Dec 20, 2010
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-This will be my first story,English is my second language and im amateur in fm, so please take notice of that when commenting.

I havent seen any stories of this type so I decided to start one.

Before starting ,what im planning to do is;
-Start in a low league outside of europe,or in europe in some very low reputation country and promote my self to be a manager that is worldwide known.

Leagues Loaded ;
England (down to Championship)
Greece (National B Division)
Norway (Second Division)
Poland ( First division ,which is like 2nd tier)
Portugal (Second Division)
Spain (Liga Adelante)
Turkey (Second Division)

Database : Large

Approx Player Count : 31000

Computer performance : 3 stars
Game Speed : 2 stars.

You can trust me not to use any software like FMRTE,Genie Scout etc.


On the day of 7th June 2010 ex semi proffesional footballer Roberto Agostino decided to look for a job as a manager after his career ending injury.He told his local newspaper from his hometown in Italy,San Vittorino........

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.....Thats hes going to look for a job in Turkey.

Roberto ' I speak abit of Turkish as I have been there alot of times on a holiday, I decided to look for a job over there becouse I believe its a good country to start in and I believe I can pursuade owners to trust me with a job as a manager'

'...Its also a great place for my family to rest'

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Turkish newspaper Aksam has managed to find a little corner in their big newspaper to say...

'Under Achieving 3rd tie Dardanelspor A.S. has signed ex semi-professional footballer Roberto Agostino as a manager in hope of taking the club to a more challenging league, Mr.Agostino believes he can make immediete impact on the club.'

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Founded in 1996
Currently Playing in Turkey's Second Division (3rd tier)
They won the Second Division Once and Were runners up Once ....
Stadium is Cannakkale 18 Mart 12692 all-seater.

More updates to come...

Thank you for accepting my story,
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Nice start, and good english (better spelling in your post than most Englishmen are capable of ;) )

Good luck i'll certainly follow.
Once Roberto walked through the door to the club everyone knew that with him, the club could only go one way, up.

Roberto says; 'We have a good squad for this league , I believe my men can achieve top half finish'....'Im not planning to make any changes in the staff, the players in this type of league need a basic training, current coaches will provide that, i also dont really need an assistant so I terminated contract and only left one'......'im planning to sell 1 or 2 players that are basically not good enough or just won't suit my tactic'.....'I promise all the fans that they can trust me with the position as a manager, im confident of achieving what the club should be aiming for'.....

Pre Season part 1

Dardanelspor sign Haci Arif Durgut and Mustafa Sahinturk
Both on free transfer first one on £400p/w and Mustafa on £300p/w.
Couple of days later their squad joined young Mehmet Serkut Senturk on
a loan deal from Besiktas.

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