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Aug 27, 2010
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I'm a Liverpool fan so I guess you'll know why I wanna do that (H) Thing is, when I transfer listed him or offer him to other clubs, the next 'continue' will be my inbox full of messages telling that all my senior players became unhappy. Pfuit. So how can I sell torres without having to deal with that?Also, if I continously not playing him and he'll become unhappy, will the club also only offer for his value?Coz my experience with selling players in FM11 tells me that clubs wont pay over the players' value. I did sell Lucas for 10.25M though but didnt remember how I manage to do that.
setting his asking price to say 50 million (you can transfer list him in transfer status withouth having to offer him out to clubs and getting all the mails)

this will prevent all the players becoming ****** off and you can even set it so that it will reject any offer less than that :)
Thanks but the next day after I transfer listed him, I was still bombarded with the messages..
May i suggest using a January update where all transfers are done?
One such as
LFCMarshalls January Update
Or take over another team and bid for him?
I know thats kind of cheating but at least you would be rid of him then mate.
Isnt an update only work when I start a new game?Nah, I dont wanna take control of another team..doesnt matter now for the time being anyway, he's out for about 4months so I have to wait till next season :mad: I tried doing it without saving and manage to comfort all the players except meireles who immediately request transfer after that...oO)
You can do it the way you did is fine, then you just tell your players who moaning, that you will find a suitable replacement for him as soon as possible, or just simply ignore them, and once u find a replacement i'm sure they will forget about it soon enough, but yes if u really want shot of him i would offer to clubs, more teams would come in for him then.
An easy way is to change his instructions to make him play really bad. That way your team won't think he's good enough, but that will take a while to get into their minds.

Interacting with those who are unhappy with this helps, as you can just tell them you're going to find a replacement.
my suggestion is to interact with toress. Tell him why you are transfer listing him, choose the one that hes happy with after the discussion ofcoursse. **** usually say i understand your decision or something. Normally i say i have to get the person off my wage budget.
I know why you are trying to sell him, but he is a world class player. You should not forget that. I would say for you to keep him.:)
torres is rubbish in my liverpool save instead of him putting the ball in the corner of the net he aims at the keeper
1. take a transfer update

or dont sell him.. before we sold him he was an idol! on the editor he is on the all time fave lpool players with 90%... only 4 people top that... if you sell alot will be unhappy including the fans

id say keep him and buy suarez... they you can dream about them being together IRL! :p
LOL i got 34 mill for him and the fan said they were happy but were sad to see a legend go, lol plus he set he was sad to leave me :D
don't do it! he is class on the game, I recommend downloading LFC Marshall's v2 or v3 update.
you put him on the transfer lsit for how ever much money you want -- or release him on a free if you hate him that much
C'mon man grow up.It makes no sense at all because its just a game and has nothing to do with real life.

On topic anyway, try buy buy other player and exchange him with Torres, although I haven't have any success with exchanging players :)
Strangely enough, after the season is finish, only Coentrao is unhappy of me transferlisting him. Well, no one want to buy him XD After I offer him 3times, Barcelona gave me an offer of his exact value, 19M. Dont have a choice except to accept it. And then...he rejected the contract offer ¬.¬. Tried exchanging him, but with no luck. Now I can't sell him.

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LOL i got 34 mill for him and the fan said they were happy but were sad to see a legend go, lol plus he set he was sad to leave me :D
How in the world did you manage to get that much for him?! I cant even sell him for his value..:mad:
In my save he was quite the pain in the ***, can´t be sold without causing internal world war 3 and constantly injured.

Went as free agent at the age of 31.. which btw was seen as an "aberration" by the fans :S
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