High Scoring 2-4-2-2 (5 seasons, 5 promotions)


Jan 8, 2010
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I wanted to create discussion about this tactic so I could make it even better. Please comment my tactic here and post screenshots how you´re doing. If you have any questions or suggestions they are welcome! This is very important, because I really need more information to make this the greatest tactic ever. Here´s some of my latest results.

Any questions and discussions are welcome! Please post screenies of your players too so I see which players are the most suitable for this tactic.
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Where's the tactic? Screenshot of the tactic?
Errr... screen shots of tactic? Actual performance in the present time, not using super regens in 2017 would be a better indicator of how this tactic is!
Errr... screen shots of tactic? Actual performance in the present time, not using super regens in 2017 would be a better indicator of how this tactic is!

How exactly? It's the same dynamics of the game.
Here is my best elevens from the first 4 years when I had 0 regens and here are the league tables from each year too. And the game status too. I basically have FM running all the time even if I´m not playing it. I do all my work with my laptop so it means the game has been running for a while now...
770 saves thats a lot im further than you in my game and i only have 100 but im sure its a good tactic
seems to score a fair amount, but it looks quite leaky.
Yeah I have autosave every week and I save it often because my game crashes sometimes. It´s annoying to play again the games you already have played.
you are 7 seasons in with 12 months a year, you probably won't save much during 2 seasons.

770/ (7year * 12 months/year) -> about 10 saves per month -> probably saved befor every game
yeah and probably after every game so if my game crashes I don´t have to play it again. Saving takes about 3 seconds so why not?
All you have to do is score more goals then your opponent to win a match. If he is doing that with an obviously inferior team it may be a lot better for a top club.

Interesting idea for a tactic.
Just because this is a highly attacking tactic doesn´t mean it has to leak. Once your players get adapt to this they know exactly what to do. For example if your wing back closes player down and maybe even starts to chase him a bit your DM comes deep and takes his place in the defensive line. That´s the whole idea in this roaming tactic. If you understand even a bit of tactics for real you know you have to think what is the most important thing for you. Is it the solid own end or high scoring attacking power. In this tactic your oppositions will get changes of course but the idea is to make them as harmless as possible (long shots with weaker foot and so on).

Here is a example o what I mean.
Me vs. Aston Villa odds 4.00 for me and 1.80 for them
And here is the result. All my goals were score with high velocity counter attacks.
Draw the opposition to you and then use their weakness to rip them into pieces.
I have to save my game after every game at the moment, my game crashes every 15 minutes pretty much ;)

this tactic looks pretty interesting, I for one make my own and never use pre made tactics, but it does look interesting...
yeah and probably after every game so if my game crashes I don´t have to play it again. Saving takes about 3 seconds so why not?

Isn't saving before games frowned upon.
Makes the tactic less convincing that it will genuinely work.
First of all what is the point playing this game if you cheat? And why would I wanted to share my tactic with those who need help if I wasn´t sure it works? Really what´s the point bragging with something you have achieved with cheating?

I have been playing these manager games since the CM 97/98 came out and I have been using some premade tactics when I couldn´t do my own. Now that I have come up with something that works I think it´s time to help others.

This tactic is a combination of 3 very succesfull tactics from the ealier versions of FM.
If has the attacking power from kimz tactics for FM 2008, the defensive box from the invinsible 4-2-3-1 from FM 2006 and the philosophy and formation of the Joga Bonito from FM 2010.

The Wingbacks act like inside forwards at the same time they do the duty of full backs in your own end.
The defensive midfielders act like deep lying playmakers and ball winning midfielders at the same time. They also take the places of the central defenders when needed.
The inside forwards act like poachers and att mids at the same time.
Your poachers are the goalscorers as well as the ones who run to the corner flag to cross the ball.

It takes some time adapt to this tactic because it´s very unique. I haven´t seen too many tactics with WB who constantly tries to cut inside or DM who tries to run from deep often. This tactic is a exaple of Brazil style football with a twist of direct attacks and counter attacks. Lots of roaming and fluid football.

The main idea here is very simple. Everytime your player passes the ball to the next guy there is a possibility that he makes a mistake and loses the for one reason or another. So let´s minimize the amount of unnecessary passes and play the ball through the middle. Don´t pass the ball straight to your player but look to pass it to an open space and use fast players to reach the ball first. Put constant pressure on oppositions defenders so that they would make the mistake. Look to cut down any passes and launch a quick counter attack when you don´t have the ball. You don´t need the ball to be dangerous! By having your players in the right place at the right time gives you always the upper hand. Look for the weaknesses your opponent might have and exploit them. Most of all let your players make their own decisions. It doesn´t have to be the best one but it has to done quickly without hesitation. Remember that sometimes it only takes one lucky bounce to turn the whole game upside down.

These are the main principles I have used to create this tactic and they work. Trust me. If you have questions or want to here more about this tactic pleas feel free to ask. I will help you to get this thing working. Post your results.
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i think you should tel people what type of players you need + attributes
Looks very interesting, I'd give it a go but my wingers can't play as wingbacks and I wouldn't want to put them on the bench. A very similar tactic (also based on Brazil) can be found here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/247257-Brazilian-Tactics-Discussion-Thread It got mixed reviews. I don't think the OP is cheating...really 10 saves a month isn't that much. Considering that often times there are 5-6 games a month with cup games and all, if he wanted to re-load it every time he lost there would be more saves. There was another guy here (the thread was called 'a really crazy FM season' or something like that) who made a very good tactic (others tested it and said it worked great) but used the save trick to get himself great results to get attention for it. I think he had a lot more saves though, and his tactic was very good.

Since you've been playing this game for awhile and seem to be good with tactics and successfully made a tactic with two AMC's, do you have any advice on creating a tactic with two attacking midfielders and wide midfielders? I am trying to make a 4-3-2-1 with two wide midfielders, a CM and two AMC's (http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f103/help-with-my-4-3-2-1-with-independiente-t61033.html) and asked for help, the one guy that did give me a hand couldn't figure out how to make it work (basically suggested I use another formation). Maybe I could make it work by moving the CM back to the DM position. Anyways, let me know if you have any advice.