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Aug 23, 2006
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There are five 1500 GMT kick-offs in the Premier League and a host of Football League games too, before West Ham host Everton at 1730 GMT and then Birmingham play Manchester United at 2000 GMT.

Adel Taarabt is the Fabregas of Football League. Would love to see him as a long term replacement for Nolan at Newcastle.
Quality ball in with the outside of the boot.
QPR are the best team in that league, they just perhaps need an out and out 20+ goalscorer.
QPR is still a good team but they never get promoted :S
Yeah they don't have one solid goalscorer, they have a few good goalscores like Mackie and Smith but they need some one who they can rely on to score. If they do go up, which is highly likely, If they get relagated first time round I don't see Tarabt staying there, sure a low-mid league prem team will take him.
Tarabat will go everton (H)
everton need him
Taarabt is an extremely selfish, and frustrating player.

His skill is undeniable though.
I'm afraid Stoke at home is too much for Fulham. Sparky's gotta go or we're playing in the Championship next season. Though I'll go for a 1-2 win for Fulham with Dempsey and Andy Johnson scoring, he'll find new confidence and remember his Crystal Palace times and start scoring again... or not. And Leeds will beat Portsmouth 2-0.
I do think he'll struggle in the premiersip though, Theres a huge difference between Champ defenders and Prem ones. He'll definitley need to knock it round a bit more but I'm sure Warnock knows this and will work on it.
2-0 City lescott. Have a feeling City might make this embarssing!
The last two games City have bagged two early goals. I expect another comfortable win for them now..

Houllier for the chop?