It's all a load of balls.... The Rise Through Europe


Sep 9, 2017
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Career To Date

10/04/2025 - Present - Vit. Guimaraes (Portugal)
20/01/2023 - 01/12/2024 - Sampdoria (Italy)

25/07/19 - 20/01/2023 - IFK Norrkoping FK (Sweden)
25/07/16 - 25/07/19 - Ange IF (Sweden)

Job Statistics

Sampdoria (until end of 2023/24 season) - Played 75, Won 29, Drawn 19, Lost 27, Win Percentage: 39%
IFK Norrkoping - Played 137, Won 90, Drawn 34, Lost 13, Win Percentage: 65%
Ange IF - Played 80, Won 44, Drawn 19, Lost 17, Win Percentage: 55%

League Positions

2023/24 - Sampdoria - Italian Serie A - 9th
2022/23 - Sampdoria - Italian Serie A - 9th
2022 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Premier Division - 1st
2021 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Premier Division - 2nd
2020 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Premier Division - 2nd

2019 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Premier Division - 8th
2018 - Ange IF - Swedish Second Division North - 1st
2017 - Ange IF - Swedish Second Division North - 3rd
2016 - Ange IF - Swedish Second Division North - 9th

Running Trophy Count

2022 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Premier Division
2022 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Cup
2021 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Cup
2020 - IFK Norrkoping - Swedish Cup

2018 - Ange IF - Swedish Second Division North


My name is Chris Ball. I'm 31 from Kent in England. Having played Football Manager for as long as I can remember now, going back a number of years and so a number of different games, I have to admit that things have become a little stale for me over the past couple of months. I've struggled with motivation, starting multiple games over and over, never getting past a couple of months before I am inevitably bored.

So I wondered what I could do to inspire myself and keep myself interested and motivated. Now I'm a guy that likes praise - like most of us I enjoy being told when I'm doing anything good. So I thought I'd write a story for the first time. I started a new save as Nottingham Forest and cracked on. Now the story side of the game I really enjoyed and this interested me, but by October on my game I was bored AGAIN!!

Feeling frustrated and requiring some inspiration, I went back through the FM Base archives and read a number of other people's stories and I think I've found what I was looking for. I need to do something I've never done before, start a game I've never played before...

In all my time playing the Football Manager series, I've probably spent 90% of my time managing in England. I've dabbled in the likes of Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga but have always focussed on England. And I think this where I'm going wrong....there's a whole world of Football Management out there for me to tackle and I've left it totally unexplored.

So to spark my love for this wonderful game again, I'm going to give something a go that I've never done. A proper career....starting as an unknown coach with no real qualifications or experience....and starting unemployed for the first time ever! And this is going to be a career....I want to rise through the ranks and make my name in the world of football management from scratch....and I have to say that for the first time in a long time I am kicking off a new game of Footy Man with some genuine excitement.

So where will this story begin....

As mentioned above, I am starting my game unemployed and with no coaching badges and experience as only a sunday league footballer. So I know opportunities are going to be few and far between to get myself a job! Therefore, there's no point loading any of the major leagues to start with as I know nobody in their right mind will touch me....

No, I need to go to the lower leagues of the lesser countries in Europe. Oh Europe, yes I've decided to stick with Europe only and this will be a story of my rise through the European ranks and countries, with a view to increase the reputation and stature of every club I am lucky enough to manage. Europe is the focus as I know the countries and major competitions pretty well.

So the leagues I'm starting off with are...

Austrian First Division and above
Croatian Second League and above
Danish Second Division and above
Finnish First Division and above
Hungarian Division II and above
Icelandic First Division and above
Israeli National League and above
Norwegian Second Division and above
Swedish Second Division and above

Let's see where I end up!

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Job Hunting

Job Hunting (And My First Interview)

I start my game and there's a few jobs going immediately, mainly across the lower leagues in Sweden and Norway. The leagues are already about 12-15 games in so most of these jobs that are available are for times in a pretty sire state down the bottom end of their respective league tables. I check them all out and there's only really one that takes my fancy at this time.

That club is Ange IF in the Swedish Second Division North. They're sitting 12th of 14 teams with 15 games gone, with the bottom two getting relegated from the league. I send in my application for the role...

I'm surprised to get a response the very next day inviting me to an interview, where I am predominantly quizzed about my lack of qualifications and experience, let alone the fact I don't speak the lingo. I try my best to overcome all of the chairman's reservations, we part ways and I guess now's the waiting game to see if I've got the job.

I'm feeling pretty excited about getting my first job in management and wonder if this small club in the centre of Sweden will be where my European adventure begins.
Edging My Bets

The Job Hunt Continues

Although I anxiously await the response from Ange IF to see if I've got the job, I'm keen not to put all my eggs in one basket and continue to check on the job market.

A couple more jobs come up over the course of the next week that take my fancy and the applications go in. Part of me wonders if this is showing some level of disloyalty to Ange IF but I'm sure they'd understand and hey, I'm wondering if they even want me as a week has gone by with no contact.

I apply for roles at Valbo FF, who sit one place above Ange in the same league, and IFK Timra who sit three places above them. Maybe if the Ange job doesn't come off, one of these other clubs could be a better fit anyway I start to think. I also put in a cheeky application for the job at IFK Uddevalla, another Swedish side, but this time from the Second Division North Gotaland - they're currently sitting 12th of 14 teams in that league.

Valbo FF come in and offer me an interview, which I attend. I have to admit I don't like the chairman's attitude when he asks me why I am talking to a number of clubs at the moment and immediately think to myself I'm not sure I'd want to work for this kn*b. Also, he makes it clear he wants a minimum of mid table, where as Ange were offering less pressure with only avoiding relegation being the target. If anything, attending this interview has just made me more hopeful that I get offered the Ange job now! Fingers crossed!

Securing My First Job

Securing My First Job

It's a proud day for me as I secure my first job in football management. The first team to offer me an interview have sure enough returned with a job offer that I was delighted to accept. I am now officially the Manager of Ange IF in the Swedish Second Division North.

Year Founded: 1980
Country: Sweden
City: Ange

Professional Status: Semi Professional
Training Facilities: Basic
Youth Facilities: Poor
Reputation: Regional

Stadium: Ange IP
Year Built: 2011
Capacity: 1,000

Fierce Rivals: None
Other Rivals: None
Derbies: None

Previous Honours

Swedish Second Division North: Third Placed (2015)

As I take over my role, Ange are on a bit of a run, unbeaten in their last 4 games so morale doesn't look too shabby amongst the team. But there's no getting away from the fact my new team have only won 3 of their 17 league games this season, and if I continue that ratio we'll be going down for sure.

View attachment 83943

But I do only have one expectation from the board and that is to avoid the dreaded relegation. And looking at the table it's definitely achievable with a run of good results towards the back end of the season.

View attachment 83944

What Have I Got Myself Into...

Squad Evaluation

So the first thing that's clear is I have an extremely small team and don't have all the required players for the positions I'd like to play. I set up my formations that I like, including a 4-1-2-3 Wide (Counter), 4-1-2-3 Wide (Control) and a 4-2-3-1 (Control). Looking at my Team Report, I have some decent players but depth in this squad is seriously lacking and I'll be looking to see if there are any decent players available to me on the free transfer or loan market...

View attachment 83942

View attachment 83941

At first glance, it would seem that my key players at present are....

View attachment 83929

Sebastian Sandberg
Position: CB
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 26

Sebastian looks like a half decent centre half at semi pro level. Lots of pace to avoid us getting caught out by balls over the top which I'm sure will be a common play we'll come up against at this level.

View attachment 83927

David Caban
Position: RB, CM, LB
Nationality: Puerto Rico
Age: 23

I do like versatile players at this level with such small squads and Caban can cover a number of roles fulfilling both the full back positions and equally as good in centre midfield too.

View attachment 83926

Tevin Shakespeare
Position: ST, AMR, RM
Nationality: English
Age: 19

A young talent in the team. He can play up top, or down the right so again can cover a couple of roles for me in the formations I'm looking to implement. And he's English!

My First Signing

First Transfer In

Only 4 days into the job and I make my first signing, picking up 27 year old Adrian Petterson from Swedish side Olympiacos FC. Petterson joins us on a free transfer, with a part time contract offering £40 per week. He looks like a good addition and will be going straight in the starting lineup at DM for this weekend's game!

View attachment 83925
Two More Arrive At Ange

Two More Arrive At Ange IF

I went on to get another couple into the club only 2 days after the signing of Pettersson. I brought in a back up for his DM role, a Swedish guy called Fredrik Landen. And my other signing was an Assistant Manager as I had none when I took over and I'm well aware I'm going to need a half decent right hand man if we're going to be successful here at Ange.

View attachment 83924

View attachment 83923

July 2016 Update

July 2016 Review

So the biggest news of July 2016 was obviously my entry into football management securing my first job in the industry at Swedish minnows Ange IF.


Ange IF 1 - 0 Bodens BK

View attachment 83922

First game in charge and I was very pleased. I'd only managed 2 training sessions with my team to try to implement some of my style and we had mainly worked on the tactics for this game. Glad to say that the team took to them like ducks to water and secured me a win in my first game in charge. Well deserved too as we were the better team throughout.

League Table

View attachment 83921

Still 11th which is where we were when I took over. However, with our 1 game and 1 win we have opened up a bit more of a gap to the relegation zone just beneath us.

Squad News

Other than the new signings mentioned above, nothing to report on this front. Squad seems pretty happy with a run of 5 games undefeated now under their belt.

Manager Views

Its still early days but I'm really happy to be here and I feel I've settled in well. Happy to get a nice early win under my belt. Onwards and upwards from here I hope. Want to get ourselves away from relegation as quick as possible.

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august 16 review

August 2016 Review


Swedish Second Division North

Ange IF 0 - 1 Hudiksvalls FF

View attachment 83893

Played the team in 2nd in the league and totally dominated them. Devestated to lose this to be honest, giving away a very late penalty to lose the game. Totally undeserved!

Swedish Second Division North
Harnosands FF 2 - 2 Ange IF

View attachment 83892

Again, I'm coming away from my 3rd game in charge completely gutted. We dominated with 60% possession and created 14 chances to their 3. Threw away a 2-0 lead with a poor second half defensive performance. The goalkeeper was awful and got an *** kicking after the game to improve performances.

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 2 - 1 Valbo FF

View attachment 83891

This meant something to me personally as Valbo was the other team that offered me an interview, and their chairman was a complete *****. So to get one over on them is sweet for me. Again the performance was solid with 61% possession and 17 chances created. It also puts Valbo in serious trouble with the relegation battle while we pull another 3 points clear of it.

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 1 - 1 Anundsjo IF

View attachment 83890

Not the best end to the month against bottom side Anundsjo. I expected us to win this comfortably but we just didn't take our chances and lumbered to a 1-1 draw. 62% possession again though which is good to see.

League Table

View attachment 83886

Up to 10th in the table and now pulled clear of the relegation battle. With another win I'd say we would be pretty safe.

Player of the Month


Daniel Wallsten

Appearances: 4
Goals: 2
Assists: 0
Key Tackles: 2
Average Rating: 7.37

Squad News

Nothing to report this month. Things seem pretty harmonious at the moment and the team is performing well as a solid passing team which is what I'm trying to create.

Manager Views

A pleasing month with a win, 2 draws and a loss. Some much needed points taken and relegation is not so much of a worry as when I took over. Getting to know my players a bit better and seeing where I have weaknesses in the squad that I'll have to improve on for next season should we stay up!

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September 2016 Review


Swedish Second Division North
Stromsbergs IF 1 - 1 Ange IF

View attachment 83884

A decent performance against a team 4 places above us in the league. Probably deserved to win it on the face of things but a good point away from home none the less.

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 3 - 1 Skelleftea FF

View attachment 83883

A pretty even game. We had to change our tactical approach due to the two deep lying players in centre midfield that they were playing. But it seems to have worked and we scored 3 goals in a match for only the 2nd time this season.

Swedish Second Division North
IFK Timra 0 - 1 Ange IF

View attachment 83882

This was another of the jobs I'd applied for before landing the Ange job but I wasn't even offered an interview so again it was nice to get the win. Decent performance away from home and the defence held strong for a good clean sheet.

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 2 - 0 Moron BK

View attachment 83881

I just told the boys to go out and enjoy themselves for this one as we'd already done the hard work and saved ourselves from relegation. And it was nice to finish the season with back to back clean sheets and again, another solid performance.

League Table

View attachment 83880

A strong back end of the season with 7 games unbeaten saw us rise to 9th and actually finish 12 points clear of the relegation playoff place in 12th. Cant grumble at all and the team have done me proud this month, with three straight wins to finish the season!

Player of the Month

Jordan Binns

Appearances: 4
Goals: 1
Assists: 1
Key Passes: 3
Average Rating: 7.67

Squad News

  • [*=center]Centre back Sebastian Sandberg signed a new 1 year deal
    [*=center]Left Inside Forward Josh Chatee signed a new 1 year deal

    [*=center]Centre back Daniel Wallsten made his 125th appearance for the club

    [*=center]The team set a new club record: 6 games unbeaten

Manager Views

A superb way to end the season with a 7 match unbeaten run. This club was in turmoil when I took over and looked like they were going to be drawn into a relegation battle. But I have come in and with a record of 5 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, we climbed the table to 9th. Looking forward to next season when I'll be in charge from day 1 and think if we can carry this form on then why cant we be at the other end of the table next year!

Finishing mid-table is probably a pretty good achievement given the quality and standards of the club. Hopefully next year, you can make the push to promotion.
Finishing mid-table is probably a pretty good achievement given the quality and standards of the club. Hopefully next year, you can make the push to promotion.

Yea I'm happy with the way things have gone to round off the season. It looks like there will be a massive overhaul of the squad over the next couple of months, ready for when the season kicks off again in April! I think we've got to fancy ourselves for at least the top half if we pick up the same form we left off with.
Close Season Update

November 2016 - February 2017 Update

There's a pretty big gap between seasons in the Swedish league, with one season finishing in October and pre season doesn't start again until February, so I thought I better provide an update with what's gone on during that period.


The club announced a pre tax profit of £60k over the course of the past season!

I asked the club to seek out a senior affiliate to allow us to get players on loan. We set up an agreement with Halmstads BK who play in the Swedish Premier Division.

Contract Updates

Signed new 1 year deals:

Daniel Wallston (CB) - Last season's fan's player of the year
Michael Kargbo (RB) - No.1 right back last season
Mohammed Doulabi (CM) - Although not a 1st team starter, a good squad player
Fredrik Landen (DM) - One of my signings when I took over
Andreas Lindqvist (IF L/R)- Finished the season really strongly although not 1st choice

Released from club:

Tony Eklund (GK) - 49 years old, and pretty poor
Georgian Stamate (CB) - Not good enough
Osman Aksoy (LB) - Not good enough
Jesper Gulliksson (CB) - Not good enough
Edib Kurtovic (CB) - Not good enough
Mattias Thorsell (CM/ST) - Not good enough
David Caban (MC) - Tried to keep him, wanted to play at higher level so left club
David Kuba-Kuba (CM) - Tried to keep him, wanted too much money
Ryan Onwukwe (GK) - Not good enough
Remone Gordon (ST) - Tried to keep him, wanted too much money

Backroom Staff

I asked the board if we could add another coach to the backroom staff and they agreed it would be in our best interests to focus on more specialist areas of training. I needed to improve our tactical training so we added coach Benny Dahlin to the staff roster...

View attachment 83799

Incoming Transfers

I've been pretty busy as you'll see, and we have added no less than 12 players to the squad. Obviously no money was made available for transfers so my only option was to look at free transfers. I looked at every position I needed trying to sign players with better stats than the ones that just left. We have brought in some decent players this year and I'm feeling pretty happy with the squad going into pre season! I tried to keep my signings all Swedish to help with the harmony of the squad and in the hope they will gel quickly (as I've signed so many players in one hit). Players added are as follows:

Isaac Wigermo - CB - Free Transfer
Signed as backup to my two CBs

View attachment 83795

Emil Eriksson - DR/DC - Free Transfer
Likely to be first choice right back

View attachment 83792

Aday Kaplan - ST - Free Transfer
Likely to be backup striker

View attachment 83790

Emil Sjostedt - MC - Free Transfer
Young backup centre mid

View attachment 83789

Ludvig Axelsson - AML - Free Transfer
Backup inside forward who can play up front too

View attachment 83788

Marco Kotilainen - AM R/L/C - Free Transfer
Provides good cover in both inside forward positions

View attachment 83787

Jonatan Rehnstrom - MC - Free Transfer
Probably my best signing - will be going straight in the starting lineup

View attachment 83786

Amar Ibrahimovic - GK - Free Transfer
16 year old goalkeeper could be promising for the future....and with that name can he fail?

View attachment 83785

Nicklas Bergh - GK - Free Transfer
Brought in to be No.1 goalie, unless Ibrahimovic (above) shows me something else

View attachment 83784

Renan Wagner - MC/DMC - Free Transfer
Another favourite signing who will be going straight in the first 11 for my box to box midfielder role

View attachment 83783

Robin Arestav - ST - Free Transfer
Signed in mind that he will be first choice striker

View attachment 83782

Agon Beqiri - MC, AM R/L - Free Transfer
Looks like a good player on paper and can play a number of attacking roles

View attachment 83781

Pre Season 2017

Pre Season & Expectations

Pre season went reasonably well with 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat. The highlight of pre season was probably a 3-2 win against Ostersunds FK who play their football in the top tier of Swedish football, 3 leagues above us!

View attachment 83780

Board Expectations

The board have set me a pretty reserved expectation of a mid table finish in the league. There are no cup competitions for Ange IF this year.

Our media prediction is a 4th place finish so I think the board have been pretty kind with their expectations.

April 2017 Review

April 2017 Review


Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 1 - 0 Pitea IF

View attachment 83773

Started the season with a good 1-0 win at home to recently relegated Pitea IF. Although we had 7 players making their club debuts, we were defensively solid and created some good chances going forward too. Perfect way to start the league campaign!

Swedish Second Division North
IFK Timra 1 - 2 Ange IF

View attachment 83772

IFK Timra were up next and these guys were the pre season media favourites to win the league. Possibly reflected by our pre match odds to win of 6-1!! We went counter attacking mentality for this one, due to our superior opposition and it worked a treat in the first half as we took a 2-0 lead into half time. Early in the second half they got a goal back through a goalkeeping error by Bergh. However, the team held strong and we hung on for a fantastic 2-1 victory.

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 0 - 0 Soderhamns FF

View attachment 83771

On the face of it, a game we probably should of won on paper and on performance. But I'm happy to take the point after Eriksson was sent off for a two footed lunge. Defence again looking good and I'm starting to think they could be the foundation if we're going to be successful this year.

Swedish Second Division North
Gallivare Malmbergets FF 0 - 1 Ange IF

View attachment 83770

With our opponents starting the game playing very deep and defensive we knew it was always going to be a challenge to break them down. And when they had a player sent off midway through the 1st half, they pretty much stuck 10 men behind the ball! However, we made the breakthrough towards the end of the first half through Axelsson getting his 2nd goal of the season. We couldn't find the 2nd goal to put the game to bed, but saw out for another 3 points and our 3rd clean sheet in the opening 4 games.

Swedish Second Division North
IFK Mora 2 - 2 Ange IF

View attachment 83769

Although it kept us unbeaten for the first month of the season, this was definitely our worst performance so far. We were heavy favourites to win this game and I'm disappointed to have only come away with a draw against a team predicted to finish in the relegation places.

League Table

View attachment 83768

We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!! Happy with the unbeaten start. Hopefully it gives us a platform to build on.

Player of the Month

View attachment 83767

Jordan Binns

Appearances: 5
Goals: 0
Assists: 1
Interceptions: 35
Average Rating: 7.12

Not an amazing rating but excellent consistency shown across the opening 5 games. A big part of the excellent defence that has only conceded 3 goals in the first month of the season.

Squad News

Most of the squad made debuts this month. There were debut goals for Aday Kaplan and Ludvig Axelsson.

Manager Views

Very happy to be top of the league and unbeaten after the first 5 games. I wonder how long we can keep this unbeaten run up for?

May 2017 Review

May 2017 Review


Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 2 - 2 Bodens BK

View attachment 83694

Our next game was against Bodens BK, the team I played in my first game in charge and beat. It was a pretty even game and a 2-2 draw was probably a fair result. Was disappointed in Emil Eriksson getting sent off for the 2nd time in only 6 games. Serious words will have to be had I think! Pettersson's goal was was an absolute peach, 30 yard volley!!

Swedish Second Division North
Harnosands FF 0 - 2 Ange IF

View attachment 83693

A solid 2-0 win. By far the better team throughout and a thoroughly deserved 3 points. Emil Sjostedt came into the side due to suspensions and bagged a debut goal! Binns sent off - 3rd red card in only 7 games....Might need to remove the 'get stuck in' instruction on the tactics!

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 0 - 1 Skelleftea FF

View attachment 83692

First defeat of the season! A really drab boring match with both teams only creating 3 chances each. Our opponents were set up for a draw and came to us to defend, luckily for them they nicked a win. **** performance from my boys, expect better!

Swedish Second Division North
Bergnasets AIK 1 - 3 Ange IF

View attachment 83691

Our opponents were bottom of the league with only 2 points so I was expecting a comfortable win. Although we completely dominated the game against our awful opponents, we only laboured to a 3-1 win. Centre mid Emil Sjostedt got his 2nd goal in 3 games since coming into the team.

League Table

View attachment 83690

Dropped off top spot but happy to still be comfortably in the top half of the table. Second place is a playoff spot for promotion against teams in the league above that finished toward the bottom....this would still be a massive achievement if we could get anywhere close to this!

Player of the Month

Only one player it could be for me this month and that's 22 year old centre midfielder Emil Sjostedt. Originally brought in to play as a backup to some very strong midfield players (on paper), he got an opportunity this month due to suspensions and has massively impressed me and is now keeping other players out the team.

Emil Sjostedt

Appearances: 3
Goals: 2
Assists: 0
Key Passes: 3
Average Rating: 7.90

Squad News

Discipline has been an issue this month with the sending offs. I've had to put my foot down and issue some fines to encourage the team to think about their actions on the pitch. It seems to have been generally well received with the players involved accepting their fines. Squad morale looking pretty good overall after a solid start to the season.

Manager Views

Continued the good start this month. Happy with the squad and the rotation I have been forced into this month due to suspensions and minor injuries has not been a problem as the players that have stepped in have done a fantastic job for us and given me something to think about when it comes to the starting 11. Happy to be still sitting in the top 2 in the table and hoping we can continue this form into June.

June 2017 Review

June 2017 Review


Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 2 - 1 Moron BK

View attachment 83669

Nicked the 3 points with virtually the last kick of the game but it was no less than we deserved. 14 shots to their 5, and 64% possession tells the whole story! Would have been gutted if we didnt win it! Marco Kotilainen scored a debut goal!

Swedish Second Division North
IFK Ostersund 1 - 2 Ange IF

View attachment 83668

A pretty even game with neither team creating very many chances. We took ours and they didn't - that was pretty much the story of today. 2 wins out of 2 for the month and cant grumble at that! Jonatan Rehnstrom grabbed his first goal of the season from the bench.

Swedish Second Division North
Ange IF 2 - 0 Hudiksvalls FF

View attachment 83667

Hudiksvalls were sitting pretty in 3rd place in the table going into this game and were predicted a 2nd place finish at the start of the season so we were expecting a tough game. Actually, we dominated and secured a pretty comfortable 2-0 win. Striker Robin Arestov finally bagged his 1st goal for the club on his 8th appearance for the club (4 as sub) - hopefully this will be a confidence boost and he can kick on from here!

Swedish Second Division North
Pitea IF 3 - 1 Ange IF

View attachment 83666

Pitea had been the underachievers throughout the first half of the season, predicted to be up there fighting for the league but lumbering down in 9th place. So I wasn't as worried about this fixture as when we played and beat them on the opening day of the season. However, I think a bit of complacency crept in amongst the team and we didnt give a good account of ourselves at all as we were well beaten - the stats make it look a lot more even than it actually was.

League Table

View attachment 83665

Sitting pretty at the top of the table again with a 3 point lead and a far superior goal difference. We're past half way in the season and have already secured the same amount of wins that we got all last season (remember I only came in after the half way point of the season).

Player of the Month

Ludvig Axelsson

Appearances: 2
Goals: 2
Assists: 1
Dribbles: 5
Average Rating: 7.60

Only played 2 out of the 4 games but was outstanding in both, and involved in 3 goals from the inside forward left position. Very impressed and staking a claim this year to become one of the first names on the teamsheet.

Squad News

  • [*=center]It was mentioned in a press conference this month that several players from the squad have been talking about the positive atmosphere in the dressing room lately. Good to see the lads have gelled together and are getting on well. I told the press that I think a few wins breeds confidence amongst the lads and brings about a good atmosphere, but we will have to be careful when we do lose again not to go on too much of a downer - our test of character will be on how we bounce back when that loss does come.

  • [*=center]Renan Wagner expressed his concerns to me about a lack of football. He started the season as first choice CM box to box role, but Emil Sjostedt has been keeping him out of the team lately and I think his nose has been put a bit out of joint. I told him to get his head down and the opportunities will come with half the season left to play. He reacted pretty well and said he will work hard to impress me to work his way back into the team.

Manager Views

Really chuffed to be back at the top of the league and opened up a small gap of 3 points to our nearest rival. The team have made me proud this month as well with their comments to the media about the harmony in the dressing room and complimenting my work as manager. We're not going to get ahead of ourselves but we're definitely starting to gain belief that this could be an excellent year for us, having already surpassed the expectations of many!