Jan 13, 2011
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Im bored of managing teams in england so thinking about going abroad to manage, whats the most fun country and the most fun team to manage?

Germany. It's so open and there's usually 5 or 6 different teams going for the title per season. Every season a different team wins it too.
germany has very low tv revenue, spain is tough unless your real/barca and i haven't tried italy yet?
All doom and gloom im afraid out of england
Yeah i'll second Germany, italy personally is boring, but spain can be challenge if you play with a team other than real/barca and try and stop thier dominance
I prefer Italy. Open, exciting, and tactically innovative. No work permits, but only one non-EU player allowed per season. I enjoy it immensely.
Germany. Coz there are no rules for signing any player, like in England we have work permit, Italy- Max 1 non EU player per season, Spain- Max 3 Non EU players in squad. Germany has none and its fun to manage German clubs.

Italy-every team has a large debt , and theres that stupid Co-Ownership deals

Spain-Rules on foreign players and hard to break into top 2.
Italy is German its opened up between 4 to 5 teams to win it. and even if you pick Inter or AC Milan you have to deal with 2 very old aging teams on the wayne.
How about somewhere like Belgium or Holland? I used to enjoy playing as a Belgium team - you would always have to sell players to make money, so its a constant challenge rather than just buying the same players > Dominate > buy best Regens > Add > Rinse > Repeat.
Well Germany is very open and exciting and realistically any team can challenge with a bit of work.

Italy is less open than Germany but the two top teams AC Milan and Inter have old players and are on the wayne.

Spain is very difficult if you aren't Barcelona or Real Madrid and is probably the most challenging.
I really like Italy, whenever I've been there the competition has been very close, and teams play some very different formations compared to your bog standard 4-4-2 in England.
Why not try portugal, easy to build a team up and always exciting with Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and Porto in Europe
germany has very low tv revenue, spain is tough unless your real/barca and i haven't tried italy yet?
All doom and gloom im afraid out of england

Really? Apparently in real life, Germany have the highest TV revenue second to the EPL. :S
Italy is good, Napoli are my favourite choice there, they have a good squad, but need improving and the right tactics to achieve anything.

However as someone mentioned earlier, you can only have one non-EU player per season, which kind of messes up plans to get the South American wonderkids like we all do. There's also other things to take into account - as again was stated, is the co-ownership rules, that can be annoying when trying to buy players. However the most frustrating thing about the Serie A in my opinion is the ridiculous amount of rivalries, literally every game, or every other game is a derby match. It's great fun managing in the Serie A though, I loved my Napoli save.
I'm thinking of starting a save with Athletico Madrid. Should be interesting because they have some quality players (Aguero, Forlan, Simao, etc), and I think it wouldn't take too long to become better than Madrid and Barcelona.

Maybe try something like that?
try serbia. Someone like Bezanija or Javor XD.
Ill go for Italy or German.
Italy is rather fun , Germany has the best setup to develop young players tho ( Your II team can promote up to 2nd league )