Gerard Pique - 35 goals in season :)

please i do not understand.
what settings should I use for scoring lot of golas from corners?? please help
Put your best header to attack the far post and aim the corners at the far post.
nobody cheat. but SI does. SI make the game and didnt tell us about the corner thing.
xD. When I was managing Tottenham (yes Tottenham, my mate dared me too) Kaboul scored 13 goals for me, by standing at the front post. He would take it down and bury it. He would score in iportant games too. Scored in my 2-1 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates, had me ourtaged xD.
Once again corner tactic. Dont like them. If you think this is cheating, dont use it. I dont care if its a cheat or not. My settings are on default.