I Just Had to Tell You About My Game


Sep 17, 2005
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nobody probably cares but i thought id tell you all about the game im doing as im "jolly proud" of the way its gone

i decided to be carlisle in league two , they have a decent league two squad and i got promoted with little fuss in my 1st season

2nd season in league one i brought in pericard and he just ****** all over the leage and got me 30 goals and i got promoted there with relative ease and i was in the chapionship

i gotta be honest i struggled a bit in the chapionship and hovered around mid table as carlisle dont have much cash so had to rely on frees and loans all the way through.
at the end of the season i put a great run together and scraped the playoffs
1st leg of semi final went 2-1 down to palace but then in the 2nd leg i turned it round and won 2-0 and got in the final vs blackburn who i beat 1-0 and that was it - id done 3 successive promotions and got carlisle in the premiership!

as i speak i have just had my 3rd game in the premiership - i have won 1 drawn 1 and lost 1 but my squad is very chapionship in standard and i can see my self struggling with them but i aim to stay up in whatever position and build on the squad next year :D

ive posted a few pics of my team and a few key players

what do you think?
Not a bad team there Sam. With your brilliant managerial skills I can see you finishing around mid-table. Good luck tall :D
oh , i just got these two little beauties aswell - both of them were less than 1m each - bargain ey?

just need that cutting edge to pick up the points now and i should be ok :)
Alexis is class, always get him for free if im a **** team.

Got him at Hibs in my current game, after 3 months I was getting offers of 5m
You should try for Zalayeta, baned them in at 34 when i got to the Premiership with Wigan.
Well Done Sam. Good luck next season :D
Yeah well done, done very well with them to get three promo's on trot. :)
i got 4 consecutive promotions wit Rushden on CM 00-01. But guess i had a lot more money than u. Congrats great feeling aint it. gud luk in Prem.
thought id give you all an update

i finished a very respectable 12th which i was very proud of as it was a stuggle

ive started my 2nd season and been busy in the transfer market trying to bring in a better standard of players and clear my squad of all the leftovers from the lower leagues

ive played 4 in the 2nd season and im top of the league winning three and drawing one mainly thanks to cavenaghi

im hoping for europe at least this season and i think ill leave once ive won the premiership! :p

heres some new players i got....
Nice one Sam,very impressive so far!!

Victor Moses becomes good if you keep him!
ajw said:
Nice one Sam,very impressive so far!!

Victor Moses becomes good if you keep him!

yeah i loaned him out to doncaster for the season as theres very little chance **** get a game for me here unless theres a crisis lol

im now 2nd after 8 ;)
well lads i just finished my 2nd season in the premiership and i finished a very respectable 2nd in the prem and got champions league!!! :D

mainly thanks to getting cavenaghi for 6m and Mirco Vucinic for 10m getting me the goals

bring on champions league and ill go for the premiership title next season!! :cool:

squads quite small as i continue to rid all lower level players and try to bring in a higher level
V.impressive,i now expect you to win the CL!
How old is Recoba in your game, bcos isnt he about 28 at the start of the game. PS Great work
hes about 34 i got him on a free and only wanted 8k a week and his stats were still class apart from 10 pace lol but influence was 20 and thought it might be nice to get him on a short term contract and hes pretty good