player of his age," You have a deal!!"

Collocini was like an exited puppy when he found out, he had packed his bag and said his goodbyes within 5 minutes and got the next flight to Catalonia. Meanwhile I was now in the hunt for a new striker and a centre back. I had two replacements in mind who could be in the squad before the Chelsea game at the start of the season!
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Dont sell the captain mate ! The best defender in your team.
Okay mate following this story .After finsihing my second season with the toons and winning the league it will be great to follow another approach.
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Saturday 6th July, 2013

The sweet smell of a new pitch surrounded St. James Park. I stood with my back to the famous Newcastle United sign on the stadiums roof, cameras flashed everywhere as I held up a club scarf with the clubs two new arrivals. The new boys were the talk of the toon and this was their presentation in front of the worlds media.

On my left stood Pierre Emerick Aubumeyang, the highly rated young striker everyone wanted, believe me it took a long time to complete this transfer. At one point it seemed that he was heading to Dortmund but after a sensational u-turn he decided to join us on a 5 year contract for 12 million pounds. The clubs third largest transfer behind Shearer and Owen. He would have to live up to all the hype the worlds media had gave him over the past season!!

On my right stood the big Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen, he was available from Arsenal for just 6 million. He had signed a 3 year contract with the club and many were calling it an 'amazing' bargain and that Arsenal had lost a real gem. Lucky us then, my next focus was getting the team ready for the start of the season away at Chelsea