Aspas signed for Sevilla for loan but Sevilla has preference for buying for three seasons

Marc Albrighton -> Leicester unless I'm mistaken.

when is the spanish league being updated
It is - finally - in today's update! I have also updated the Champions League and the Europa League with the final participants.

Siem de Jong and Daryl Janmaat on Newcastle pleeeeaseee :)

Thanks for your work!
You're welcome!
The CA/PA changes you've made are soooo silly.. there's 29 players with pa -10, in the recent games there have been about 0-3 players having -10 set as their pa. 7 players have 200 inclouded diaby, bale, varane etc.. I really dont get why you've changed the abilities so much? ruins the game
I knew not everyone would like it, but I've made this database to please myself first. I've felt that the youth never become quite as good as the current generation in FM, I wanted to change that. Also, minus potential is still random: at -10, you can become a great player or just a good one. Also, CA/PA don't make the player: depending on position, player and personal attributes, you can be great with 160 or average with 190... Anyway, I like the game more with more quality players personally, too bad you don't :)

PS: as you seem to know your way around the editor, you can also edit the stuff that bother you and still enjoy the db, you know
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Sidney Sam is set to join Schalke 2 years after the game starts.
I put it but Spanish, Romania, Israel and Norway there are hidden ..
I put it but Spanish, Romania, Israel and Norway there are hidden ..

You probably have two databases selected that conflict. Uncheck "Summer Update" (old version of the file), only leave the one that start with 'lonelyknight'.
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I had two selected databases thank you.. and when we can expect new updates ?
gylfi sigurdsson: tottenham > swansea
ben davies & vorm: swansea > tottenham
jallet: psg > lyon
mathieu: valencia > barcelona
eisfeld: arsenal > fulham
bojan krkic: barcelona > stoke city
walter samuel: inter > basel
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Everton sign Lukaku, Arsenal sign Chambers.Everton sign Mohammed Besic.
Harry Maguire sign Hull City, Ryan Bertrand loan Southampton, Jordan Ayew Lorient, David Stockdale Brihgton.
You have made a mistake. It should be Rotherham in the English Championship and NOT Leyton Orient, thank you
when another file update to download? September 1?
Hi pupuli, was wondering if you were planning on releasing another file in the near future - I need to know whether to start a career now with your most recent update of whether to wait a few days for another file. Thanks for the work you've done, it's been much appreciated.
Think its better to wait with new update until transferwindow closes. Cant wait to start a new season with LFC on FM :)