Jul 25, 2011
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This tactic, I've worked with since the last patch came out. It is a solid 4-4-2 with good attack and defense game. The goal was to create a tactic which let in as little goals as possible, but doesn't affect the offensive so much. I have now found the balance which makes me think that the tactic is ready! It's created with Wolverhampton starting in the Championship where I headed up to the Premier League first season. During the second season, my first title with the team was in EURO Cup after a win against PSG in the final with 2-1.

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The table 27 games into the season, 15 goals against!
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Some games against top teams!
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Match prep and training

Match prep is on defensive position avarage the whole season exept for pre season when its on tactic. Pre season training i use team cohesion high and for the season i use balanced avarage.

Op instructions

Dont use any!

Players - The tactic is very much based on everyone having a high work capacity!

MV: The best you can find! (Replaced Hennessey with Begovic and what a difference!)
BH / V: They should be fast with good defensive qualities but also be able to make some good crosses and passes because they will be a part of the offensive play.
BC: The best you can find! The BCR will be the good header for corners.
M H / V: Fast, durable with good ball control. High working capacity is a MUST otherwise there will be a lot of goals in the back from crosses. Likes to run with the ball!
MCH: The most important player in the midfield! Is defensive and strong! Need to be good passer, will have much ball.
MCV: The more creative central midfielder. A typical playmaker but needs to have a high working capacity and be good at winning the ball back at the middfield.
ANF ​​H: Deep lying striker, creative, strong and a good passer. Do not need to be fast.
ANF ​​V: Speedy goalscorer that likes to sneak through the offside trap!

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Looks a good tactic. Can we see some of your other league tables?
Sorry but i have just formatted My computer and didnt save any other fm save.. But i will put up some more pictures during my play with this save!
No worries mate, gave it a shot and it's working very well for me. I'll upload screenshots when I've either half way through or finished the season. Which would you prefer?
I clicked on that but after that it wont let me download it, I was wondering if you needed to get a certain programme to be able to download it