Jak's PC Problems guide/ Help Thread

Right, I'm Defragging my laptop, and when I started I had 95GB free disk space on my C-Drive, now (and it's still Defragging) I have 90GB free, I thought it was suppose to free up space, not take space up?
Hi! After my last PC's format i found a problem with my FM 2012. After installing it doesn't want to run, instead I got an error, looking like this:
I tried to do all things from your post at 1st page, also tried to download game from steam instead of installing from CD but with no effect. After a few hours of useless efforts I decided to post here, maybe someone would help me.

My dxdiag report: DxDiag.txt - Speedy Share - upload your files here
Coretemp: http://i49.tinypic.com/9ubrww.jpg
I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but i have a weird problem so if anyone can help it'll be much appreciated, my game was running fine until i decided to try a kit pack, it didn't work and had no effect at all so i simply deleted the graphics folder which i created specifically for this and now when i play a match i found the kit's colour changed :S i'm playing as arsenal, their kit is red and white but now it's red and green :S i don't know how to fix this or whether it can be fixed without starting a new game :'( i tried to tick and untick the use skin cache but nothing changed. hopefully someone can fix this as i find it extremely annoying and i don't think i can continue my game like this.:(
FM2012 saved game won't load

how do I send my game that won't load to SI?