Jan 2, 2010
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Personal preference when buying AND selling?
Installments when buying, lump sum when selling. Up to a point of course, I don't like to use too many installments as it wrecks your finances long term if you do.
I'm a lump sum when buying and a lump sum when selling sort of guy. Just helps you keep track of your finances better
Both have their uses. Upfront gives you peace of mind knowing that you wont have to pay anymore in the future or you are not too sure about your financial stability. Paying via installments means you can get more out of your budget, but do so with caution. If you overspend using installments the long term effects can be disastrous.
If you can afford it, pay up front.

If not, then pay in installments.
In building team faze installments, later, lump sum :)
Always prefer to pay and sell in lump sums, although if I have to I will put a few hundred grand in installments.
I always prefer to buy up front, like to keep my finances safe for the long term.
nearly always buy upfront and am happy to receive installments to help have a good monthly profit
I always buy using lump sums as I prefer keeping my finances safe as then I dont have to worry about anything if my finaces are in the red in the future and stuff