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hi im new to the forum just in work on a saturday bored out of my brains.

i have a league with preston, got promoted my first season finished 4th in the prem league and now in the champs league just started that season. im having major problems with conceeding. first season in the prem i conceeded 50 goals and scored 105. i have paul smith to start from southampton cost me a stupid amount of money.

then i bought craig gordon for hearts he is supposed to be good but was ****!! cost me 1mil.

the i bought robert olijnek from aston villa for 800k not bad but still ****.

so this season just bought mariano barbosa from villareal not doing bad. but if there are any decent keepers out there! :yikes:
I'm guessing it's not just you're keeper's fault, what formation do you use and what's you're defence like?
i do play a slightly strange formation 3-2-1-2-2

my two defensive midfielders cover the left and right back positions though. my defense is

my back three is
kompany, brede paulsen hangeland, vanden borre

and my two defensive midfielders are

mascherano and leon andreason.

if you havent heard of hangeland check him out. he is massive 6'5 central defender and can play DM aswell by him for about 1million. gets 8's and 9's every game.
Frey Good Keeper may Cost a bit but it is worth it
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benoit costil and carlos idriss kameni are absolute class keepers
Kasper Schmeichel; he displaced Carson and competes on par with Reina. He's thumbs up.
Ok 1.Gordon is the man
2. I dont believe you
3. It's your tactic if your telling the truth and not cheating.
Ronny1 said:
then i bought craig gordon for hearts he is supposed to be good but was ****!! cost me 1mill

Craig Gordon is amazing :D He'd probably do quite well in the Premiership....
Marcelo Grohe ( brazil / germany ) would be my favorite GK for far ^_^
Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax) would be the best bet. One for the future maybe, but still capable of holding his own now.
Okay, call me a sceptic, but I just dont believe you. Scoring 105 goals in a season? With Preston? I have v Nistlerooy, Rooney and Torres at Man U and the most I've scored in a season is 95.

If you are scoring 105 goals without cheating, who cares if you're conceding 50. For there to be any semblance of realism in the game you have to concede goals if you're being that attacking. If you want to concede less then try playing a flat back four formation.
Yeah having just started playing 2006 I'm thinking it must be you're tactic, I have a Notts Co team, I've only played 5 league games but I'm unbeaten so far, with a pretty poor team, no new signings just a youth on loan from Villa, and I don't have a problem conceeding. I did play Wolves at Molyneux in the first round of the carling cup, and tried to play my normal formation, but found myself 1-0 down after 17 sec and 2-0 after 20 mins, so I changed formation, to play deep, narrow and a slower tempo, changed team passing to long especially for my CB's and we pulled a goal back just after half time, then we had a chance blasted over from 6 yards out on 87 mins. We lost 2-1 and the media reports siad that they beat us easy, but imo we were unlucky not to get a draw out of it.

Morale is that tactics make the difference, if you get it right you can shut the opposition out no problem, if you get a goal or 2 up then start to think more about defence, because for sure the opposition are going to throw everything at you to try to get back into the game. ;)

This is the first CM/FM I've played since CM4 but it's so much more like real football, they have done a great job with the match engine. :D
akinfeev is top class and so is arenas. kameni is better but costs more. check them out
its gota be francisco ochoa from america(mex)!!! class and will only cost a few million!!!
Arenas is your man, between 1-2.5m, which is still not bad
Dreyers from Bordeaux is an immense goalkeeper.
S,Frey , u would get him on the cheap at the start of a new game
melih ali (From Fenerbahce- Young goalkeeper )
Marcos (palmerias Goalkeeper)