How would you set up Drogba, Torres and Anelka in one side


Feb 9, 2010
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Hi guys .. I am a big Chelsea fan from Kuwait. Chelsea has my team since 1996 (i think i am not a plastic fan after all). In every FM incarnation i try to emulate what Chelsea are doing in real life, thus i am really excited to have Torres in my squad yet i am really annoyed that how can i fit him in the same line-up with Drogba and Anelka ?? Ideas ??
Well try and represent real life I guess

Drogba --- Torres


Lampard Essien/Ramires

I would play a 4-4-2 with 2 wingers and Anelka being the right sided winger with Drogba and Torres upfront mate. Good to see another Chelsea fan on here lol.
Either play 4-2-2-2 with Anelka on the right or a narrow diamond midfield with Anelka at the tip. I retrained Anelka to AMC and it works pretty well.
thanks for the quick replies mates but what do think the roles of Drogba and Torres should if i set up Anelka as a trequartista ??
thats not like real life, torres started on the right anelka on the left.
I would say Drogba either target man or complete forward and Torres as poacher.
I doubt you'd want to emulate what Chelsea have been doing recently mate :p

To fit all three of them would be hard without weakening the midfield. I would just sell Anelka or keep him as a backup but he isn't worth it on £90,000 and I would play a 4-1-2-1-2 but Anelka can't pass well enough to play in attacking midfield and he isn't very versatile to train him to that role in the first place so you would need a new AM. Pastore, Paulo Henrique and Hamsik would be your best bets.
I guessing Drogba would be the deep lying and Torres the advanced?

I would personally go for Drogba - Target man attack and Torres - Poacher, advanced forward whichever works best for you.
Drogba as Target Man - Attack, Torres and Advanced Forward and Anelka as Inside Forward.
i will set into 4-5-1 formation, drogba as the targetman, torres and anelka as inside forward with "sometimes" crossing and more through ball
If you play three of them in the same time then who will be the cover?Remember Torres is quite injury-prone. I'd recommend playing 2 upfront with Drogba as Target man, Torres as Adv Forward and Anelka as deep lying forward. Rotate 3 of them every match and you'll have pretty solid forwards.
Well mate for me the best tactic for Chelsea is 4-2-3-1
It actually looks like this.


Torres Kalou/Malouda Anelka

Essien Lampard

Cole Terry Alex Ivanovic


Torres as Inside Forward/Attack Anelka as Inside Forward/Support Drogba as Target Man Support believe me..​
Torres works as a beast when you put him as complete forward - attack. :)
Complete forward?
Which instructions mate?
Also is he the targetman?