Liverpool vs. Bolton Wanderers - 1/1/11 15:00

Gerrard coming on for Meireles just 20 minutes in, was Meireles injured? Didnt see anything myself.
wow. how did you miss that lucas o_O
We're playing so much better, we don't deserve to be losing this one :S And Lucas should have scored that easily, great chip cross from Kuyt.
Torres should have at least got yellow. Deserved red though.
4 Points off 20th.

Well played, Roy.
Sounds like you're actually playing well, despite being a goal behind.

Lucas has just missed a sitter.

Playing a lot better just still not good enough :( we will be 10 points behind Bolton if it stays like this..
Feel sorry 4 liverpool losing 1-0 get rid of roy.
Hopefully Torres will be back with this goal.
Great goal by Liverpool, Torres shouldn't even be on the pitch though.