Sep 6, 2009
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Hi All,

Updated post to include team talks and my 1st season with Sociedad which was amazing!!

Here are my tactics for FM17 and they are easily the best I have ever created! I have been playing FM since the CM series many years ago but never had success like this. I have made tactic before on previous versions but have struggled on this one until now.

I first tried the tactic with Southampton but only the home tactic and have since tweeked it further. I managed to finish 6th first season. I then started a new save with Spurs and have not looked back since. I tweeked the home tactic to add more pressing but struggled in big games, this is where my away tactic comes from. It is exactly the same tactic and instructions but just moved a CM into DM position. Also I know I have called it the away tactic but I also use it in tough home games and finals too.

Both tactics offer lots of possession, goals and wins. I have added some screenshots to show the tactics, wins I have had and the success.

I have nearly completed 3 seasons now just using these 2 tactics. I have won the EFL cup 3 seasons in a row, FA cup, Community shield twice and look set for 3 premier league titles in a row which is amazing! Feels even better knowing I have created the tactics myself.

Enough talk, lets see the tactics. Home tactic first:

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Tactic is set to counter and I do not change during games. 4-3-3 but not strikers, I use SS and EG which seems to work very well. See below for positions, ideas on players to use would be based on my starting 11 in the picture.

GK - Best you have
WBL - Good workrate, stamina, pace, acceleration and passing is a bonus
BPD - All defensive attributes plus passing
DCB - This is just an out and out defender, passing is a bonus.
WBR - Same as above
CML - All round CM, passing and long shots as this player is on edge of area for corners, workrate, stamina
DLP - Passing, vision, workrate
CMR - All round CM, passing, workrate, stamina
SSL - Here I use strikers but retrain them as AM shadow striker. Passing, dribbling, pace and acceleration. Finishing and composure too.
EG - Here I use a creative AM (Erikson) passing, vision, finishing too if you can as he scores plenty of goals too.
SSR - Same as the other SS

Away tactic or tough home games / cup finals.

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All I have done with this is drop the DLP into DM position. All player attributes as above but DM needs, tackling, passing, anticipation and stamina. Again I do not change during games just leave as it is.

Team instructions for both tactics

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OI - I do not use any

Training - Pre season I use fitness / average and then 1 month into the season I change to balanced / average. I also train every player in the position they play. I also found a tip online re tutoring for young players which seems to work very well. Pick a determined player to tutor them and the results are brilliant.

Team talks
Home - Always use assertive. We are favourites so go out and win or go out and impress me.
If winning by 1 at half time, calm we are playing well but can do better.
If winning by 2 at half time, calm I am happy with how you are playing.
If getting beat, assertive I expect better.
If drawing, assertive I expect better if you are big favourites. If underdog or even teams use passionate keep working hard and we can win this.

Away - Always calm, either we are favourites so go out and impress the fans or calm go out and impress everyone.
Same rules apply as home talks at half time.

Here are some of the games to show how well the tactic works:

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4-0 and they only had 2 shots compared to my 14 shots. I used the away tactic as this was a tough game or so I thought.

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6-0 away again using the away tactic. I had 19 shots and they only had 3 with 0 on target, total domination!

View attachment 96583

Liverpool in the EFL cup final, total domination again using away tactic. I had 25 shots compared to 1 from Liverpool and i had 69% possession compared to 31% for Liverpool.

Now for some of the success I have had using the tactic:

View attachment 96582

3 EFL cup wins in a row!

View attachment 96581

FA Cup win

and here is the current premier league table, on for my 3rd title in a row which I have never done.

View attachment 96580

1st Season results with Sociedad, only loans and 1 free transfer so even more impressive when you consider I only finished 2 points off Madrid and 14 in front of Barca!

View attachment 96243

View attachment 96242

View attachment 96241

Finally here is the tactic, any questions just let me know.

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Finished my 3rd season now. I won the premier league with 104 points and 20 clear of 2nd place united! That is 3 premier league titles in a row now!

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Final game at home was Liverpool, again dominated them using the away tactic

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Also dominated Bayern in the champions league semi final!

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Then topped an amazing season off by winning the champions league for the first time.

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Which completed an amazing quadruple for the 2nd season running!!

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I'm gonna try it using Instant Result.

Can you tell me the Match Preparation during the season ?
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I'm gonna try it using Instant Result.

Can you tell me the Match Preparation during the season ?
Never tried instant result I have always watched highlights. Let me know how it goes.

Match prep is match tactics all season

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I watch the key highlights on every game.

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Yeah you said that already, i wanted to ask - are you playing live, instant results or on holiday during your tests.
Sorry, play every game live with key highlights.

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How to you rotate your players? And if not, how to you rest/train them to be fit in 90% of the games ( fit = at least 95 %)
How to you rotate your players? And if not, how to you rest/train them to be fit in 90% of the games ( fit = at least 95 %)
I have 2 players for each position so rotate them. I used some young players in cup games so stats go up and become more useful when rotating

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High press? Yes. Possession? Also. Goals? Not many. Wins? Few. I started to use the tactics from the game against Leverkusen...
View attachment 96505

And so I finished
View attachment 96504

The following year, I fight a title less...
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Against a second division team!

Sorry, it's not a good tactic for me, but thanks for sharing. Now, look for another tactic to save the year.
Very strange, what is your starting lineup? I have just started a new save with Real Sociedad, only played one game as just finished pre-season but beat Valencia away 4-1 and my team is hardly the best plus tactic still not fluid. Do you watch the highlights or just play instant result?

View attachment 96493
The 2 wide CM players have 10 and 6 for tackling so you have 1 out of 3 midfielders who can tackle. I would play Meyer in EG role and move Werner to SS. The 2 CM need to be all round midfielders. Tackling, stamina to get up and down work rate and passing. Are you using the away tactic too and rotating players? I try not to play anyone under 95%

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Now in January with my test using Real Sociedad and currently sat top of the league! Problem is now everybody wants my players, hopefully I can hang onto them. They have high release clauses so unless someone meets that I am not selling.

Table below:

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Transfers too, hardly had any money so only signings I have are loans.

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Finally finished my test with Sociedad. What a first season, with only loans and 1 free transfer we finished 2nd in the league and only 2 points off Madrid! We also finished 14 points clear of Barca and when you compare squads that is amazing! The title went down to the final game, I needed Madrid to drop points but we both won. No title but what a season that was.

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The problem now is my budget for next season, 1m :( what a joke that is but another test. I really need a lot more players in on loan as my squad is too small.

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I will update the OP with these results and also add the team talks as I missed that off my OP.