Jan 17, 2010
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Think I've found the time to get back to a story. My last venture was cut shot by work
getting crazy again :p I'm gearing up to go back to college so I have my summer free.
Time for a Liverpool save and get back to what i do best - Turn Liverpool into what I
always know they can be.

I'm playing with the 17.3.2 update and DrewJS66's International Champions Cup Update
to make Preseason that little bit more interesting and enjoyable. As usual, you can expect
a focus on youth development, signings that don't come out of a wonderkid shortlist and
tactical flexibility to find a system that gives me the football I want.

Nations Loaded

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I got in the doors 24 hours after the playing staff left the training ground for their holidays.
Looking at the job ahead of me, first thing to do is to get my background staff in place,
appoint coaches and get ready to prepare for the International Champions Cup.

Getting the coaching staff set up is a preseason priority so i can have the training ground
ready for the players when they get back in mid- June.

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View attachment 88183Junior Team Training.

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This will be a classic! Can;'t wait to see how it develops
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View attachment 88131View attachment 88130Match: LA Galaxy vs Liverpool
Stadium: The Cotton Bowl
Capacity: 92,100

View attachment 88127View attachment 88118Match: Liverpool vs Celtic
Stadium: AT&T Stadium
Capacity: 105,121

View attachment 88129View attachment 88117Match: Liverpool vs New York Red Bulls
Stadium: NRG Stadium
Capacity: 71,738

View attachment 88125View attachment 88115Match: Real Madrid vs Liverpool
Stadium: MetLife Stadium
Capacity: 82,566

View attachment 88123 View attachment 88113Match: Liverpool vs AC Milan
Stadium: Sports Authority Field at mile High
Capacity: 77,160

View attachment 88122View attachment 88112Match: Chelsea vs Liverpool
Stadium: SunLife Stadium
Capacity: 80,120

View attachment 88121View attachment 88111 Match: Liverpool vs Leicester
Stadium: Ohio Stadium
Capacity: 102,329

View attachment 88120View attachment 88110 Match: Liverpool vs Paris Saint-Germain
Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium
Capacity: 76,416

View attachment 88119View attachment 88109Match: Liverpool vs Barcelona
Stadium: MetLife Stadium
Capacity: 82,566​
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Tactical System

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The aim of this system is to keep our defensive shape, while aggressively
harassing the opposition half and prevent smooth transitions from defence
to attack while we stretching the pitch so we're in position to exploit half
spaces while in possession. While in possession, I've set up three layers of
forward runs: an advanced runner on the right hand side, A mid Runner
through the central left channel and a deep runner on the left hand wing.

This way there is always a runner within passing reach of either play
makers as well as a supporting option should the runners run into dead
ends. Retaining possession is not an aim of this shape but I'm trying to
set it up so our attacks are not irrecoverable.

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The Defensive Line is made up of an aggressive Left Back, a Creative
Back, a Centre Back and a Defensive Wing Back. Both Centre Backs
are set to Cover and track back during the transition phases to cover
through balls or over-the-top balls while the Half Back offers a deep
midfield screen to prevent oppositions players from sitting in the pocket.
I've Chosen Wing Backs to offer an immediate transition from defence
to offence and hopefully find one of our two play-makers to

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LA Galaxy vs Liverpool

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With what could be considered the 'easy' fixtures out of the way, I've put myself in a
great position with 9 points from 9 and avoiding penalty points. The ICC league format
is 3pts for a win, 2pts for a penalty time win, 1pts for a penalty loss and 0pts for a loss
so every win is huge. Now we'll really find out how our pre-season is going and where we
are in our preparation as we take on the defending UEFA Champions League Champions

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Transfers In

View attachment 88045 Emerson Santos: £5.5M
Position: Center Back
From: Botafogo

Quick, Determined and all the technical skill you'd expect of a Brazilian. I see a promising
future for this kid if he keeps up his development.

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Kieran Tierney: £10M (£13M)
Position: Left Back
From: Celtic

Left Back has been a problem position for at Liverpool for a number of years now. The last person to
really stamp their authority on the position was John Arne Riise who left in 2007. The club thought
they had found their future Left Back in Alberto Moreno but after a slew of poor defensive performances
and what can only be described as a horror show in the 2016 UEFA Europa League final, the young
Spaniard is lucky to still have a contract at the club.

Tierney looks like he has all the player traits to be useful going forward if he bumps his vision and crossing up
How did you get the international champions Cup playable?
Tierney looks like he has all the player traits to be useful going forward if he bumps his vision and crossing up

His PPM are perfect for the way I like my wing back to play. I'll be giving him plenty of game time this season to try up his mentals. Working on improving his marking to bring it up to par with his other defensive attributes.

How did you get the international champions Cup playable?
Steam Workshop :: International Champions Cup Update

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I'm fairly happy with the 1st team starters and rotation players but much of my squad depth will be coming
from the academy. I've had many discussions with the board about the world famous Kirby Academy and
we've agreed that the facilities are too good not to put to use and their importance is only set to increase if
Brexit forces work permits decisions and signing foreign talent becomes a harder task. The goal now is to
develop as many youth players as possible into rotational squad members.

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Youth Transfers In.

View attachment 88006 Fiete Arp: £725K
Position: Striker
From: Hamburg SV

View attachment 88001 Fiete Arp: £650K
Position: Goalkeeper
From: Celta de Vigo

Kirby Academy Graduates

View attachment 87997Ben Woodburn
Possibly the brightest talent at Liverpool right now and a very exciting player since he
reminds me of Michael Owen. Managing his game time as well as targeted focused
training on his off the ball and Stamina should help him establish himself as a rotation
Striker and Wide-Left Forward.

View attachment 87994Trent Alexander-Arnold
A very solid Right Back with potential to take over from Clyne in a few years time.

View attachment 87991Adam Phillips
This Creative Midfield player has been at the club since 2014 and has developed well into
a solid midfield player with an eye for a key pass. Reminding me somewhat of Adam
Lallana, I'll be looking to develop his position play to utilise his versatility in midfield.

View attachment 87988Jordan Williams
The Welsh Centre Back is the oldest player in my developmental list. Having been at the club since 2012,
the 20 year old has the necessary attributes to challenge for a DM or CB spot but he has his work cut
out for him. I see a rotation role in his future but the ability to be a first team starter is his to take.

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