Dec 4, 2008
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I have just finished two seasons at Glasgow Rangers, winning many trophies and having a good overall win ratio. I then resigned because I had had enough of the Scottish Premier. There where so many jobs available I applied for them all and declared interest but just get "Laughed At Interest" by them all!

I then used a real time editor to sack certain managers so I could get the job, and it did not work. I kept on getting overlooked for managers who have lesser reputations!!!!

Is there a bug in the game because I will be unemployed for years to come.

Please Help, I need to get back into football management!
Just holiday and have the 'apply for jobs' ticked. Come back to your PC/laptop in an hour or three and then see if you have a job.
I resigned in may, applied for 20 or so jobs and never got one. Now in October 2012!!!

Like I said, I used the real time editor to make teams avilable and still never got a job!
Which trophies did you win? Anything in Europe?

I got promoted with Nottingham, then was performing not that well in the second season and resigned and signed with Palermo five days later.
If you used the editor to make jobs available why didn't you just use it to boost your reputation... You would be in a job by now if you had done..
I did do that as well. I made everything like 20 and my reputation in the world to max! Still got overlooked. I think it must be a bug in the game.

Really dont want to start again because it might happen again!
ive resigned from a swedish second divsion side and then at a greek second division side, what i did was we on holiday, Apply for managerial positions at.. (choose what you want) and then click "return from holiday when offered a job", and at the bottom, click "go on holiday indefinately"
Maybe your reputation is too high. Higher Rep=Higher Wage=Less clubs want to pay that much
Getting Jobs

I feel your pain,

I had 6 good seasons at Napoli, wanted a new challenge so I quit. Next thing I knew, I was 18 months out of a job and ended up having to take a job in Brazil in a team that were fighting their way out of relegation.

In my opinion, the only thing that makes any impact in FM2011 is winning trophies. The problem with that is if you take small club and take them into the Champions league, you get no credit for it. I've taken three clubs out of relegation problems and took one of these clubs (Napoli) all the way to the Champions League semi final.

I get laughed at for appling for jobs in England and in one case the club in question chose Vincent Kompany as there manager instead of me. One of my former players who happened to be working as a youth coach got the job instead.
I apply for so many jobs but i just get overlooked

Its really grinding my gears now
. One of my former players who happened to be working as a youth coach got the job instead.
I had this in 2010 but in 2011 im manager of scotland and have tried to get a decent job in a top division side but get turned down for all of them.... i mean does beating spain and qualifying to the euros not mean anything
I had this with my Rangers game after 3 seasons I got bored and left at the end of my contract, then kept getting down for championship jobs even though I had won europa league with rangers in my last season.
i took luton town from blue square premier league to the premier league in7 years...decided to move abroad and couldnt get a job in the spanish second division... ridiculous
Yeah I've notived this in FM...the only thing that counts for anything are trophies. I took Sporting from being the usually 3rd placed team in Portugal to consistent Champions League success (always made it out of the group stage, sometimes with hard groups), pretty good cup success (always made it to the semi-final or final, won the league cup but they didn't seem to care since it wasn't as reputable as the regular cup), and good league success. I only won the league once (this was FM10 unpatched and Porto was phenomenal with Hulk getting 40 goals in 30 every year with a rating of 8.3 or 8.)4 but I lost once on goal differential, another time by 1 point, another one was very close too, and all three of these seasons I was in front of the league almost the entire time, the last two I only last it in the last couple of fixtures. But I had hardly any points (manager points, whatever you call them) and the board was mad at me because the club had 'fallen in stature since I arrived.' Couldn't believe it.

Really frustrating because trophies are not the way to measure a club or manager, as mentioned in the examples above, you could be the best manager in the world and not win a trophy. Look at Arsenal. Haven't won any trophies in a while, and people give them **** for it, but they've been consistently a very good team with bright things ahead of them, and they've been on such a tight budget that I think their results the past few years have been fine.
Out of work for three years.

I won everything with United, left to PSG where I rescued the team from 14th and finished 3rd, then to Bordeaux where I won the Euro Cup, Coupe La Ligue and Ligue 1, then went to Newcastle who were 19th and won FA Cup and finished 8th in the league, then went to Tottenham but only stayed for a couple of months 'cause my players just wouldn't perform and I couldn't be bothered staying. Taken three years of sitting around to get a job at Championship team, Blackpool.
If your past experience is 'automatic' your likely to get overlooked unless you do something pretty special.
I am having the same issue...totally unable to get a job.
I managed Newcastle and in my first season won the EPL, League Cup and the FA cup..then left
Went to Sweden, managed Helsingborg won their league on my second season the Swedish cup, the Euro cup and the Euro Super cup and then resigned as a world class manager and still no job offers and all my applications are unsucsseful.
Chelsea turned me down as did, Man Utd, Tottenham and AC.Milan.
*sighs* I think I broke Football Manager...:(
I have been at Dundee United 8 years

Won 6 Premier League, 6 Scottish Cup, 4 League Cup, 1 Euro Super Cup, 1 Euro Cup and 1 Champions league.

I still get rejected for EVERY job I apply for, regardless of who it is
While I was managing Spurs I was offered the Ivory Coast managers job, I turned it down. Then a few weeks later I was offered the Liverpool job which I took (I saved where I was up to with Spurs, just in case). Things didn't go very well at Liverpool so one day when I'd had enough I resigned to see what happens. I had the same problem as you. When I was at Spurs I would win either the FA Cup or League Cup in each of my 4 seasons, nothing special but was offered the Liverpool position. Weird!