Aug 20, 2012
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As many of you, I'm sure, I've stuck with FM13 and I've been orphan of an updated database since LFCMarshall stopped them to focus on FM14. Since then, I've worked on his database to keep it up to date for FM13. It of course includes promotions, relegations, PA/CA changes, transfers, retirements, players/managers career plans, etc. Special thanks to LFCMarshall for his work and permission to share this database with you.

I'll keep updating the file regularly until at least FM15's release. Feel free to drop suggestions for me to implement in future releases.

Last updated: 26/07/2014

Known issues:
- Loans may still be in effect
- Minor leagues may not been updated. Only England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal have been so far.
- League format changes haven't been implemented, as it is a real pain in the *** to edit (you basically have to redo all of the league rules from scratch). So, for example, there are still 20 teams in the National (French 3rd tier) instead of 18, which led to some teams being arbitrarily promoted.

Download link:
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Thanks guys! The skin is "FMC FLUT for FM with background logos - Dark".

FYI I've updated the file today.
Awesome work man! Thanks so much for this... A big boost to all FM13 owners all round the world!
Hey buddy nice project indeed. I sugest to tranfer mugni form colon to flamengo. Also flamengo´s new head coach is ney franco
Hey mate! Thanks for this transfer update! A good idea is updating the Brazilian Leagues. If you need help with this, i can help you ;)

(Because i am a brazilian lol)
Wow ! Nice to sse another brazilian in this forum Jonatas. It would be awesome to see new updates for brazilian leagues!
Great job however luke shaw is now at man united, how can incorporate this?
hey lads keep update if there's a new transfer
it so helping me because i can't playing fm14
so thx u very much lads
Wow this is really cool,since there still are some fm13 players out there.So you're not gonna do Romania or Netherlands,are you?
No... I mostly work based on L’Équipe news, so it is very French-centered actually, but I try to update punctually the other main European leagues. At least all major transfers will be in effect.
Do we need to select both files (Summer 2014 Update & lonelyknight's Summer 2014 Update) ?
No, only the latter. You downloaded an early version, didn't you?
why eto'o still in chelsea?
he's free agent after being released by Chelsea