Game no. 6 in the Premier League.
A comfortable 2-0 win against Middlesbrough with Diego Costa and Eden Hazard scoring the goals to win us the game.

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Juan Castillo, a Chelsea youngster has picked up an injury.

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Game no. 7 in the Premier League.
Chelsea get a narrow 1-0 win against Crystal Palace. Solid defensive performance. Crystal Palace had 10 men because Luka Milivojevic got sent off. And Eden Hazard scored the winning goal. Crystal Palace made themselves hard to beat. Still we won, and I do not care how the wins come.

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Marcin Bulka, a young goalkeeper at Chelsea has signed a new contract with the club.

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Nemanja Matic is now injured for a few days. Hopefully he will be back for the next game.

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Rafael has also picked up an injury. He will be out for 3 weeks.

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Game no. 8 in the Premier League.
Chelsea lose to Southampton. It was a 2-0 loss with Virgil van Dijk and Pierre Emile Hojbjerg scoring the goals for Southampton. Our attack was blunt. We created almost nothing, most of our shots were long range and Southampton played brilliantly. We deserved to lose the game.

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Game no. 9 in the Premier League
Chelsea beat Spurs 1-0. It was a hard fought win. And we defended very well. Michy Batshuayi scored the winner in the 73rd winner. I'm really proud of the lads.

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Barcelona receive 850K pounds since Cesc Fabregas played 80 league games for Chelsea.

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Dujon Sterling has signed a new contract with the club. Hopefully he can push on and continue his development.

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In the EFL Cup game against Bournemouth, we beat them 2-0. We also made sure we made it to the quarter finals of the competition. Eden Hazard scored through a penalty in the first half and then in the second half Michy Batshuayi scored. I am extremely pleased with the performance and hopefully the cup run continues.

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We are playing against Spurs in the EFL Cup quarter final this year. And I am absolutely looking forward to it.

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Game no. 10 in the Premier League
Chelsea beat Stoke City 2-1. A very tough game. We were cruising until Thiago Motta got sent off. Towards the end of the game it was very scary as Ibrahim Afellay scored a goal and Stoke were threatening to score an equalizer, but luckily we held on and got the win. Kurt Zouma got a small injury that will keep him out for a couple of days. Eden Hazard scored a penalty and Michy Batshuayi scored the winner for us.

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Willian has picked up an injury. He will be out for 3 weeks.
And so has Jacob Maddox, a Chelsea youngster. Hopefully they come back stronger.

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Loic Remy who has gone on loan to Crystal Palace has got a major injury. He is out for 5-6 months. That is a shame. Long term injuries have the potential to cripple the career of a player. He needs to come back strong. We are all on your side, Loic.

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Game no. 11 in the Premier League.
Chelsea drew 0-0 against Manchester United. You know what? Manchester United absolutely battered us. And unfortunately for them we had a really solid defense and we parked the bus. I could not care less where the points come from, but the points are coming. Our attack was incoherent, our midfield was getting bypassed, all of that happened. Still we held on and showed a lot of determination and for that reason alone, I would not class it as a terrible performance.

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Kurt Zouma has signed a new contract with Chelsea. He has been very good. Hopefully he is at the club for a long period of time.

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Cesar Azpilicueta has scored his first goal for Spain. What a proud moment for him!

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Thiago Motta is now injured for 4-5 days. Hopefully he is back for the next game.

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Jeremie Boga, a Chelsea youngster has signed a new contract at the club. We are looking forward to his development and hopefully things move in the right direction.

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