Gregor's Cheapy Cheap Cheep Recommendations [th3r3f0r3 @r3 t3h p\/\/|\|@g3]


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Sep 16, 2005
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Updated for the new patch

Nukri Revishvili - 18k
Daniel Viteri - 55k
Troy Perkins - 55k
Vincent Enyeama - 100k
Kasper Schmeichal - 200k

Geovanny Caicedo- 16k
John Patricio Cagua - 22k
Marc Stein - 75k
Eddie Pope - 140k
Peter Halmosi - 200k
Didier Digard - 400k
Mark Wilson - 1m

Diego Gavilan - Free
Sascha Kljestan - 65k
Rene Mihelic - 70k
Jose Sosa - 100k
Kai Bulow - 100k
Maximillano Moralez - 130k
Danny Szetela - 140k
Shao Jiayi - 150k
Greg Cameron - 300k
Chen Tao - 400k
Alin Stoica - 425k

Hamdi Salihi - Free
Ali Daei - Free
Diego Lagos - 14k
Mauro Cejas - 18k
Charles-Andre Doudin - 30k
Leonel Nunez - 45k
Jacob Peterson - 45k
Marco Ruben - 50k
Sebastian 'Legend' Rozental - 60k
Vyacheslav Hleb - 100k
Nikita Andreev - 140k
Eugeny Lutsenko - 200k
Joesph Akpala - 300k
Chris Rolfe - 300k
Steven Naismith - 375k
Ricardo Parada - 750k
Kris Boyd - 800k
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What about Vecchio?? and Michal Svec from Slavia Prague.
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wow, some good finds there!!

aren't you missing an 'n' from pwage? or have i read it wrong?
Hugo Maidana £275k
Gimme a chance, only just started it a couple of hours ago

And Andy, I was just testing you ;)
Simone Gevasio £475k
Gervasio sorry. Couldnt edit post.
Vyacheslav Hleb - 100k what a player signed him with Hearts was class :D

well noted Greg.
duno if you're still testin me greg :p but the n is in the wrong place :)
Look at the screenshot redders and judge for yourself
that enyeama is class , got him for 45k and a bit of a sell on clause!
i found this guy called nikola saric, i got him for 3k and i reckon once i have sent him off to a feeder club for a couple of seasons he will be mint