Yes will upload it when I get back home in a couple of hours

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great tactic any update of the tactic or still the same?
great tactic any update of the tactic or still the same?

Hi, no updates. Still going really well for me. Testing in Belgium now with Genk, playing really well.

What results have you had?
Best ever tactics in the world

I am not trying to exaggerate here, but over in this part of Nigeria, your tactics is trending and spreading like a virus, fans of FM2017 (you know Nigeria is kinda behind so we don't have access to newly released games, so fm17 is trending here) we share the tactics with every one we come across, almost like a cheat, once you can start the formation form pre season, you go 2/3 seasons unbeaten, i wish i can post results for you to see, not IR, full match.
You are a genius man!!!
It may not give you high scoring games everytime, but if you using barca, trust me you can go 5 seasons unbeaten, what we have learned to do here is use defensive minded box to box midfielders as cms(s) so the both defend and attack strongly, also if managing a big team, just buy dybala as yout Enganche and you have the next world best player for 10 years!
Note for chelsea, put hazard on the left ss and he will score unbelievable goals!
Great tactics, thanks! With the Erfurt I win germany 3., bundesliga 2., and finished 6th in first season on Bundesliga.
After I win the germany cup and the germany super cup, against the Bayern. Now I try the European League too.
Fantastic! I lead the EL group unbeaten (PSV, Malmö, Panathinaikosz), Bundesliga 3th-4th in middle of november and qualified to European Championship with Hungary.
Martin Ødegaard ia an absolute beast in this tactic as EG 25 plus goals in league alone every season...well done lad nice tactic.
Oh I changed to attacking fluid.
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Stanny this is the best tactic I have ever used! Did you update it for FM20 by any chance??