I Have 3 Invites To Give, Get Them Now!!


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Sep 15, 2005
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You heard it, I have 3 invites for FM Live so please post here if you want an invite.

Redders don't worry you were first on my list :)
remember to add me to your friends list all invitees
I'll take one if that's OK Sean.
I'll have one if theres still one up fer grabs....
Doh just missed out but if you get some more i would love one
Doh just missed out but if you get some more i would love one

Actually, I don't have much time to play games at the moment so you can have my invite, would just be a waste if I was to use it (providing I was getting a invite in the first place).
Sorry I meant to say 3 invites + Redders (so 4 in total). So if you want one Honey I'll send you one.

Also these arn't guaranteed to go through but there is a high chance.

PM me with the email addresses you want the invite sent to.
Sent. Cheers Sean if it happens. Well and if it dont!
I hope we get put into the same worlds I will set up a little mini league for us :thup:

Woop just got an email from SEGA...

Your friend Gav Williams has accepted your invitation to join you in testing Football Manager Live. We will shortly be sending them a quick start guide and details on how to download the client and get playing.
Hehehe geeetcha. Just gonna go for a quick bubble than I'll check me mail.... :D
Email sent to HoneyMonster as well.

5 invites left
Just waiting for the email from SEGA while I read up on Seans how-to-play guide
Reading the SI forums just, a lot of people have received emails and havent yet been able to join so there may be a bit of a wait. WELL worth it though...
I would love one if there;s still any left, Sean you have my e-mail address ;)
sort us out sebay? you know the love between us is enough to pop me top of that list xx
Sent one too Sam.

Will do one for you NUFC.

Trav what email do you want me to send it to?