Apr 20, 2012
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So here is the scenario:

I have taken Bath City to the championship, where i am currently stuck achieving mid table mediocrity with no signs of growing into promotional contenders. i am currently 12 games into my 3rd season in the division and sat in 15th. my ground capacity is maxed out at 8880, which i sell out, and i have £0 in the bank to build a new ground with. in fact to keep the club out of debt each season i am having to raise approx £5-6mill in transfer revenue through player sales. something which is not helping my cause for pushing for promotion. my team personality is described as professional.

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these are my tactics that seem rather hit and miss, however i am putting that somewhat down to my team having a few new faces and containing too many foreign names that don't have English first language. my scout reports suggest my squad should be capable of mid table, but i have overachieved at every stage until now so was looking for playoffs if not automatic this season

all feedback and recommendations welcomed, and if you want any specific data just ask
tactics aren't the real issue, my main problem is the financial mess of my club due to inferior capacity of the stadium, and inability to establish a real run of form. i alter my tactics dependent on the team i am facing, those 3 are just the basic examples of what i use.

i may give it a go, but i dont have players i can trust to do what they like, many are young and aren't the best players in the league just adequate.
I've found that I have much better luck playing rigid whenever I deploy any defensive midfielders, since you really want to keep shape when you do that sort of thing. Whats your chairman's status? Sometimes its not a bad idea to go into debt to hopefully get a good takeover. Does the board constantly refuse to build a new stadium? Take some chances on some good youth and just build them up and sell them, that made me quite a bit of money in France and allowed me to push for promotion to ligue 1.
will try operating a little more rigid, particularly when playing away from home. and yes i keep being informed we cannot afford to build a new stadium. i am buying in the region of 6-7 youth prospects a year but trying to develop them for a few years and loan them out to build values up more. however wage budget is available but i am making a loss monthly so reluctant to use my full allocation.
I'd go ahead and use your full allocation, if the board is ok with going in debt I usually make full use of it! Unless you're specifically trying to work at a profit as a realistic challenge... the worst part about it is that if you get promoted they HAVE to build you a new stadium hah.
i will look bringing in one or two quality players then to hopefully push for promotion in the hope that they build a new ground. if they don't i may be in trouble lol
Instead of looking for promotion immediately, try winning the cups you are entered in to raise prize money.
winning the league and fa cup doesn't generate huge amounts of cash and its easier said than done winning the cup with a mid table championship team
This is true, but normally the big teams don't play starters in cups (Unless finals or they have a long rest until next game) and if you can't beat their bench then staying out of relegation in the next season will be very hard.

Anyways, you could look for a Parent club to bring in extra funding, while getting nice youngsters on loan for free. :)
It seems like you are in a position where you arent progressing at the moment so something has got t0 change. Quick question, did you fill your ground when you were in league 1? If so it may be worth cashing in on your championship players now, accept relegation to league 1, you will be paying less in wages but getting the same income (apart from TV money) doing that for a few seasons whilst you build up your finances, build a new stadium and then try going up again. Alternatively you could take a gamble in the opposite direction and try to get promoted knowing the revenue from only 1 season in the premiership plus parachute payments should sort you out financially and would force you board to give you that bit extra I would argue you deserve.
i didn't quite sell out in league 1 no. i think i am going to push for premier league accept relegation in year 1 unless i can avoid it obviously, and rely on the fact i am classed as a club legend to avoid getting sacked. i have stumbled my way into the league cup quarter finals and drawn a fellow championship team so cup glory is still on the cards. as for the parent club i have malaga who contribute very little in all honesty

thank you to everyone for your inputs. greatly appreciated. i will post how the season goes. if anyone has any other ideas all opinions taken into account
i scraped promotion through the playoffs and alas the board have decided to build a new stadium, all of 18,000 capacity. despite being a club legend they have not named it after me... rather disappointed, maybe the next one will be named after me.
Thats Great seacow gratz and GL with the new season
Hi, i am in my 10th season with Gateshead and in the prem now but on my way up i had similar problems. What i did to raise money was to deploy an army of scouts to find young talent. They play for next to nothing so your wage bill is kept down, so play them in cups and easy home games, get them a mentor and use heavy training. After a few seasons you are guarunteed large profit.

I hit lucky i think because i got 3 young brazilian wonderkids and paid maybe 2 mil in total (2 were free transfers). Try not to blow your transfer budget, sign free players always and keep WELL below your wage budget. This will make massive profits for the board and allow them to upgrade facilities and the stadium.

Hope it helps
yeah i am utilising the same tactic lumpy79, problem is i have a limited scouting network to europe at the moment and so prospects are limited however have around 15-20 so once they develop they will be sold. I've heard there is an achievement for making a certain amount of profit on a player, does anybody know anything about this?

i am also trying to do the achievement challenge currently on 53/107, want to get at least 75%
i think it is unlock no transfer window achievemnt but not sure as how to achieve it is not clear on steam