How To Use Your Downloaded Graphics From FM 2009 In FM 2010

Thanx for this i have the logos now in the game but the backgrounds dnt work. Any ideas on how to get backgrounds into the game?

I think the default FM 2010 skins dont allow different backgrounds. You will need to wait for new skins.
im running a mac, it all worked on fm 09 but not for fm 2010, i made a graphics folder and logos, any more i have to do?
Hi Guys,

I'm having problems getting my background images to show up FM2010?
I've created the 'graphics/backgrounds folder' and put all the images i had in FM09 into this new folder.

I've ticked and unticked the correct check boxes which are exactly the same as FM09.
I'm not sure whether background images are compatible with the default FM2010 skin?

If this is the case, does anyone know a Skin that will work with background images?

Thanks in advance,
This will save me hours in downloading and editing time! Thanks Sean
The Skin below is suitable for background images, give it a try and follow the instructions on this thread.

The skin download is here
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Ok. I have done exactly like above shows but when I am in the game, kits, club logos and the pictures of players built into the game show. None of my downloaded facepacks or self made facepacks show. Its almost like its being blocked. Is this possible?
is this the same for fm 2011, ive put the facepack in the right location, yet its not working?