Go ROVERS!!! Blackburn need a POKER!!!


Nov 6, 2009
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Dear All,

here my first FM19 career....i check a lot of team, but the real best i can choose is Blackburn.
In first, sorry for my "scolastic" english, hoping you can understand well all...

Because Rovers born in 1875...a story of 143 years, and only 3 championship titles (2 are 1912 and 1914, the last was of 1995, already PREMIER LEAGUE, with the 34 goals of ALAN SHEARER).....we need to come back in PREMIER, and we wanna WIN THIS LEAGUE.
Media says that we are 18th team of Championship....but i don't think so!!!!!!

SO...I'M HERE!!!!

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First little problem....when i select Rovers, i start my career without an idea, so i take control of team only 9th of July, when some players will be buyed ...so, good for me, but please look my real market only from 9th of july!!!
Here complete table:

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Only young names, because we want to create a VERY GREAT AND LONG CAREER!!!!

See you later with team presentation, and tactic!

Dear all, in first we will present new players...i think you already know all those names, best young players in game!!!

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ELIA: From CONGO to run in our right , this young WINGER can made a lot of assist!!!!

MARIN: One of the first buy of all the careers, Croatian, young, very strong!!! LEFT ARROW in my tactic!!!

MORILLA: Another young and strong player, Spanish, is my lovely "number 10" with killing licence!!!

TONALI: The new ANDREA PIRLO....i'm Italian and i'm follow this player for long time, is very good and already good for some prestigious team, in real...i hope my NAPLES can buy it in real...but now,here, is a new ROVER player!!!

In real, ROVERS have already a great and young team.... I put some screenshoot of Raya (Spanish goalkeeper), Nyambe (Namibian defender) , Armstrong and Brereton (english, very good forwarders)

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Easy...good wingers, good number 10, some good forwards.....is a 4-2-3-1!!!!

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We play some matches, the most important with Basilea.....all winning matches, player work good, tactic also....i'm so happy!!!!


This is my August calendar....see you later for results!!!!

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Let's start with bad news and good news....

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Good news, play is great, we dominate all the matches, we're a young team BUT with a lot of personality!
Bad news, we're out from Carabao Cup.....we made a lot of turnover and last minutes we let Coventry score, reach penalties and we made an error more....

Here all the matches:

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Work really good the play, a lot of assist from midfield, where Tonali is really great! Nyambe is the TOP SCORER (incredible...a DC)...
Defense is great, only 2 goals, but arrive at minute 88 and minute 89, so bad mentality and we have to work for increase this!

This is the LEAGUE TABLE

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Aston Villa at the moment is really the best team, but we are really near!!! In down of table, Ipswich and Hull really really bad!!!

And now, SEPTEMBER!!

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Really hard matches with ASTON VILLA, DERBY and STOKE......so, GO ROVERS!!!!!

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Incredible, i loose the only match i think was really easy!!! But also Aston Villa loose with Bristol City, so they are strong in home matches!!!!
Then, with Aston Villa, Armstrong miss the penalty (out), Kodjia also (goalkeeper) but score...and we have a 3-3 who can be important....
Derby and Stoke, away, are 2 great victories!!! Didn't take goal, we score and control!!!
Last is with Forest....really good team....i think to draw, BUT....now we can also score late than 90!!! 90+5 and 90+8....yeah!!!

Here all the matches

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Really good the first place, also best attack....but 8 team in 5 points, too short!!!! We hope in next matches for try to put more point from me to 4th place!!!

And now, OCTOBER!!!

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Really strange month, 2 matches very near, then 15 days stop, then 3 matches in one week....
Only Bolton can be easy, other matches are dangerous...WBA and SWANSEA can be two serious problems!!!

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Of course when you are in first places of table all is ok, and also you didn't loose...but a lot of goals in last minutes....
Very happy to find a player like Palmer (Chelsea loan) who help us in 2 matches, but we loose for injuries Marin for 20 days and Williams (left defender) for 6 months....we also attack a lot but didn't score so much....probably in January i need to find a good PC...

Here all the matches....

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All teams are very near, the most important is don't loose many matches now, because mentality can be great if we arrive in this situation in march!!!

And now, NOVEMBER!

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Again a 20 days stop, but we start with a great match with QPR!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!
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Great win against QPR, but a really ugly defeat with Rotherham....we come back without Tonali (injuried with Italian U21) but 2 realy important away victories....
and also MARIN will start to score.....yeah!!!

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Situation start to be good....all teams are so near, BUT now we're in 3...and hoping we will become 2 for beginning of 2019!!!

And now, DECEMBER!!

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December is every time the same, in England.....Christmas Tree and football!!! ahahahaha
A lot of matches, we need to look where we are in 2019 beginning....
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We start with a great news: NEW CONTRACT FOR ME

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President is so happy of team performances!!!

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December start in perfect way, 4 win and a 2-0 against Leeds....but then, BLACKOUT!!! We take 2 goals from Leeds (2-2 final score) and we loose with Sheffield United, with Armstrong who miss penalty of draw... Marin start to show him quality, Brereton start to score good goals, Armstrong is a good player BUT we need to increase our front potencial....

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Position is good, and battle is every time the same, Aston Villa and QPR....hoping in a great start in 2019!!

and now JANUARY 2019!!!

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Also FA CUP will start...we have a great possibility to made 4 victories!!!

Here we have the first 2 months (because i didn't made screenshoots when is time, sorry)...but we will start from beginning:


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A lot of low selling for have a little budget for cover 2 great players....young, strong, that can increase my attack potencial!!! Dear all, here XADAS and DRAGUS

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And now , MATCHES!!!!

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January was GREAT, all win, Dragus is really a great scorer!!! In February we made a little stop, 2 win and 3 draw....not bad BUT with all the opportunity we have, scoring is hard and take is easy...we need to change something...
In FA CUP we reach 5th round, but we loose with BOLTON...a lot of turnover is bad, so bad....

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Here January and February tables....finally, we reach a good +13 from 3rd place, best attack, one of the best defense........at the moment, we are happy....
If we can loose less point for some stupid draws can be really better!! :)

And now, MARCH!!!

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We need to have 2 wins for arrive at BIG MATCH with Aston Villa with a security margin....But of course reach 5 win in march means have PL pass....

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Not a lot of word to say.....we arrive al big match against ASTON VILLA with 4 win, and we DOMITATE...but, last 20 minute we will take some goals and is a DRAW!

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We reach Playoffs, and we have 7 matches for try to let promotion be DIRECT!
At the moment, +17 to 3rd place is a GREAT MARGIN, and also +9 to ASTON VILLA....

And now, END OF SEASON!!!

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Last 7 matches, we need to try to:


Impossible to reach, but we are not so far!!!!

We are really really near, and we play game by game for reach all my object!!!


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Great victory against STOKE, baby Morilla will score 2 goals!!!


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Very strange match, we attack a lot, we dominate BUT we loose...probably we drink a lot for the promotion!!! ahahaha


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ARMSTRONG!!! A really great match of my forward who enter in second time and score twice!!!


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If we win we take first place....BUT we loose.....BUT ALSO ASTON VILLA LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We win championship, we're young, we're exited....so we completely destroy BOLTON! ahahaha


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Another great match of my team, and all players now ask more money...but if they play like this year, i can increase salary every year without problems...ahahaha


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A great ending of season, we beat Swansea (and they come out of Playoff)


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YEAH, POINT 3 has reached, 103 points!!!! Also best attack, but defense is 43 goals against, one more of Forrest...F**K!

And also really important to know that also my young team, U18 and U23, will have a really good way!! U18 Win Championship and FA CUP, U23 have a really good table!!

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And here, FINAL STATS:

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As you can see, all the people score good and play goos, we create a lot!!

If i look all the season, best players are:

LEWIS TRAVIS, really amazing! A lot of OCR and ASSISTS!
RYAN NYAMBE, 11 goals...is really a DC????
BEN BRERETON, my topscorer! 16 goals, but a lot of matches like RIGHT WINGER!
PELAYO MORILLA , SANDRO TONALI and ANTONIO MARIN, younger but really amazing! And they can only increase!!!

A particular word for XADAS and DENIS DRAGUS: they made only 6 months, they score a lot, they give a lot of assists....what can happened in a full season????

Thank you to all, see you in PREMIER LEAGUE 2019-2020!!!


Last year was great, and i think that all the followers of this career already understand what i search in new players:need to be YOUNG and STRONG (and, if is possible, cheap! ahaha )

BLACKBURN give me 38M, their problem is that i pay every time part now and part in next years, so become almost the double....but if they need to stay in PL they need to spend, also because SUSO and CHIESA come in PL and championship is really really hard!!!


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DAEL FRY, DC, very tall, can help us very much!!!

View attachment 30010
SVETOZAR MARKOVIC: The player that all the teams need to buy (if you can, first year, you pay really cheap price and salary...), really strong DC

View attachment 30009
LUCA PELLEGRINI: From Roma, we take this great LEFT-BACK, one of my favourite in real life (the best is FEDERICO DIMARCO, but not easy to buy from INTER)

View attachment 30008
DANILO CATALDI: Like LINECOIGNE1998 says, is really great!!I see in him career and is also really cheap!!So, we buy it!!!

View attachment 30007
NICOLO' ZANIOLO: But like MC, the future is here! Zaniolo, young, tall, and can made a lot of OCR!

View attachment 30006
FRANCISCO TRINCAO: Right/Left winger, gemini of XADAS, so cheap but really good!!!!

View attachment 30005
ELLERY BALCOMBE: Young Goalkeeper, can play in FA CUP and CARABAO CUP

View attachment 30004
BRENNER: Last buy. We give ARMSTRONG in loan so we need another Forward, young and cheap, who don't need to play every time in first 11....so, perfect profile is this Brazilian player!

Now we sell some DC, because we've 3/4 player more than i need for have a good season...and last season give to my players high valutation...

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(F**K Inter, Wolves offer 43,5M but Lenihan prefer go to Italy....amazing quotation for Williams and Downing, England teams have really a lot of money)

Here FULL TEAM, as you can see really young team!

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View attachment 29999

Not a lot of things to say....team play an amazing game, all the people score....we're sure happy!!

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And now, AUGUST!!

View attachment 29994

View attachment 29973

I play last friendly, and my victory is amazing.....team is perfect, fantastic, we did't take goals, we score a lot!!! GREAT!!!!


View attachment 29972 View attachment 29971 View attachment 29970 View attachment 29969 View attachment 29968

Really difficult to see, really difficult to say why....
We take goal in really really easy way, also with own-goal, also il last minute....
PREMIER LEAGUE is difficult, but here is really a mental trouble, team is ok for premier leage, we're young but is totally incredible the INVOLUTION of the team...

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If we wanna look the glass half-full, we have best attack!!! But we also take 15 (!!!) goals in 4 mathes...impossible to understand...

And now, we hope in SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER!

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First game is really hard, but in others i need 5 victories, not less....

View attachment 29939
As we think, we loose ...BUT IS FAKE RESULT, because we take 2 goals really in last minutes....i hope bad period is leaved back....

BUT i cannot immagine this...

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We start with a red card of Pellegrini, and i say " so bad, mmmmm" but we start to score, score and score again....when we score for first, my team play very well, search second goal, have a great mentality....

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So, we reach the 5 to 6 victories i ask.....now we have 15 points!!!


View attachment 29931

We have the best attack so far, and the last 5 matches say 15 points, 20 goals made, 3 take...AMAZING!!!

And now, NOVEMBER!!

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We've 2 hard matches (City and Liverpool) and also a bad away match against Leicester.....i don't think we can mantain our actual step, BUT i hope to reach at least 6 points!!!

We made 4 points....

View attachment 29775

As we think, beat Liverpool and City was impossible, BUT they have to play hard for win.... With Leicester we have a great start, goes 0-2, but they will draw....With Burnley Cataldi and Brenner enter in second time and help me to win..... BRENNER is f**king amazing!!!

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We cannot talk about a good season, BUT we start very bad (0-0-5) so, at now, all is ok...we also have to play with some NORMAL team, so we can increase and try to reach 7th place....

And now, DECEMBER!!!

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A lot of hard matches, first 2 are terrible but we have to made point!!
See you soon!!!

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We start and finish bad, but in middle we reach 5 victories!!! And with ARSENAL and MAN.U. we create a lot...with Arsenal we take 2 goals in 90+3 and 90+4....and with MAN.U. we dominate the match!

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View attachment 29718

Position is GREAT!!! WE reach 7th place, BUT Chelsea is really good now (after lose with me, 5 victories!)....but WOLVES are not so far....

And now, JANUARY!

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December 7th matches, january only 3....but also FA CUP (we take City, so is really hard) .....we need to win against WOLVES!!!

New year, old stories....we're TOO YOUNG, so where we need to win, we loose....

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BTW, we reach 5th round of FA CUP (with WBA) and beat WOLVES, but we loose with TOTTENHAM (who buy Firmino for 140M....)

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View attachment 29691

I loose one position, and Chelsea is in a really good moment, BUT Wolves are not far.....


View attachment 29695

A lot of injuries in this period, and my team is not so big, but i don't need to made my team UNHAPPY, so i give only some players in loan and i buy 2 players now, and one is for 2020/2021 season..

View attachment 29694
LOVRO MAJER, very very very good players...i try to buy it last year and i also try in august, but no way for Dinamo...now i will take!!

View attachment 29693
ADRIANO BERTACCINI, belgian player with italian family, can do all the forward position, i already have it in 2018 in Genk and is good!!!

View attachment 29692
RENAT DADASOV, good striker...i wanna try it now, but i'm in plan to start a career in Portugal and i think ESTORIL can be a good team....BTW, he will come only in July!

And now, FEBRUARY!!!

View attachment 29690

Not east because we have a lot of AWAY matches, BUT we can do points, hoping a lot!

Yes, so sorry, 2 months together and without matches, also because i'm so sad....

View attachment 29083

2 win, 4 draw, 2 lost in PL, reach 6th round in FA CUP but loose at penalty kicks against Southampton, who beat me 2 times...
Every time same thing, we dominate, we create more than our opposite, but we take goal, and we don't know how we can solve...

PL is really rich, teams buy a lot and arrive those power is really hard....

View attachment 29082
Here table, only for let you understand....


View attachment 29081

In real, situation is not so bad and we can reach Europe...but is really really hard!!!


View attachment 29080

Arsenal and Chelsea, my season is here....if i didn't loose point here and win the other matches (not so impossible) my season can have a really happy end!!!

Only last thing: 32 matches, please look who is the best striker in PL...

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