Apr 28, 2010
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I've had bids accepted for both of these players, I've already bought Fellaini, sold Ashley Young and also sold Anderson in an attempt to rebuild the midfield.. So yeah, which one should I opt to buy, and why?

Thanks (H)|)
Personally I've always had more luck with Gundogan, he's a little better defensively and I find he fits better into most teams.
I don't need both, already got Fellaini, Cleverley, Carrick etc..
I've gone for Gundogan, any recommendations on a left winger?
Depending on the type of winger you want, Griezmann, Ayew, Gaitan, Stanciu.. all personal favorites.
Best AML i had so far was Hazard @Chelsea and 2nd best Schurrle @Bayern. Totally different type of players, but both good. Schurrle is probably less expensive.
Lamela... Probably one the best AML in FM13 :) But regens are still the best :p
Bernard, he's got attributes and potential to become or be better than any winger in the game.
May surprise a few of you, but chris brunt. In my Napoli save he got 22 assists and 10 goals In the league from AML and got champions league best player in the first season I won the champions league. He was amazing for some reason
Gundogan can play defensively, whereas Thiago cannot.

I suggest you get Gundogan, much better than Thiago. Gundogan was so much better for me.
Bale or Lamela. If you can't sign them, I recommend Nicusor Stanciu. You can sign him for 3.5m and he will develop into a world class player.
had Thiago in every save when I was playing with a big club and he was nothing special.
Thiago has never really done anything for me, also only used gudogan as a BBM and he was quality there, but I'm not sure about the dip role