Jacko's just for fun English Football quiz.

ok thanks mate

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btw when u say last season do u mean 10/11 or 09/10

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sent answers in
Answers sent, very confident. Pretty sure I knew most if not all of the answers to those questions.

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Was right to be confident.. 13/15 :D
Okay, its that time again people. My quiz will be back up and running very shortly run by me again. Hopefully people will want to take part again otherwise i will pack it in for good. Leave me some feedback if your intrested/not intrested to take part?
yeah i'd take part again literally only had 5-6 replies on my round so it kinda failed. cheers for letting me temporarily run it anyway.
The new round 1 is in the OP now

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Ok day 1 and no replys lol, i'll give it until Sunday night to decide whether to keep this going.