Jacko's just for fun English Football quiz.

Am thinking about moving on at some stage tonight lads, i havnt got the next round of questions yet but it only takes me an hour or so. Only have 13 peoples answers so i am thinking making round 5 the last round.
if it is the last one, people could always come to mine (marks ultimate quiz) if you don't mind?
I am now going to post round 4 answers and the final table. The game will be ended/suspended until further notice due to my baby being due this week so i may be abit busy for abit. Thanks for everyone who took part and hopefully sometime in the near future we can carry this on.
If anyone wants to take part in a quiz, see marks ultimate quiz. not as good as this but its still a quiz.
Round 4 answers now in op. I will also add i suspected a cheat in round 4 especially on the last question and i have good reasons to think it too. I wont say who but they do know how i feel and they said they wearnt and unfortunatly there is no way of finding out.

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If anyone wants to take part in a quiz, see marks ultimate quiz. not as good as this but its still a quiz.

Your quiz is decent bud

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Leaderboard after round 4
Sid - 73
sanketutd - 72
scott - 70
dmf - 62
chris bird - 56
wigster7 - 55
mcarton - 46
sam - 45
calum - 39
formia - 39
joeere11 - 39
ajr18 - 38
justince - 38
nixon - 26
ronan - 24
smigga - 24
ninjamonkey001 - 23
mark19times - 21
mrjack41 - 17
jbolas - 17
w4fc b3n - 14
icyunvme - 7

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Good news for the people who liked the format of this quiz. As you know i have a baby on the way and cant do this quiz for a while but..... Mark 19 times will take over for the forseeable future, he will keep the latest scores and will start tomorrow. Good luck lads.
Just to clear a few things flagged up in pm's, i will post round 5 tommorow as i don't have time tonight, and yes , of course, i will not be competing.
Round 5 !!!!!!

1. How many premier league goals did Didier Drogba score last season?
2. How many england caps does Peter Crouch have?
3. Which two non-english players were joint top of the red cards chart (along with 3 englishmen) with 2 reds in the 10-11 premier league season?
4. Who was the top scorer in league 2 last season?
5. Which football team is closest to the river mersey?
6. What would the top 4 of the premier league have been if only away games were played?
7.Fill in the gap:
1979- Sunderland
1981- Villa
8.Name 3 players who have scored hatricks for 3 different premier league teams?
9. Who was englands first 2 million pound player?

Try and submit answers by the weekend please!!!
Oh and submit them to me!
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