Millwall - A Youth Revolution, from the bottom of the barrel


Jan 20, 2011
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Side note: The data base has been edited so i can play this scenario. It turns out that Millwall has had a mass exodus, with no Playing staff left in the team. The manager has also left, due to a MAJOR falling out with the board. No player wants to join Millwall, not even from the lower leagues. Their only choice are Hasbeens and disgrunted youth

Millwall - A Youth Revoltuion

June 2010

Millwall had just made it back into the Championship. They wanted to improve, every one at the club was delighted with their Promotion. But it all turned sour on the final day of May 2010.
After a meeting with the club board, The first team and their manager ripped up their contracts, and left Millwall FC. This was fine by the board room, they didn't want to be pushed around. But it left them with just a reserve team, a team that would get slaughtered in the Championship.
Millwall wanted to hire a manager straight away but no one wanted to know, no Championship Players wanted in, Nor did any other player for an English league club. June was a bleak month for Millwall FC.
At the end of June, Millwall had found their man. Or A man. Mr Drezzy. He had been a football coach for one season, Managing MSK Zilina in Slovakia. He had one the Slovakian League along with the Europa League. It was now a well known fact that Drezzy had become manager under suspicious circumstances, but Millwall had no where else to turn. (Check out my MSK Zilina Story, in the FM2010 forums)
At the same time, the worlds most promising Youth Players were revolting! They were young and naive. All over the world, promising young stars were demanding first team action or stupidly high Contracts. Most of these players were released! This is where Mr Drezzy would step in. With no one who was at a club wanting to Join Millwall, his idea was to pick up all the unwanted players, the free agents, and give them what they wanted. First team football. But Mr Drezzy knew he needed experience. He would also draft in three of four Players near the end of their careers. Mr Drezzy had given these players a lifeline, Players no one else wanted, Players that would be the future of a club that no one wanted to be apart of.......

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July 2010

It was official, i was now Millwall Manager. Finally i was back in England after a Year in Slovakia, and i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Zilina chairman Jozef.
Jozef had his own problems, He loved Zilina, he was so happy with their progress but greedy board members were trying to over throw, citing my release as their main point for a revolt. Truth be told, Millwall contacted Jozef, and he had told me to go, i had done all i could for Slovakian Minnows, Zilina.
My arrival in England got of to a bad start, i refused to meet the media. I didn't want to say this was my dream job, because it wasn't, i need to build a team and fast. Funnily enough the first person i called was Jozef, i don't know why but i trusted the guy and needed to hear his voice.
Jozef was delighted to hear from me, congratulating me on my new job. He told me i was lucky to be out of Slovakia, the greedy board were back stabbing him. He told me he didn't stand a chance, he was going to leave. But he wanted to screw them before he did. He didn't want them to take all the credit for our hard work. We'd built a foundation, they seeked to destroy it!
Jozef had a plan, i needed players, he wanted to cripple Zilina. Deep down i also think he wanted a job in England, but hey, that's just a personal opinion. He told me he still had the sole power to accept bids, maybe, just maybe, if i wanted a couple of his players, he would accept the "nominal fee". It sounded like a great idea, but who could i take with me to Millwall? Simple, At least four of the players still at Zilina were showing signs of unrest, and according to Jozef, they wanted to come with me.
Almost straight away, Millwall put a bid in for Serge Aurier, Sebastian Blanco, Eden Hazard, Piatti and Rivaldo, for the sum of £0. Jozef was ecstatic, and so was i. The new Zilina board had lost some of it's most important players.

Millwall FC Signings on 4th July 2010

Serge Aurier, From MSK Zilina for £0
Sebastian Blanco, From MSK Zilina, for £0
Eden Hazard, From MSK Zilina, for £0
Piatti, From MSK Zilina, for £0
Rivaldo, From MSK Zilina, for £0

With those deals almost struck within the hour, Jozef had left MSK Zilina, and had left a proud man. I felt bad for the fans, and i hoped that i would one day meet them all again!
But a chapter has been laid to rest, Slovakia is now a distant memory. I was back in London, and i gave Jozef a few phone numbers, to try and get him on the Millwall board. I felt i needed an ally.
With that, news was filtering in of over very young players looking to Join the Millwall revolution. But i knew they wanted to come here because no one else wanted them, not even Zilina!

July7th 2010

What a few days. Firsty, Jozef was kicked out of MSK Zilina, which was a pity. The mutiny which happened was one of greed and not common sense. How ever, we managed to steal a few of their players, players who got on very well with me, and Jozef had an interview with the Millwall Board. Apparently, he has offered to put money into the club in return for a seat on the board, so hopefully he'll have enough clout to get that.
Any way, my scouts were all over the European continent, all three of them, but they couldn't find any one. Luckily, some decent players needed a club, and over the past few days, my phone hadn't stopped ringing. We had agreed contracts with alot of youngsters, which was good, they had signed on the dotted line and were already on their way to us, for training tomorrow morning. I'm over the moon they signed because when i was handed a paper this morning, i was shocked. A previous Millwall player had gone to the press. He slated the teams board and warned any one from joining, he even took a pot shot at me. He said i was talentless, i was the result of no one else wanting the job, i had achieved nothing! Well, I have a Euro Cup medal, i don't see any European medal on the previous Millwall first team!
The unknown player had gone on to explain what had happened. The Millwall board offered them around Ninety thousand pound each if they had been promoted, the Millwall board had allegedly,with held the money. After a team meeting, they demanded their money and if it was refused they would all leave. Well, the board refused and they had all left. Oh well, they were mediocre at best any way!
Here is a full list of signing made over the past few days

Millwall Free Signings

David De Gea : A top talent who had been released from his contract because he wanted first team football. Apparently, his comments in the Spanish press after his release prompted all clubs to looks past him

Carini: Carini was a free agent and we happened to be the first club to offer him a contract, which he took straight away

Alex Smithies: Former Huddersfield player who was released from his contract for unknown reasons


Jose Angel: Jose was another great signing for the club, he was released for personal reasons. Still, i'm over the moon with this capture

Aurier: Signed from MSK Zilina, on a free, thanks to Jozef

DeMerit: American DeMerit was also out of contract, and accepted our bumper offer

Jorgensen: The rock of my defence in Slovakia. Another free signing from Zilina, again, thanks to Jozef

Galeano: Galeano was released from his contract after demanding more money from his previous club, in the wake of interest from Barcelona. He was let go and Barcelona didn't follow up their interest in him

Sakho: Sakho was released from his PSG contract after an unknown incident in a Paris Brothel. I didn't ask any questions, he had the chance to turn over a new leaf here

Dodo: Not much is known about Dodo. His agent called me up personally and asked if we would give him a trial. We signed him straight away

Santon: Again, Mystery surrounds his release, but he has found a home at Millwall.


Eden Hazard: A great player for MSK Zilina, he was signed on a free thanks to Jozef. I owe alot to that guy, ALOT

Henrique: Henrique was dismissed from his club, to quote the spanish press, "For being a spoilt brat!". Need less to say, no one else had shown interest, so we signed him.

Piatti: A new arrival at MSK, who signed for £10 million. A month later, he was offered to us for nothing, and Jozef arranged it so we wouldn't have to pay his wages, Zilina would. Fantastic

Blanco: Another signing from MSK Zilina.

Rivaldo: Although coming to the end of his career, i still feel his is a very important person to have around, a free from MSK and they also get the bill for his wages.

Jordan Henderson: Apparently, according to Steve Bruce, he had gone awol trying to force a move to fierce rivals Newcastle, how ever, the deal fell through and in a rage, Bruce had him released from his contract. I received a phone call from Bruce telling me not to go near him, and i guess he had done the same to other league managers, but i ignored his advice and snapped him up.

Canles: Canles was accused of stealing a team mates car, he was released straight away and we signed him up. The day he signed for us, it turned out he was wrongly accused


Lukaku: Promising young star, he was released from Anderlecht for unknown reasons. He was in negotiations with Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid, but chose to sign for Millwall, again, for unknown reasons. But i'm happy

Leigh Griffiths: I'm glad i pounced when i did, Millwall offered Dundee 120K for him and they accepted straight away. He signed four hours later. I was then informed by Dundee, just after Griffiths signed, there was interest from a host of top clubs

Kadlec: He was released after being spotted on Camera in the Big Sister night club in Prague. We signed him up after i joked i'd been there too, it was ok. It later turned out it wasn't him after all.


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Millwall: The first encounter

Patting the new boys on the back, i instructed Rivaldo to take their first training session! I need to talk to the reserves and the staff.

The all filtered into the room shaking my hand, smiles on their faces. But i wasn't here to introduce myself, i was here to offer them two things, One being the chance to stay on at Millwall and the second, i was offering them a route to the door.
They all sat there, waiting for me to introduce my self and tell them about my history, i didn't have time for this! To me, for some reason, they were the enemy.
"Right", i said, "I'm Mr Drezzy, new manager of this football club. This meeting will be short and sweet as we all have jobs to do. I look around this room today, and i wonder, is any one sitting here thinking about having a showdown with me and the board? If so, this will not be tolerated, this is a Professional football club, not a School play ground. If you do not wish to be apart of this club, then, you can leave now and take your contract with you....."
I waited for a couple of minutes, silence filtering into the room. No one budged.
"Ok Gentlemen, i believe you all have a job to do, see you later"
With that, they all filtered out of the room, no one looking at me. They continued to train as usual, whilst i began to plan for my first match in charge!


I'd just left the meeting with the reserve team and staff when my phone rang. It was Jozef and i couldn't understand a word. He told me that he was coming down to the training ground.
Two hours later, Jozef approached me with the Millwall Chairman. Jozef had been given a place on the board. He was ecstatic, jumping with joy. As he calmed down, The chairman pointed out that we were favourites to go down, especially with having a squad of youngsters. But we didn't have a choice. The chairman stated that he would be happy what ever the out come, and that this season was about building a new foundation, a new Millwall.
"Hopefully it doesn't turn out like new Labour" i joked. With that, both left the training ground to go for dinner, whilst i was left to think about our game against Rushden.


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July 9th 2010

Carling Cup 1st Round draw

Before i had even seen my team play a game, we had been drawn against Wycombe in the Carling cup, away at Adams Park.

Rushden and Diamonds 0 - 9 Millwall FC
From Nene Park: ATT:- 1871

Thoughts before hand Rushden would prove a nice little test for the new guys, the result not mattering, just getting match fit was all that i was concerned about, we had an up hill battle in front of us

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (2)
Griffiths (7, Pen 42, 52, 79)
Lukaku Injured (17)
Piatti (32)
Henrique (65)
Hazard (72)
Sakho (90+1)

After thoughts What a game, the guys looked fit and ready, and they were fantastic. Their performance blew my mind away, and if they continue like this, it will be a better season then first hoped. Although Lukaku's injury looked a little nasty, but no word on how bad he has been injured.

News on Lukaku's injury

Lukaku suffered a twisted ankle in the game against Rushden, although at first it seemd he would only miss a week of pre-season action, it has just been confirmed that he will be sidelined for up to 8 weeks!

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July 12th 2010

Millwall FC 5 - 0 Kilmarnock FC
From The Den: ATT:- 4259

Thoughts before hand Up next was a pre-season warm up game against Kilmarnock. Again i stressed that the result didn't matter, that we needed to get fit.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Hazard (15, 64)
Jorgensen (51)
Piatti (54)
Griffiths (69)

After thoughts Another brilliant performance from the boys. The first half was back and forth with Kilmarnock looking good in front of goal, but young De Gea put in a terrific performance. In the second half, we dominated, Kilmarnock were tiring and we took full advantage, Very please

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14th July 2010

Accrington Stanley 0 - 5 Millwall FC
From The Crown Ground: ATT:- 1246

Thoughts before hand Another fitness test for the lads. Again, the aim here was to get fit playing a sturdy Accrington side

Goals for Millwall FC:
Henderson (7)
Piatti (9, 66)
Jorgensen (14)
Grithiffs (50)

After thoughts Another great performance from the lads, this time killing off Stanley quickly before reducing the tempo of the game, gradually picking them off. Not as much of a test as i had anticipated.
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looks good ill be following be sure to check my story its in my sig
Snide Attack

On the coach trip home, the local radio station was on, to which i wasn't paying much attention until i heard my name mentioned. Accrington boss John Coleman had stated that i was out of my depth and wouldn't be in my position for much longer.
i had to show i wasn't going to be bullied, so via telephone, i managed to speak to the local radio station, were i said that Coleman was just jealous he wasn't offered the job, and that any life on mars has more chance of winning a trophy then Coleman. I doubted i'd hear anything from that bitter man again!

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July 16th 2010

The days were fling by and we had a very busy pre season, next up was a short trip to west London, to take on Brentford FC.

Brentford FC 2 - 4 Millwall FC
From Griffin Park: ATT:- 3462

Thoughts before hand It had only been a couple days since our last game, but games come thick and fast during the season and my team had to be alert and ready, and the objective remained the same, get fit and stay fit

Goals for Brentford:
Simpson (16)
Diagouraga (36)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Hazard (26)
Henderson (40)
Piatti (52, 90+2)

After thoughts We were more subdue during this match, and seemed a little tired. Brentford shocked us with a corker of an opening goal. How ever, we began to find our stride and equalised when Hazard chipped the keeper. They took the lead again but we responded well, equalised again when henderson scored a 30 yard screamer. We killed them off in the second half with Piatti scoring two poacher goals

Meanwhile, Next day, we secured the loan signing of Chelsea striker Borini. He said he was relishing first team football

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July 23rd 2010

Just before our home game against Everton, we signed Kakuta on loan from Chelsea.

Millwall FC 2 - 2 Everton FC
From The Den: ATT:- 12444

Thoughts before hand A top quality side from the Premiership were visiting us today. Again, we didn't care about the result, every one expects us to lose, we just need to get fit

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (15, 20)

Goals for Everton FC:
Osman (17)
Saha (87)

After thoughts Another brilliant performance, and a good result. We played well and were unlucky to concede at the death but that wouldn't have mattered if Kadlec's shot didn't rattle off the cross bar on the 90th minute. But they held Everton to a draw, which i was delighted with

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29th July 2010

Millwall FC 3 - 2Chelsea FC
From The Den: ATT:- 17128

Thoughts before hand A friendly match against the team i adored. But i had to remain professional, this game was all about fitness

Goals for Millwall FC:
Galeano (16)
Bruma (OG 30)
Piatti (44)

Goals for Chelsea FC:
Yury Zhirkov (12)
Frank Lampard (pen 43)

After thoughts I wished this was an F.A cup game. The tempo shown by both sides was amazing, it didn't feel like a friendly. The atmosphere was amazing. Chelsea took the lead with a great 40 yard strike from Zhirkov but Galeano pulled us level with a bullet header. Then, from another corner, Bruma headed into his own net to the delight of the Millwall faithful. Then a lunging tackle from Sakho brought Anelka down, Lampard slotted home the resulting penalty. Then, before the half, Piatti got the better of Bruma before slotting past a diving Cech. The second half was fiercer although no team managed to score, Chelsea were turning the screw, with Kalou hitting the wood work twice. But we prevailed and managed to get a win, it felt like we'd won the cup.

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Cheap shot

After the game, i went home and watched Chelsea TV. I watched a re run of our game and loved it, i felt on a high but Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti managed to bring me down to earth. He stated in an interview after the game that i was lucky, had no managerial ability and that Millwall would never reach the heights of Chelsea. I felt upset, some one i looked up to openly mocking Millwall and myself. I leaked it to the press that i wouldn't be surprised if Ancelotti got the sack soon!
To my shock, he responded that Millwall had made a huge mistake in hiring me. My reply to that? Surely Ancelotti has other things to think about, like Liverpool, Manchester UTD and others.....not a small east end club, as he had put it in his words, the *****!

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7th August 2010

Preston North End 1 - 7 Millwall FC
From Deepdale: ATT:- 15372

Thoughts before hand This is it, the start of the season, we needed to bring our pre season form into the new season.

Goals for Preston North End:
Brown (67)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (9, 43)
Henderson (16)
Canales (37)
Piattia (41)
Hazard (88, 90+2)

After thoughts What a way to start, from the beginning to the end, we were relentless. We didn't look like a team tipped for relegation. Our spirits were high and we tore Preston to bits. Fantastic first game in charge
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Mate the quality of your team is way too much and you brought most on free transfers.
Its a bit too far fetched for most to follow.
That team should win every single game in championship and top 4 in premiership without any more signings.
But as its your story i cant say what to do, just a bit of advice to act more realistic and you will have more followers.
Good luck with it anyways.
Mate the quality of your team is way too much and you brought most on free transfers.
Its a bit too far fetched for most to follow.
That team should win every single game in championship and top 4 in premiership without any more signings.
But as its your story i cant say what to do, just a bit of advice to act more realistic and you will have more followers.
Good luck with it anyways.

To be honest, i didn't think they would be this good.

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10th August 2010
Carling cup Round 1

Wycome Wanderers 1 - 4 Millwall FC
From Adams Park: ATT:- 3521

Thoughts before hand After the thrashing of Preston, i decided to swap things around, give some of the lads a rest

Goals for Wycome:
Pitman (90)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini Injured (16)
Kakuta (18)
Griffiths (64, 88)
Kadlec (80)

After thoughts We didn't play that well in the first half, but Kakuta scored a lovely goal after a darting, solo run. But before that, Borini was stretchered off with an unknown injury. Griffiths replaced him and he bagged two goals in the second half, along with Kadlec. A good performance from the lads, although there could've been improvements in the first half. But Wycombe didn't have enough to startle us, and we made them pay in the second half.


Lukaku injury mirrored with Borini

Borini suffered a twisted ankle in the game against Wycombe, and is out for at least two months.

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Carling Cup 2nd Round Draw

Millwall have been rewarded with a tough tie against Premiership outfit Wigan Athletic, at the DW Stadium.

Also in the draw, is a match up between Premierships has beens, Middlesbrough take on Southampton at the Riverside

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14th August 2010

Millwall FC 7 - 0 Barnsley
From The Den: ATT:- 18698

Thoughts before hand Barnsley are another team tipped to go down this season, so it is vital we continue our form and pick up some points today

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (pen 17, 32)
Griffiths (26, 68)
Piatti (50)
Kadlec (85, 88)

After thoughts Barnsley came at us from the start, wave after wave of attack but they couldn't break us down. This is when we caught them, we broke down the field and Lakuku was one on one with the keeper. lukaku then tripped but the referee deemed it a penalty. Lukaku then slotted to the keepers left. Barnsley still came at us and again we caught them on the break, with Griffiths hitting a 20 yard screamer. Then the Barnsley heads went down and we dominated the rest of the match, Lukaku getting his second just after the half hour. Then Piatti scored a neat header after half time, followed by Griffiths second, an easy tap in after their goal keeper fumbled. Kadlec then put the nail in the Barnsley coffin with two great solo efforts at the end of the game
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did you use fmrte or something cause how did you get those players in the champo?
did you use fmrte or something cause how did you get those players in the champo?

Yeah, i used editor so i could play this scenario.....Does say at the top ;)....although i'll be up **** street if any of them want to leave...

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21st August 2010

Norwich City 1 - 1 Millwall FC
From Carrow Road: ATT:- 25878

Thoughts before hand A tough trip to Norwich, if we come away with a draw, i'd be over the moon

Goals for Norwich City:
Chris Martin (81)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (29)

After thoughts A very even game which was played like a game of Chess. We'd move and then they'd move, and vice versa. We took the lead when Lukaku headed home from close range, and two minutes later he had a goal disallowed for hand ball. We also hit the post but Norwich also had their chances. As it looked like we would scrape the win, Chris Martin broke free and slid the ball underneath out keeper, to level the scoring. Good game in the end

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24th August 2010

Wigan Athletic 1 - 3 AET Millwall FC
From The DW Stadium: ATT:- 9254

Thoughts before hand A trip up to Wigan in the cup, we were looking to cause a huge upset, and on our recent form, i believed we could

Goals for Wigan Athletic:
Benson (54)
Thomas sent off (104)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (50)
Figueroa (own goal 93)
Piatti (120)

After thoughts The scoreline flattered us. Wigan battered us for the entire first half. I brought on Kadlec to freshen things up, up front and it made the difference, scoring with in five minutes of the restart. But Wigan attacked again and Benson scored a lovely chip. We couldn't get out of our own half and nearly let in a goal 2 minutes before the end, but Jorgensen cleared of the line. On we went into extra time, and we got a rare corner. the ball was whipped into the area and Wigans Figueroa got his head to the ball, but it went very wrong and he put the ball into his own net. Wigan still came at us and they hit the bar before Thomas was sent off for a vile two foot tackle on Rivaldo. This is what killed them off. At the death, Piatti secured our passage into the third round with a neat volley from just out side of the area

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Sven's little dig

Just before our game with Leicester, Mr Eriksson tipped Millwall to be the first team relegated. Obviously he is chasing promotion, something which i said wasn't going to happen under his leadership, the senile old fool.


Before Millwall were drawn out of the hat, a tasty all premiership tie was drawn, Arsenal would play Liverpool at the Emirates, and then Chelsea would be home against a strong Manchester UTD team. Meanwhile Man City were drawn against Southampton.
Millwall how ever, had a nice trip to the seaside to think of when they were drawn against Premiership Blackpool.
Like the idea, but as mentioned before its all a bit far fetched for me, good luck though
28th August 2010

Millwall FC 3 - 1 Leicester City
From The Den: ATT:- 18768

Thoughts before hand Another tough match, and according to the bookies we were going to be up against it. How ever, i demanded a win, i wanted to beat Sven, he had ****** me off a little.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (26)
Griffiths (40)
Henderson (49)

Goals for Leicester City:
Vitor (24)
David Edgar Sent Off (45+1)

After thoughts I was happy, we had beaten a good side in a tough game, and it was also great to see Sven act very sheepish at the end. We traded blows with Leicester all over the pitch, our work rate was fantastic, but they managed to score first as Vitor hit a scorcher from the edge of the area. But we were still in it, and two minutes later Lukaku volleyed in a sweet goal from about ten yards out. We then hit Leicester on the counter and Griffiths tapped in a spilled shot. But it looked like Leicester were more likely to score but their attacks began to falter just after Edgar was shown a straight red card for a an elbow. The second half began with Henderson scoring a goal from a free kick, but we soon began to tire and happily hit Leicester on the counter for the remainder of the game

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31st August 2010

Millwall FC 4 - 4 Watford
From The Den: ATT:- 16846

Thoughts before hand Today we welcomed a Watford side who were struggling in the league, and not scoring many goals

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (15)
Griffiths (18, 65)
Eden Hazard (24)
Angel Injured (62)

Goals for Watford:
Danny Graham (8, 79)
Will Buckley (74)
Silva (88)
Adrian Calello sent off (90+1)

After thoughts cracking performance by us for the first hour of the game. It was like shooting practise, how ever, i had already made three substitutions by the time Angel had been injured, so we were down to ten men and tiring. Watford picked us off and we ended being lucky to escape with a point

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End of Month awards
NPOWER Championship Awards

Player of the Month:
Leigh Griffiths (Millwall FC) was chosen as the top player in the championship after scoring seven goals in just five games

Young Player of the Month:
Pablo Piatti (Millwall FC) was chosen after his brilliant performances, also Eden Hazard and Henderson (Millwall FC) finished second and third

Goal of the Month:
Leigh Griffiths (Millwall FC) finished third for goal of the month, after his goal against Leicester City.

Manager of the Month:
Mr Drezzy was voted second this month

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11th September 2010

Sheffield UTD 1 - 4 Millwall FC
From Carrow Road: ATT:- 25579

Thoughts before hand It had been a few weeks since our four all draw with Watford, most of the guys had been away with their international teams. It was time to get back and concentrate on the league

Goals for Sheffield UTD:
Nosworthy (45+1)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (20, 48, 90+1)
Galeano (78)
Piatti Injured (90+6)

After thoughts We dominated the first twenty minutes with Griffiths getting himself onto the scoresheet again. How ever, Sheffield UTD came at us for the remainder of the half and managed to squeeze in a goal just before the half time whistle. It was more of the same after the break, Sheffield United hitting the post as did we. How ever, Griffiths scored again just after the break, but still Sheffield showed us no remorse. But their heads dropped when Galeano scored a powerful header 12 minutes from the end. And Griffiths capped a wonderful performance with a real poachers goal in the dying moments, three points for the Lions

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14th September 2010

Leeds UTD 0 - 2 Millwall FC
From Elland Road: ATT:- 24401

Thoughts before hand After a hard thought win against Sheffield UTD, we headed to Leeds who were suffering a crisis of their own, they were ravaged by injury. A few of the lads were tired so i decided to change things

Goals for Millwall FC:
Leigh Bromby Own Goal (64)
Kadlec (85)

After thoughts We were too hesitant in the first half, trying to over play the ball, where as leads where happy to try and play the long ball game, but DeMerit was all over Bechio. Again, in the second half we were too hesitant but we did manage plenty of shots. But Kasper Schmeicel had a fantastic game. But his hopes of a clean sheet where dashed when Bromby over played a back pass which went straight past Kasper and into the net. Still, Kasper was stopping us from scoring more but on the 85th minute, Kladec scored a lovely over head kick, to seal our win
18th September 2010

Millwall FC 4 - 0 Hull City
From The Den: ATT:- 14399

Thoughts before hand It was good to be back home after a week up north. We were at the Den about to face a struggling Hull City side, which was a surprise as they were tipped to bounce straight back up. Still, we needed to be alert

Goals for Millwall FC:
Hazard (3)
Griffiths (40, 45)
Galeano (58)

After thoughts I was surprised how poor Hull City were. We tore them to bits, with Hazard scoring on the third minute. Griffiths scored two bullet goals and after the break, Galeano scored what is slowly becoming, a trademark header.

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dont think it too easy but nice layout

Thanks :)

Had a couple of games where it was touch and go really, lucky not to have lost yet.

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21st August 2010
Carling Cup 3rd Round

Blackpool 0 - 4 Millwall FC
From Bloomfield Road: ATT:- 6883

Thoughts before hand We had already had a nice run in this cup competition but it wasn't top of our list. Our main goal was to survive the season and stay in the Championship. How ever, a trip to the seaside offered a small break from the pressures of the league.

Goals for Blackpool:
Crainer Sent Off (10)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Rivaldo (pen 16)
Rivaldo injured (27)
Hazard (28)
Jorgensen (39)
Piatti (63)

After thoughtsBlackpool had really improved, for the first ten minutes they totally out played us. But then Crainer was sent off for Blackpool and this is when the tides changed. They looked lost, after this and gave away a silly penalty, which Rivaldo scored. Rivaldo was then stretchered off, but this didn't stop us. Eden Hazard then netted a goal after a sublime run. Jorgensen then scored a lovely header which put the nail in the Blackpool coffin. On 63, substitute Piatti scored a beautiful curling effort. We were in the fourth round

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Jones Admires

Ahead of our league clash with Cardiff, it was nice to hear positive words from my opposite number. When questioned by BBC London, i said i felt sorry for him because they were under achieving, but Dave Jones was the best man to help them out

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Carling Cup 4th Round Draw

Manchester, here we come. In the fourth round, we were drawn against mega rich Manchester City. Elsewhere, Manchester United had a tough home tie with Sheffield United and Arsenal were away to Forrest

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25th September 2010

Millwall FC 2 - 2 Cardiff City
From The Den: ATT:- 15963

Thoughts before hand Cardiff were a team supposedly on the up, but had endured a terrible start to the season where as we had had a terrific start. How ever, i didn't want to be the team to kick start Cardiffs revival.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths ( 6 )
Lukaku (31)

Goals for Cardiff City:
Bothroyd (42)
Chopra (56)

After thoughts End to end stuff. Griffiths added to his already high tally with a goal on six minutes. Then, Lukaku netted to take us two up. We looked like we were going to score more. How ever, Cardiffs heads lifted when Bothroyd scored a dubious goal just before the break. The second half was more of the same, Chopra got a neat headed goal which tied the game. From the 70th minute, we took control, but we couldn't score another.

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28th September 2010

Swansea City 1 - 0 Millwall FC
From The Liberty Stadium: ATT:- 10712

Thoughts before hand A Welsh double header. We were up against a solid Swansea team, but i felt we could steal this one

Goals for Swansea City:
Scott Sinclair (49)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku Injured (32)

After thoughts A tense game but we didn't look like the Millwall over the past few games. Swansea bullied us and the wonderful Scott Sinclair netted just after the break. We did have a few shots but they would have been better placed on a Rugby pitch

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Lukaka Injured again​

Lukaku suffered a serious injury against Swansea, some how hurting his hip. He will be out of action for 3 months

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NPOWER CHAMPIONSHIP End of month awards

Player of the Month:
Leigh Griffiths picked up the award again, after scoring 6 goals in five games, helping Millwall to second in the league.

Young Player of the Month:
Eden Hazard scooped the award, after some dazzling performances. David Santon came in third.
2nd October 2010

Millwall FC 4 - 0 Reading
From The Den: ATT:- 16785

Thoughts before hand We had suffered our first defeat of the season against Swansea, it was important that we bounced back

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (pen 12, 59)
Kadlec (29)
Henderson (51)

After thoughts From the get go, we pinned Reading back. This forced an earlier error and they conceded a penalty, which Griffiths scored gracefully. Still, we pressed them, although they did have a couple of good chances, but some great saves from De Gea stopped them from drawing level. Kadlec then scored from inside the area, blasting the ball into the net. Reading threatened in the second half but Griffiths put an end to their slim hopes of a revival, as he caught them on the counter attack, running 40 yards before rounding the keeper and sliding the ball home. And Henderson rounded of the scoring with a half volley from the D. A game in which we dominated, we looked revitalised.

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Not bad but you are probarly going to win a few trophies.

I just need to keep hold of these youngsters, otherwise i'll be screwed. Only have a 200K transfer budget.
its good mate but why buy those players? and youve said they all from zilina? they are all the worlds greatest prospects
16th October 2010

Portsmouth 1 - 2 Millwall FC
From Fratton Park: ATT:- 14110

Thoughts before hand After the international break, we were on our way to the south coast to play a struggling Portsmouth team who had won only once in their last five games.

Goals for Portsmouth:
Lawrence (7)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Blanco (5)
Kadlec (30)
Griffiths missed penalty (56)

After thoughts The first ten minutes of the game were fantastic, from one end to the other. We scored first as Blanco scored a rebound. Then Liam Lawrence headed in two minutes later. Then strangely the game seemed to fizzle out. The only other two talking points of the game were Kadlecs goal on the half hour mark, and Griffiths missing a penalty. Still, the win took us to the top of the table, clear by two points

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its good mate but why buy those players? and youve said they all from zilina? they are all the worlds greatest prospects

I carried on a Story line from my FM2010 story. And i didn't buy any of them, got most on a "free" after they caused some kind of trouble at their club :)

I guess i also wanted to see how all these youngsters would gell together and see how good they really were, thanks for reading though :)

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19th October 2010

Millwall FC 4 - 0 QPR
From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand After our win against Pompy, we had a very hard London Derby. The fans hadn't expected us to win most of our previous games, but they did expect us to win this one. Strangely, we all felt the pressure.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Blanco (24)
Griffiths (39)
Henderson (49)
Sakho (81)

After thoughts Four goals again, it seems like this is becoming a habit, a good habit. We started off pretty dire, we looked nervous and QPR almost took advantage and scored. But we broke away and Blanco crossed into the box, but the ball swerved and drifted into the net. The goal lit a fire under us and Griffiths netted our second. After the break, we scored four minutes in with a free kick from Henderson. How ever, QPR came at us, wave after wave of attack and it was only De Gea who stopped them from scoring. But on the 80th minute, Sakho put a holt to a QPR comeback with a thunderbolt, the ball almost bursting through the net.

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23rd October 2010

Ipswich Town - Millwall FC
From Portman Road: ATT:- 20091

Thoughts before hand After a few games, i decided to rest some of the lads. We also had a huge cup tie against Man City in the next few days,

Goals for Ipswich Town:
Priskin (59)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kakuta (51)
Borini (78)

After thoughts Our lads done well and coped with an early Ipswich onslaught, although most of the first half was bogged down in the midfield. But the second half was alot more free flowing, which suited us. On loan winger, Kakuta, opened the scoring on 51, toe punting the ball into the top corner. Ipswich soon pulled it back, Priskin leaving Carini no chance. How ever, another on loan Chelsea player scored our winner 12 minutes from the end, scoring a tidy header. But that didn't stop Ipswich attacking and we owed the win to Carini who pulled of some amazing saves.

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27th October 2010

Manchester City 3 - 3 Millwall FC
Millwall FC WIN 4-3 on Penalties
From Eastlands: ATT:- 45309

Thoughts before hand Man City were going to play their strongest team, we were going to have to play extremely well if we were to have any chance of winning.

Goals for Manchester City:
James Milner (48)
Boyata (62)
Etuhu (97)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Henderson (27, 104)
Kadlec (45)

After thoughts What a night. We kept Man City at bay for the entire first half, going in 2 goals up. We couldn't have wished for more. After the break though, Man City looked like a different team. They picked us off and managed to score two fantastic goals, and if it wasn't for De Gea, we would have lost by at least six. We went into extra time tired, as did Man City but they managed to score a third and our heads went down. A moment of genius by Piatti put Henderson through one on one with the keeper, which he scored. We were then beaten to a ****** pulp but managed to hang on to force penalties.

Milner scored their first, and Piatti scored ours. Then Etuhu hit the cross bar, and Griffiths scored. Hall managed to score for city but Hazard made it 3-2 on penalties and it was at this moment i knew we were going through, how ever, there was a couple more twists, Toure netted his penalty and then Hart saved Hendersons. The City faithful cheered as if they'd one. My heart was in my mouth, i couldn't bare it. Davide Santon netted ours and Wayne Bridge fell to the pressure, hitting his over the bar. We won, just.

Other Fourth Round Results

Doncaster 2 - 3 Sheff Wed
Blackburn 3 - 0 Crystal Palace
Man UTD 3 - 4 Sheff UTD
N.Forrest 3 - 2 Arsenal AET
Stoke 2 - 3 Burnley AET
Spurs 2 - 0 Aston Villa
QPR 0 - 5 West Ham

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Carling Cup Quarter Final draw

Sheff Weds v Nottm Forest
Blackburn v Tottenham
Burnley v Sheff UTD

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30th October 2010

Millwall FC 1 - 2 Coventry City
From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand The boys were in the clouds after that great Victory other Coventry, and they were over the moon with the Quarter final Draw against West Ham. But i had to bring them down to earth, we had an important home game against a decent Coventry side.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Santon (60)
Jorgensen Sent Off (71)

Gols for Coventry City:
Turner (30)
King (90+1)

After thoughts We were certainly suffering from a cup hang over. we never got out of second gear and half an hour in, Turner scored. The game went back and forth but after the break, Santon managed to bring us back level. But then Jorgensen was sent off for a dirty trip. With that, we went on the defensive, looking for the draw, how ever, In injury time, Marlon King bundled the ball home, leaving us no time to reply

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6th November 2010

Crystal Palace 1 - 4 Millwall
From Selhurst Park: ATT:- 26309

Thoughts before hand With Coventry scoring a late goal against us, i wanted the boys to keep up their concentration and bounce back from the defeat

Goals for Crystal Palace:
Counago (74)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Hazard Injured (18)
Leigh Griffiths (19, 88)
Blanco (47)
Kakuta (75)

After thoughts To be honest, this game reminded me alot of the Coventry game, Palace were constantly cancelling us out. Hazard limped off injured and was replaced by Piatti, he whipped in the resulting free kick, Griffiths jumped and headed the ball into the net. After the break, Blanco scored another flukey goal when he tried crossing the ball, but a goals a goal. Then Palace hit us on the counter and pulled one back but before they could come at us again, Kakuta weaved his way through their defence a minute later, putting the game beyond their reach. Griffiths scored his second of the game two minutes from time. Our second half performance was alot better and Palace really didn't have an answer

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HAZARD our for 2 months

Eden Hazard is confirmed to be out of action for two months, after fracturing a rib in the game against Crystal Palace

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9th November 2010

Millwall FC 4 - 1 Bristol City
From The Den: ATT:- 17084

Thoughts before hand After our heavy defeat of Palace, i wanted for us to continue, to keep pressure on top of the table Forest

Goals for Millwall FC:
Sakho (22)
Henderson (36)
Griffiths (41)
Henrique (67)

Goals for Bristol City:
Pitman (77)

After thoughts I felt bad for Bristol City, their manage was under extreme pressure to get a result today, but we played them off the field and fully deserved the win. After the game i had learnt that Millen had been sacked by Bristol City.

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13th November 2010

Doncaster Rovers 1 - 5 Millwall FC
From The Keepmoat Stadium: ATT:- 8380

Thoughts before hand We were no one point clear at the top of the table. Although we were favourites to go down, i wanted to keep on winning.

Goals for Doncaster Rovers:
Sharp (20)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Blanco (36, 40, 90)
Griffiths (60)
Piatti (84)
Jorgensen Sent Off (29
Henderson Injured (58)

After thoughts Although we went a goal down and had a man sent off, I was extremely delighted by our response. We played free flowing football and even though they had an extra man, they couldn't handle us. We picked them off on counter attacks, it was like watching Brazil. Although Henderson will be out for 4 months. Hat Trick Hero Blanco would have to fill his boots

Henderson Out

During the game against Doncaster, Henderson suffered a Broken Ankle and will be out for up to 4 months. This was a blow to our campaign

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20th November 2010

Millwall FC 5-0 Scunthorpe
From The Den: ATT:- 19548

Thoughts before hand We needed to keep going, especially with the recent Henderson injury.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini ( 6 )
Griffiths (27, 35,55)
Kakuta (39)
Kakuta Sent Off (45+1)

Goals for Scunthorpe:
Rob Jones Sent Off (66)

After thoughts A comprehensive victory today against a side who were content on defending, and we punished them, with the main punishment being dished out in the first half. The Scotsman Leigh Griffiths was on fire yet again, netting a superb Hat Trick. The only down point of the match was Kakuta getting sent off for a late tackle, which probably should've been a yellow card, not a straight red

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27th November 2010

Derby County 1-5 Millwall FC
From Pride Park: ATT:- 23020

Thoughts before hand With Kakuta being banned for at least one match, we were running low on first team replacements, and we had set out to contain Derby, and hit them on the break

Goals for Derby County:
Paul Green (22)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini (38, 49)
Griffiths (58, 66, 90+2)

After thoughts A Brilliant showing away from home. At first, Derby were relentless and we were lucky to have let in just the one goal, how ever, we knocked the wind out of their sails with a delightful Borini goal. For some reason, they couldn't recover and we took full advantage with Borini giving us the lead just after the break. And then, Griffiths, who'd been useless all game, scored a fantastic Hat-Trick. To think, i was going to substitute him at half time....Fantastic win tonight

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FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

Charlton Athletic have been drawn at home to Championship leaders Millwall. Elsewhere, Chelsea face West Brom at home, Birmingham travel to Manchester City and Leyton Orient face at tough trip up North, to play Manchester United

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Leigh Griffiths picked up the award yet again, after his impressive form continued, Scoring ten goals in five games.

Pablo Piatti picked up the award for young player of the month, after some thrilling performances.

And Mr Drezzy was voted as manager of the month, after taking relegation favourites Millwall FC, to the top of the league

1st December 2010

Millwall FC 4-0 West Ham UTD

From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand An East London derby. The Millwall fans didn't expect much, they never really pressurised myself and the team, but tonight they demanded a win, and would not settle for anything less.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Davide Santon (20, 42)
Borini (29)
Kadlec (49)

After thoughts We were nervous from the start, a feeling that was shared all around the ground. West Ham started as the better side, hitting the post in the first ten minutes. But a wonderful strike from Borini on the Twenty minute mark settled are nerves. West Ham then began to stutter, Santon taking advantage with a neat volley from 25 yards out. Santon then took advantage of some slack West Ham defending, slotting the ball into an empty net.
De Gea was having a stormer, keeping us in the game at first, and then keeping the ball out of the net, preventing a West Ham comeback. After the break, Kadlec, returning from injury, scored a neat header to put the game beyond a stunned West Ham. How ever, they still came at us and De Gea continued his impressive form. We were into the Semi Finals....

Carling Cup Quarter Final Results
Millwall FC 4-0 West Ham UTD
Burnley 1-2 Sheffield UTD
Blackburn 0-1 Tottenham Hotspurs
Sheffield Wednesday 0-2 Nottingham Forest

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Nottingham Forest Vs Millwall FC
Sheffield United Vs Tottenham Hotspur


4TH December 2010

Millwall FC 2-1 Nottingham Forest
From The Den: ATT:- 19774

Thoughts before hand We had a superb game against West Ham, and we wanted to continue our fine form. We had been drawn against todays opponents in the Carling Cup, so we wanted to send a message out to them. Also, we were Seven Points ahead of third placed Forest, we needed to pull away from them.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (36)
Piatti (87)
Galeano Injured (46)
Rivaldo Sent Off (90+1)

Goals for Nottingham Forest:
Janda (57)

After thoughts We sent out the wrong message today and were extremely lucky to win. Forest came at us from the start, very unlucky not to be two nil up by the time Griffiths had netted a cheeky header. At half time, i made three changes, to try and bring some urgency into our game, but within a minute of the restart, Galeano was taken off injured. We were down to ten men and on the hour, Forest managed to capitalise on a silly mistake and make it 1-1. They continued to come at as, and Gea was in fine form again, making a spectacular close ranged save to deny Forest. They continued to press, but we managed to hit them on the break, Piatti rounding off a lovely move, Rivaldo creating space for him. And at the end, Rivaldo made a two footed lunge and connected with man and ball. That tackle probably won us the game, but he was sent off for foul play. But we'd pulled away from a very good Forest side. We clearly had our work cut out for the semis.

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Galeano Out

Galeano will be out of commission for at least a month after pulling a hamstring against Nottingham Forest.

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Malaga Boss in the Lions Den

Malaga Boss, Pellegrini, was in attendance today, with rumours he was keeping an eye on Angel, rumours are that he is interest in the Millwall left back.

Hearing these rumours, Mr Drezzy stated that Angel would not be going any where, Malaga had a chance to sign him in the summer when he was released, but Millwall were the ONLY team to show any interest, Mr Drezzy confirmed that if there was any approach for Angel, or any other player for that matter, would be rejected straight away.

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11th December 2010

Middlesbrough 0-2 Millwall FC
From The Riverside Stadium: ATT:- 14079

Thoughts before hand We had a great run of form and wanted to keep on flourishing, to keep on going. We wanted to improve our performance as we were poor against Forest

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (26, 83)

After thoughts A poor first half, with the only player earning any credit was De Gea who kept Boro at bay. We hit them on the counter and kadlec managed to score on the 26th minute, our first shot of the game. After the break, Lukaku made his return to the first team and looked impressive, he injected energy into the side. Boro kept attacking but never looked dangerous. Kadlec put the game beyond their reach after Lukakau shot, hit the post, and Kadlec netted the rebound. We didn't play all too well, but not badly either. We just took our chances, but if Boro had done the same, the score may have been alot different.

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18th December 2010

Millwall FC 0-1 Burnley
From The Den: ATT:- 19685

Thoughts before hand With games coming quick and fast, the coming weeks would be a test of our Character. Lukaku was back from injury, and i hoped he'd help us pick up our form, because we'd been poor in our last two game. But like any top side, we were picking up points when playing poor. But we had a tough test today against a Burnley side that could punish us easily.

Goals for Burnley:
Thompson (10)

After thoughts An absolute dire game. Both teams managed two shots on goal, that was it. Disgusted with the performance, from both teams. Should have been a boring 0-0 draw!

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26th December 2010

Barnsley 0-4 Millwall FC
From The Oakwell: ATT:- 12564

Thoughts before hand The traditional boxing day Fixture. We'd played poorly over the last few games, especially against Burnley. Pardon the pun, but it was time to kick the stuffing out of Barnsley

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (11, 23, 33)
Coyne Own Goal (28)

Goals for Barnsley:
Hume Sent Off (58)
Foster Sent Off (58)
Shackell Sent Off (70)

After thoughtsWe bullied them around for the entire first half, and they didn't like it. We out played them, the brilliant Griffiths back on form, scoring a lovely hatrick, one goal with the head, one with the left foot and one with the right, fantastic. To add to Barnsley's misery, Coyne headed into his own net.
Although that was the end of the scoring, it was not the end of the game. barnsley were shocking in the second half, and it looked as if they wanted to hurt us. First, Hume was sent off for an elbow on Lukaku, and then Foster PUNCHED Sakho, which earned him the red card. As foster was going off, Sakho pushed Foster and received a yellow, which will see him banned for two games.
And then, Barnsley down to nine quickly turned to 8, as Lukaku was through on goal and he had his shirt pulled by the last man, Shackell. Barnsley finished the game with 8 men!

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Millwall to be Pillaged and plundered?

28th December 2010, the morning papers were rife with Transfer speculation. Panathinaikos were rumoured to be getting a bid ready for Galeano, Roma were looking to unsettle Santon, New blackburn manager Alan Shearer wanted to add Blanco to his team, Aris wanted to offer Jorgensen a new home, German side Stuttgart were after Eden Hazard, Numerous teams from Spain and Portugal were interested in Angels services, Napoli were in the hunt for Henrique, PSV and Ajax were going to battle it out for Sakho, Werder Bremen wanted Dodo and Fulham wanted Kadlec.

When Question, Mr Drezzy laughed and said no way, non of his players were leaving. He added, "Where were all these clubs at the start of the season? no where, no one is leaving this club!"

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28th December 2010

Millwall FC 3-2 Preston North End
From The Den: ATT:- 16848

Thoughts before hand We swapped a few players around due to this hectic time of the year. I expected us to continue from our mauling of Barnsley, as Preston were poor away from home.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini (36, 40)
Lukaku (89)

Goals for Preston North End:
Chris Brown (pen 10, 18)

After thoughts Preston shocked us today. They came at us and they took an early lead. We were a little shocked and then Preston scored again. We were up against it, but on loan striker, Borini, scored a lovely and quick double to even the scores. the second half was poor, both teams began to tire but on the 89th, Substitute Lukaku scored his first goal after his injury, bagging us an what looked to be an unlikely three points.

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31st December 2010

Millwall FC 2-0 Norwich City
From The Den: ATT:- 19451

Thoughts before hand We needed to continue on the same path as we had been, we wanted to end the decade with a win.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Walker Own Goal (76)
Griffiths (84)

After thoughts An incredibly tough game, with near chances at both ends but neither team could break the deadlock, it was a mixture of good goalkeeping and at times, bad finishing. This continued well into the second half, and it was a Norwich player who scored the first goal, Walker tried to clear a ball on the volley but he mis judged it, the ball went in the opposite direction and trickled into the net. Griffiths then managed to add to his season tally with a curling shot into the right hand corner. A hard fought victory

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Lukaku injured Again

Lukaku is out again, this time after twisting his knee. He is expected to return in a little under 4 weeks time, missing the Carling Cup Semi Finals.

End Of Month Awards

Meanwhile, Leigh Griffiths wins the player of the month award, Again, having scored, on average, a goal every game this month.

Elsewhere, Cassano won Striker of the year, Reina claimed Goalkeeper of the year, Chiellini was top defender, Liverpool favourite Steven Gerrard was named as mid fielder of the year and Messi claimed the golden ball award. Gerrard also added to his award by collecting the coveted World player of the year.

League Table, Midway through the season
Millwall FC 63 Points
Nottingham Forest 48 Points
Burnley 48 Points
Coventry 47 Points
Crystal Palace 42 Points
Reading 41 Points
Preston North End 42 Points
Leicester City 40 Points
Cardiff City 39 Points

Norwich City 38 Points
Portsmouth 37 Points
Bristol City 37 Points
Middlesbrough 35 points
Sheffield UTD 35 Points

Derby County 34 Points
Ipswich Town 32 Points
Swansea City 30 Points
Watford 30 Points
Barnsley 26 points
Scunthorpe UTD 24 Points
Hull City 24 Points
Q.P.R 22 Points
Leeds UTD 22 Points
Doncaster Rovers 22 Points

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3rd January 2011

Leicester City 0-2 Millwall FC
From The Walkers Stadium : ATT:- 17630

Thoughts before handLeicester started the day in 8th Position, and were looking to get into the play off places, but we wanted to gain more ground at the top, and wanted to start the new decade with a win

Goals for Millwall FC:
Angel (48)
Galeano (90+1)

After thoughts For the majority, the game was bogged down in midfield. After the break, we hit them on the counter and Angel scored a beauty, a left footed volley. Again, we hit a stalemate in the midfield but we doubled our advantage towards the end when Galeano scored a ferocious header at the near post, after a Millwall corner.

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8th January 2011
F.A Cup 3rd Round

Charlton Athletic 2-2 Millwall FC
From The Valley : ATT:- 19548

Thoughts before handAgain, a welcomed break from the league, i decided to field a different team to give some of the lads a rest.

Goals for Charlton Athletic:
Abbott (18)
Reid (32)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini (34)
Kakuta (45+1)

After thoughtsAn even game today, Charlton played very well, taking an early lead but they threw away a two goal lead and the game is to be replayed.

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F.A Cup 4th round draw

Derby face a tough home tie against either Charlton or Millwall. Elsewhere, Holders Chelsea are home to Aston Villa, and there is a Manchester Derby, as Manchester City host Manchester UTD

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12th January 2011

Nottingham Forest 2- 1Millwall FC
From The City Ground : ATT:- 28658

Thoughts before handSome of the lads were back in the team, we went to Nottingham hoping to ****** a win

Goals for Nottingham Forest:
Blackstock (13)
Earnshaw (63)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (77)

After thoughts Nottingham came at us and we could not get going. They mastered the first half, De Gea again, keeping us in the side. Forest took the lead on 13 minutes and went into the break with just the one goal. We were still hoping to catch them on the break, but Earnshaw scored from thirty yards out, we knew we had to change. We started to attack and it paid of as Griffiths scored, to give us some home. Although we were out played for much of the game, to leave Nottingham just a goal down was a good result. We had to turn up the tempo in the second leg


Elsewhere in the league cup, Sheffield UTD were thrashed at home by Tottenham Hotspurs, 6-0

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15th January 2011

Watford 2-3 Millwall FC
From Vicarage Road : ATT:- 13477

Thoughts before handwe'd lost our last game and in general hadn't been playing that well over the past month. We needed to pick up a win here, to lift our heads.

Goals for Watford:
Deeney (4)
Santon Own Goal (74)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (26)
Blanco (79)
Borini (83)

After thoughts We scraped the win today. Again, we didn't play too well but we stuck in there. Deeney opened the scoring for Watford, but Griffiths scored a nice half volley, just before the half hour mark. Tragedy struck for Santon in the second half when he headed into his own not, but our resolve would not falter, we kept on pushing and Blanco equalised with a nice placed shot. I thought a draw would be a fair result but Borini impressed me with his excellent effort on the 83rd minute, snatching the lead and the 3 points

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19th January 2011

Millwall FC 8-1 Charlton Athletic
From The Den : ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before handAlthough this was a replay, i firmly believed we'd be too much for Charlton and i expected us to advance, even though i'd be changing the team around for the game.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (1, 7, 12, 37, 73,82)
Jorgensen (42)
Galeano (45)

Goals for Charlton Athletic:
Wagstaff (89)
After thoughts We outclassed Charlton today, and when Griffiths scored a hat trick in just over ten minutes, i knew it was our night. This was Griffiths game, he dominated it, he was every where and he finished the game on an impressive six goals. Next round, Derby County

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22nd January 2011

Millwall FC 2-1 Sheffield UTD
From The Den : ATT:- 19130

Thoughts before handA great performance in the F.A Cup, we wanted to bring that form into this game

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (71)
Kadlec (90+1)

Goals for Sheffield UTD:
Williamson (18)

After thoughts A mix of Old Fashioned, hard hitting English football with the current free flowing Premiership football. Fantastic game, which either side could've won. It look as if the game would have ended in a draw but a last gasp volley from Kadlec changed all that, we had won at the death.

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25th January 2011

Millwall FC 5-0 Nottingham Forest:- Millwall win 6-2 on Agg
From The Den : ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before handWe needed a win tonight, and i was quietly confident we could cope with Forest. But at the same time, they could cause us a ton of problems, it just depended on which Forest signed turned up, both of us were yearning for a Wembley appearance.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (5, 32, 50)
Piatti (59)
Lee Camp Own Goal (70)
Jorgensen Senf Off (12)

After thoughts We got of to a great start with the ever present Griffiths bundling in the ball to the net, past Lee Camp. Then, Jorgensen was sent off for an elbow. Forest were relentless in attacking is, how ever we hit the on the break, Hazad chipped the ball into the box and Griffiths scored his second. We were two up at half time but Forest still went for our Jugular. On yet another counter attack, Superman Leigh Griffiths scored his hat trick, sliding the ball under a falling Lee Camp. Forest began to falter, and a long ball played from De Gea up to Lukaku caused more trouble, Lukaku played the ball through to Piatti who sealed the win. To add to Forests misery, Lukaku took a shot, hit the bar and then went in off Lee camp. We were through and the fans raced onto the pitch to celebrate this historic victory.

In the other semi final, a rampant Tottenham defeated Sheffield UTD 6-1 on the night, 12-1 on aggregate.
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I love this. It'll be very interesting on how you'll play when you're in the Premier League, too.
29th January 2011

Derby County 0-2 Millwall FC
From Pride Park : ATT:- 21092

Thoughts before handAfter a great game against Forest, the boys were up for the challenge of Derby.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (13, 16)

After thoughts It was a terrible first half, we only managed 3 shots, Luckily two of them were by the awesome Leigh Griffiths who netted on bot attempts. Derby couldn't break us done and were reduced to hitting the ball from out side of the area, not troubling our goal keeper at all. The second half was also poor, with Kadlec getting replaced by Lukaku. Since Lukaku's last injury, he hasn't played well, but slowly his confidence is growing, especially after hitting the post on the 81st minute. How ever, it was Griffiths who was the difference and Millwall march on to the 5th round

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I love this. It'll be very interesting on how you'll play when you're in the Premier League, too.

Yeah, especially against better teams. We've been so lucky in alot of our games, but then again, all the players will be a year older and wiser, plus i hope we get some money to spend haha. Thanks for reading though

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Arsenal slaughtered

F.A Cup 4th round weekend saw Arsenal defeated at home by a rampant Wigan side, who put six goals past Wengers men.
Elsewhere, Burnley held League cup Finalists Tottenham to a 1-1 draw, Chelsea scrapped through against Villa and Manchester City won the battle of Manchester 2-1.

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Millwall will have to travel to Lancashire, to face Arsenals conquerers, Wigan Athletic. Millwall have already played Wigan at the DW this season, winning 3-1 in the league cup.
Holders Chelsea travel to Goodison Park to play Everton and Man City travel to either Bradford or Nottingham Forest.

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1st February 2011

Cardiff City 4-1 Millwall FC
From The Cardiff City Stadium : ATT:- 18587

Thoughts before handWe were ten points clear at the top of the league, yet our hectic schedule had tired a few of the boys out. We went out to defend in the game, we'd be happy with a draw.

Goals for Cardiff City:
Gosling (12)
Olofinjana (17)
Whittingham (pen 65)
Bellamy (68)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Hazard (40)
Piatti injured (72)

After thoughts We defended too deep in the first half, and this was probably my fault. They scored two scruffy goals from close range. How ever, the tireless Griffiths scored a header before half time. But we didn't have a fight back in us, and when they scored another two in three minutes, it was over for us. Unfortunately, Piatti picked up a groin strain in the second half and early indicators are that he will miss a month of action

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Mancini Leaves City​

Today, Chelsea have confirmed that they've SACKED Carlo Ancelotti and hired Roberto Mancini

5th February 2011

Millwall FC 3-2 Leeds United
From The Den : ATT:- 19761

Thoughts before handA few of the lads, especially Leigh Griffiths, looked jaded and down hearted after the Cardiff defeat. I decided to rest them and bring in some fresh faces.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (8)
Santon (60)
Lukaku (66)

Goals for Leeds UTD:
Nunez (29)
Boerrigter (45+2)

After thoughts A lucky win, we just didn't click in the first half. We managed to take an early lead but that was down to luck, but Leeds soon took control and looked the better side going into Half Time. The second half was poor, neither we or Leeds managed to create anything, apart from a delightful attacking spell between the 60th and 70th minutes, We put Leeds to the sword. Santon scored a header and Lukaku scored his first goal in a long while when a fierce shot whisked past a helpless goal keeper. Late on, Leeds were denied a penalty.

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Swings and roundabouts

After Mancini was confirmed as new Chelsea manager, Tottenham Boss Redknapp was hired as Manchester City manager. This move saw Sam Allerdyce take up the vacant Tottenham job

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12th February 2011

Hull City 1-6 Millwall FC
From The Circle : ATT:- 14592

Thoughts before handA tough home win against Leeds had taken it out of the guys, and i feared they were not ready for the long trip up to the North East, how ever, Hull were flirting with relegation.

Goals for Hull City:
Folan (58)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (10)
Hazard (13)
Griffiths (25, 64)
Blanco (37)
Zayatte own Goal (45)

After thoughts I had feared for the boys, but they were simply awesome, putting the tie to bed in the first forty minutes. We shut Hull down, and didn't give them any space. We took our chances and ended up walloping Hull

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Leicester City future for Drezzy?​

Today, Leicester manager Sven Goran Erikson was fired, opening the door for Mr Drezzy to take over the reigns. How ever, suggestions coming from the Millwall camp are that Mr Drezzy is ready to turn down any advance Leicester City make

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16th February 2011

Millwall FC 2-1 Swansea city
From The Den : ATT:- 17269

Thoughts before handI was eager to win this match because we'd lost to them a few months back

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (12)
Blanco (20)

Goals for Scunthorpe:
Craig Beattie (40)

After thoughts I was delighted with the performance and the win today. We didn't give them any breathing room, the magical Griffiths scoring again on 12 minutes. Blanco doubled our lead when he side footed into the net.
On a rare Swansea attack, Beattie managed to scramble the ball home. How ever, we still pressed forward and we were extremely unlucky not to add to our tally. But in the end, we gained the three points, and the win, against the Welsh

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20th February 2011

Wigan Athletic 1-2 Millwall FC
From The DW Stadium : ATT:- 12491

Thoughts before handWe'd already played Wigan this season and beaten them, how ever, they had gone to the emirates and totally destroyed Arsenal. We didn't want to get carried away, we needed to get our heads down and fight.

Goals for Wigan Athletic:
De Gea Own Goal (52)
Stam sent off (77)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Eden Hazard (3, 25)

After thoughts Eden Hazard scored a wonder goal within 3 minutes today, which stopped Wigan in their tracks. He then went on to add a second to his tally, another classic goal. Wigan came at us in the second half and forced De Gea to drop the ball, which ended up in the net. But we kept pinning them back as they searched for the equaliser and this had Stam sent off for a two footed lunge. But Wigan seemed to want the win more then anything, perhaps revenge for the game earlier on in the season, and they were relentless. I don't know how we didn't concede another, but we hanged on and were through to the next round

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F.A CUP 5h Round Results

Blackburn 2 - 1 Norwich
Nottingham Forest 1 - 4 Man City
Coventry 0 - 3 Bolton
Sunderland 1 - 1 Leicester
Wigan 1 - 2 Millwall FC
Everton 1 - 1 Chelsea
Barnsley 1 - 4 Tottenham
Reading 0 - 2 Liverpool

Health and Safety don't like us, we dont care

In shocking news, Health and safety officials have CLOSED part of Millwalls west stand, for unknown reason. Around 2,000 seats are affected.

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Sunderland/Leicester Vs Chelsea/Everton
Tottenham Vs Liverpool
Bolton Vs Blackburn
Manchester City Vs Millwall

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23rd February 2011

Reading 1-4 Millwall FC
From The Madejski Stadium : ATT:- 16158

Thoughts before handWith a tough run of games behind us, we needed to rest some of our key players for this game. We went to Reading to defend

Goals for Reading:
Mooney (59)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths(28, 89)
Lukaku (58, 83)
Blanco Injured (50)

After thoughts We contained Reading very well today, they did out shoot us 2:1 but most of their efforts were from 30 yards, or more, out. They didn't have an answer four our superb counter attacking. Well deserved win.

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Blanco out for 2 months

Blanco is out for a couple of months after straining his ligaments during the victory over Reading a few days ago, which will mean he will Miss the Carling Cup final along with the F.A cup game against Manchester City

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27th february 2011

Tottenham Hotspurs 3-4 Millwall FC
From Wembles Stadium : ATT:- 90000

Thoughts before handA London derby, one that hasn't happened to often in the past. This was a day that marked the incredible achievement of Millwall. we had had a great run to the final, and to be there was a great feeling. I told the lads that they had nothing to lose, go out there and make the fans proud. Obviously Tottenham were favourites and they'd destroyed Sheffield UTD in the Semi finals. I was secretly worried that we would share the same fate.

Goals for Tottenham:
Peter Crouch (29, 43)
Modric (69)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Peter Crouch Own Goal (4)
Lukaku (23)
Piatti (27, 85)

After thoughts What a game. It had it all, i was over joyed, down hearted and tense through out the match. We had an early corner and crouch headed into his own goal. This rocked Tottenham and we took advantage, Lukaku must've scored the goal of the tournament, with a shot from about 32 yards out, although Gomez probably should've saved it. And then Piatti went on a darting run, around three players and then Gomez. He slotted into an empty net. But then Tottenham turned up the pressure, Peter Crouch lobbing De Gea to give Spurs some hope. They had a corner before the end of the first half, which Crouch netted. They needed one more goal and just after half time, Huddlestone scored but he was deemed offside. We were all over the place, But Tottenham couldn't slip another past the wonderful de Gea. That was until Tottenham were awarded a free kick on the edge of the area. Modric stepped up and put the ball in the bottom right hand corner, de Gea couldn't see it until late. Tottenham had equalised, coming back from 3 goals down. They kept attacking and attacking, and crouch went down, expecting a free kick, but to no avail. Sakho booted the ball down field, and it was a race between Gallas and Piatti, which Piatti won. He skipped past Gomez again and slotted in. We were five minutes away from winning the cup. Tottenham tried their hardest to get another and Crouch missed again, hitting the bar. Sakho cleared the ball and the referee blew the whistle. My team of unwanted youngsters had done the impossible, they had won a Major Cup Competition. Millwall were champions, it felt great. But we were so close to throwing it all away.

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2nd March 2011

Millwall FC 4 - 0 Portsmouth
From The Den: ATT:- 19530

Thoughts before hand The cup final had taken alot out of us, but we needed to keep going. portsmouths off field problems had clearly affected their season, but we couldn't take them lightly

Goals for Millwall FC:
Hazard (43)
Griffiths (52)
Sakho (65)
Angel (77)

After thoughts The first half was slow, both teams failed to impress. The only talking point was Hazards individual strike on 43 minutes, leaving the Pompy keeper with no hope of saving it. How ever, we were like a different team in the second half, Griffiths scored again, Sakho scoring a lovely placed header and Angel scoring a scorcher with his left foot. Portsmouth never really got into the game and never looked interested. They cannot afford to be relegated this season though.

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5th March 2011

QPR 1-5 Millwall FC
From Loftus Road: ATT:- 16819

Thoughts before hand We were ten points clear again, and i wanted to keep the distance. I tweaked the team because some players were tired, part of the problem with such a young team

Goals for QPR:
Vaagan Moen (24)
Fitz Hall Sent Off (39)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (9, 25, 54)
Eden Hazard (17, 75)
Piatti Injurred (44)

After thoughts We showed all the passion that should be shown when playing a London derby, how ever, QPR just didn't show up. Play off favourites QPR, were just a few points off the relegation zone. We totally out played them, finishing the game in the first half, Kadlec scoring a lovely hat trick. I heard one QPR Fan saying that QPR should be were Millwall are and vice versa.

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The Good, the bad and the Ugly

Todays win over Q.P.R meant that Millwall had secured a play off birth, Piatti was out for four weeks after a head injury in the same game and there were violent scenes after the game as Fans clashed around Loftus road

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8th March 2011

Millwall FC 2-1 Ipswich Town
From The Den: ATT:- 19865

Thoughts before hand With our Quarter final with Manchester City coming up, all first team players were given the day off, to rest.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini (7)
DeMerit (69)
Kakuta Injured

Goals for Ipswich Town:
Mokhtari (58)

After thoughts A very slow paced game with hardly any chances. There wasn't any bursts of pace, both team preferring to knock the ball back when given the chance. Borini scored early on during a scramble on the six yard line. Then on a rare Ipswich attack, Makhtari chipped over a helpless Smithies. Our last corner of the game was a success as Rivaldo crossed the ball and DeMerit met it with his head, the result, a goal. We won a slow match, but the tempo was just right going into the Man City game.

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13th March 2011

Manchester City 1-3 Millwall FC
From City of Manchester Stadium: ATT:- 44425

Thoughts before hand We had already beaten Manchester City this season, albeit on Penalties. We expected a very hard game and would be lucky to escape with anything

Manchester City Goals:
Nimely (63)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (20)
Lukaku (25)
Santon (68)

After thoughts The final score flattered us. In truth Manchester City should have Won. They had a goal disallowed for an Offside, but the goal should have been given. As they complained, we took the free kick, aimed towards Griffiths, who netted straight away. Five minutes later, city had another goal disallowed, this time the ball went over the line but the linesman didn't give it. City celebrated and we hit them on the counter again, This time, Griffiths was one on one with Hart, but he slipped the ball into Lukaku who smashed the ball into an empty net.
On 63 minutes, City had the ball in the net again, this time the goal counted. They were on the hunt. Then they hit the post, and we hit them on the break again, although Hart made a great save. From the resulting corner, Santon headed home. City came back at us but some brilliant defending, time wasting and De Gea playing out of his skin, we managed to sneak the win.


Sunderland 1 - 1 Everton
Tottenham 1 - 0 Liverpool
Bolton 1 - 1 Blackburn
Manchester City 1 - 3 Millwall

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Tottenham and Millwall to clash again

Tottenham Hotspur will go back to the site of their shock Carling Cup final loss to face their conquerers, Millwall. Wembley is sure to host another gripping game between the two

Elsewhere, Bolton or Blackburn will face the winners of the Sunderland/Everton game. Again, to be held at Wembley

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16th March 2011

Coventry City 1-3 Millwall FC
From The Ricoh Arena: ATT:- 16998

Thoughts before hand After a physically and emotionally draining game in the F.A cup, we were back in league action against Coventry, who had beaten us in the reverse fixture.

Goals for Coventry:
King (72)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (13, 90+4)
Borini (62)

After thoughts A fully deserved win, we never let Coventry into the game. Kadlec scored two screamers whilst Borini mopped up a fantastic Mallwall move. Marlon King gave Coventry some hope as he headed in from close range

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19th March 2011

Millwall FC 2- 3Crystal Palace
From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand After a decent win up in Coventry, we had a heated London Derby to look forward to, we welcomed Palace to the Lions Den, and we wanted to tear them to shreds.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Galeano (13)
Lukaku (19)
Canales Sent Off (36)
Lukaku Injured (59)
Rivaldo Injured (81)

Goals for Crystal Palace:
Counago (pen 3, 10, 15)

After thoughts The Eagles escaped the Den after a lucky win. They Pushed us around in the first fifteen minutes, but we reduced their lead to just the one and looked likely to go on and win. How ever, Canales was sent off for what should've been a yellow card. Palace could see us getting back into it and began to play dirty, Lukaku getting injured along with Rivaldo. We began to tire and couldn't find the net.

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Short Results

My game crashed, and i didnt save, so here are some quick results

Bristol City 0 - 4 Millwall FC
Millwall FC 1 - 1 Doncaster Rovers
Scunthorpe United 1 - 4 Millwall FC


After the mauling of Bristol City, Millwall won Promotion to the Premier league, were they will go head to head with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United

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17th April 2011

Tottenham Hotspurs 0-4 Millwall FC
From Wembley Stadium: ATT:- 90000

Thoughts before hand After a brilliant game at Wembley, against Tottenham, before, we were aiming for more of the same, but we didn't want to let them attack us as much as they had done before

Goals for Millwall FC:
Henderson (41)
Griffiths (76, 90+2)
Lukaku (81)

Lukaku Injured (81)

After thoughts Tottenham wanted revenge for their final loss, and tried to hard. Again, De Gea was on fine form, keeping them out in the first half. On a rare attack, Henderson picked up the ball on the edge of the area and blasted the ball beyond Gomes. After the break, Tottenham took the game to us, but couldn't break us down, they hit the post, the bar, numerous times. Then, on another break away, Griffiths scored a sweet volley. On 81 Minutes, Lukaku attempted an over head kick, and to our joy, it trickled past Gomes. But he banged his head and was taken off injured. This had killed Tottenham off and put the game beyond them, Griffiths rounded off the scoring in injury time, scoring a bullet header. We'd beaten Tottenham, again.

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Tottenham Hotspurs 0 - 4 Millwall FC
Bolton 2 - 1 Everton

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20th April 2011

Millwall FC 5-1 Derby County
From The Den: ATT:- 18732

Thoughts before hand We had put four goals past Tottenham and had reached another F.A Cup final. We couldn't suffer from a cup hang over, we had to remain focused

Goals for Millwall FC:
Blanco (6 )
Griffiths (50, 78)
Kadlec (64, 90+1)

Goals for Derby County:
Martin (39)

After thoughts This was exhibition stuff from us. We tore them apart and never looked in danger of losing. Great show of football from the Millwall boys

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Championees, Championees, olay olay olay

After destroying Derby County, Millwall FC became NPOWER Championship Champions. This is one of their most succesful seasons ever, they'd won the Leage, the carling cup and were through to a European Competition. They also had a chance of an F.A Cup Victory

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25th April 2011

Nottingham Forest 1-1 Millwall FC
From The City Ground: ATT:- 21997

Thoughts before hand After winning the league, it would be nice to beat our closest league rivals

Goals For Nottingham Forest:
Dexter Blackstock (90+6)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kakuta (11)

After thoughts Not a great game for the neutral but Kakuta's wonder goal put us in the lead for the majority of the match. How ever, we were happy to defend, and at the death, Blackstock snuck one home, levelling the scores.

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30th April 2011

Millwall FC 2-0 Middlesbrough
From The Den: ATT:- 20003

Thoughts before hand It had been a very hard season, but we had achieved so much. It was time to let some of the other guys in a play a game of football

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (47, 68)
Galeano Sent Off (78)

After thoughts With the F.A Cup final on the horizon, the guys didn't want to hurt them selves, so they took this game lightly. Kadlec scored a scorcher just after the break but scored a better one on 68 minutes. Galeano was sent off on 78 for pulling a Boro player back, but we prevailed and won.

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8th May 2011

Burnley 1-3 Millwall FC
From Turf Moor: ATT:- 20078

Thoughts before hand The last game of a hard, hard season. Every one wanted to leave the Championship on a high and wanted to impress for the F.A Cup final against Bolton.

Goals for Burnley:
Paterson (73)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Henrique (3)
Griffiths (31)
Piatti (53)

After thoughts The result didn't really matter, the over all performance during the course of the season mattered, and it was Brilliant. But of course, i was pleased with the manner of the win

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14th May 2011
F.A Cup Final

Millwall FC 4-0 Bolton
From Wembley: ATT:-90000

Thoughts before hand This was it, the end of a fantastic Journey. One last game before a deserved rest. We could do it

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (25)
Sakho (58)
Kadlec (67)
Henderson (86)

After thoughts Who else to open the scoring apart from the competitions top player and goal scorer, Leigh Griffiths? We dominated Bolton, they didn't have an answer and in the second half, Sakho put the game beyond them with a thunder bolt header. Then Kadlec got in on the act 9 minutes later, with Henderson scoring a free kick to end the scoring, and hand Millwall their first F.A cup

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(C) Millwall 109
(P) Nottingham Forrest
(PL) Burnley 88
(PL) Cardiff 86
(PL) Crystal Palace 75
(PL) Reading 73
Bristol City 73
Sheffield United 68
Middlesbrough (66)
Swansea City (65)
Leicester City (63)
Preston North End (61)
Ipswich Town (61)
Derby County (57)
Q.P.R (57)
Hull City (55)
Watford (54)
Norwich City (51)
Doncaster Rovers (50)
Portsmouth (49)
Coventry City (47)
(R) Leeds United (42)
(R) Barnsley (38)
Scunthorpe United (30)

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Championship Playoffs:- Cardiff City Fall at last Hurdle Again

Semi Final:
Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Cardiff City
Cardiff City 3 - 0 Crystal Palace
(3-0 AGG)
Reading 0 - 1 Burnley
Burnley 3 - 1 Reading
(4-1 AGG)

Burnley 2 - 1 Cardiff City AET

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End of season awards

Leigh Griffiths has won the TOP GOAL SCORER award, having scored 41 goals this season

Mr Drezzy of Millwall FC was awarded with the Manager of the year award after guiding Millwall to the Premiership after being tipped to go down.

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Final Standings

Premier Division Winners: Manchester UTD

European Champions Cup Qualification:

Euro Cup Qualification:
Man City
Millwall FC

West Brom


Winners: Millwall
Promoted: Nottingham Forest, Burnley

Leeds United, Barnsley, Scunthorpe United


Winners: Peterborough United
Promoted: Huddersfield, Swindon

Rochdale, Hartlepool, Dagenham and Redbridge, Yeovil


Winners: Gillingham
Promoted: Rotherham, Northampton, Lincoln

Relegated: Crewe Alexandra, Cheltenham Town

F.A CUP Winner: Millwall
League CUP Winner: Millwall
Community Shield Winner: Manchester United
F.A Johnstone Paint Trophy Winners: Peterborough United


Seria Winners: A.C. Milan

European Champions Cup Qualification:

European Cup Qualification:
Inter Milan

Relegated: Lecce, Cagliari, Chievo Verona

Copa Italia Winners: Juventus

Super Cup Winners: Inter Milan


Liga BBA Winners: Barcelona

European Champions Cup Qualification:

Euro Cup Qualification:

Zaragoza, R.Sociedad, Levante

Kings Cup Winners: At.Madrid

Super Cup Winners: Sevilla

Federation Cup Winners: Guadalajara

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Millwalls first signing of the season

Millwall have welcomed Chris Smalling to the club, on a season long loan deal from Manchester United

Another deal struck was the transfer of Blackpools Charlie Adam for an undisclosed fee

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Millwall have just announced the signing of Borini after he was released by Chelsea. he impressed at the New Den Last season.

Also, Nigel Reo Coker has signed a two year deal from Aston Villa for 1.6 Million

Today, Millwall FC announced that after talks with Manchester City, They have signed Vincent Kompany for a knockdown price of 1.2 Million pounds

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Millwall are rumoured to have given manager Mr Drezzy the bulk of prize money and TV money, for transfers and these rumours seem to be true as Millwall shell out 13 million on Everton defended, Leighton Baines

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ANOTHER new arrival, this time it's Leverkusen's Eren Derdiyok, who arrives for a fee of 5.5 million and Aston Villa's Stephen Ireland for close to 15 Million

And in a desperate attempt to get more home grown players into the squad, Millwall announced the signing of Craig Bellamy, for 200k from Manchester City

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The Land of Oz

We'd been invited to play a couple of exhibition games over in Australia, but i didn't make the flight, as we had a few financial issues to resolve in East London. Turns out we had over indulged in some transfer spending, and i had to figure out a way to balance things, along with the board.
I also had time to prepare for the Community shield game against Manchester United.

The first game was against Sydney, and i was told the lads had played well. Only 2882 fans had turned up to see Sydney FC lose a tight game 2-1

Next up the boys travelled to Perth to play Robbie Fowlers Perth Glory. I heard that there was a good atmosphere in the team and they enjoyed the trip down under. only 3353 fans turned up though, to witness Perths narrow 2-1 defeat.

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Barca Swoop

The Millwall board have today confirmed they have accepted two offers, one for Jorgensen and another for Jose Angel, stating that offer was too good to refuse

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European Cup Fourth Round Qualifying Draw

Millwalls FC European adventure kick starts in Switzerland, as they face Bellinzona. Elsewhere, Maritimo will take on Italians Napoli, Lyon will take to the field against Saturn of Russia and Dinamo Moscow will play Scottish team, St. Johnstone

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Barca Sign

Today, Barcelona showed off three of their new signing, Jorgensen and Angel who were F.A Cup winners with Millwall FC. They've also signed Rivaldo to a Player/Coach contract

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7th August 2011

Millwall FC 1-0 Manchester United
From Wembley Stadium: ATT:- 90000

Thoughts before hand We were back at Wembley for the third time this year, it was starting to feel like home. We were looking forward to the start of the season, and what a way to get prepared by taking on the Champions

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (31)

After thoughts We totally out played Manchester United. We shot an incredible 24 times whilst they'd shot three. But to be fair, We put out a full strength team whilst Man United played a mixture of reserves and youth. Park Ji Sung the only noticeable first team name on the pitch today. How ever, we were still professional and the amazing Leigh Griffiths scored the only goal of the game, a delightful left footed volley.

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Millwall Spend 1.5 million

With Manchester City throwing money around, they needed to release some of their current players. Having already signed Bellamy and Kompany on the cheap, Millwall also took Cruz of City's hand for a cool 1.5 Million

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14th August 2011

Millwall FC 1-1 Birmingham City
From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand Our first home game at the Den, in the Premiership. We wanted to get of to a flyer, against another relegation candidate. It was going to be a long season

Goals for Millwall FC:
Kadlec (63)

Goals for Birmingham:
Zigic 83
Johnson sent off (88)

After thoughts We looked like a seasoned Premiership side in the first half, out playing Birmingham all over the pitch but we couldn't get that vital goal. We continued to dominate in the second half, missing a host of chances. But Kadlec put us in the lead, with a neat header at the far post. We should've gone on to score more but we just couldn't find the net yet again. And then, on a Birmingham counter attack, Zigic slotted past De Gea, who hadn't had much to do the entire game. We still pushed on but in the end, a tough Birmingham defence kept us at bay, the game finished level.

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18th August 2011
Europa League

Bellinzona 0-2 Millwall FC
From Comunale di Bellinzona: ATT:- 2000

Thoughts before hand i hadn't even heard of this swiss team, let alone scouted them. but i trusted my players and let the fringe guys go out and play.

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (74)
Derdiyok (88)

After thoughts As a team, we had totally underestimated this challenging little Swiss side. They put the scare into us in the first half, almost going in with the lead. But after the break, we had got a feeling for them and on 74 minutes, Wonder Boy and Substitute Lukaku, scored a lovely half volley just inside the area. And then debutant Derdiyok scored a placed shot near the death, to bring a 2-0 lead back to the Den

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Kompany Out
Vincent Kompany suffered a groin strain in Switzerland, and will be out for up to a Month

Today, Millwall FC have confirmed that Craig Bellamy has been sacked after a horrendous tackle on Goal Keeper De Gea, putting him out for Seven months with a Broken Leg.

23rd August 2011
Europa League

Millwall FC 3-0 Bellinzona, Millwall win 5-0 on Aggregate
From The Den: ATT:- 11328

Thoughts before hand After the shock of De Gea's injury, i didn't prepare for this match, but i knew the lads had enough in them to win it

Goals for Millwall FC:
Borini (16)
Adam (41, Pen 47)
Borini Injured (65)

After thoughts I was only in attendance for the first half, as I had to shoot of to negotiations with a new Goal Keeper, to replace De Gea

Millwall Rumoured to be interested in 31 Year old Frey

It has been confirmed that Millwall are trying to pull out all the stops to sign Goalkeeper Sebastian Frey, for an undisclosed fee.

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Europa League Draw

Millwall have been drawn alongside FC Twente, Slavia Prague and Lierse.

Elsewhere, Bolton have been drawn along side FC Kobenhaven, Genoa and M.Tel-Aviv. Manchester City look favourites to qualify from their group, playing along side AEk of Athens, Dinamo Moscow and Romanian minnows, U Craiova.

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holders Millwall entertain London Rivals Q.P.R, Chelsea host Bristol City, Arsenal play Aston Villa and Manchester United travel to Blackburn

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28th August 2011

Millwall FC 4-2 Manchester City
From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand Our second game in the league, this time against Manchester City. City were hot favourites for the title, so we had to put in a performance against them. But we had beaten them twice last season, we needed to believe again

Goals for Millwall FC:
Piatti (pen 7)
Lukaku (46, 63)
Kadlec (66)

Goals for Manchester City:
Silva (51, 53)

After thoughts Our first win of the season, albeit in our second game. We played like we had done against Birmingham, although this time we took our chances. Manchester City were guilty of not taken advantage of theirs.
We went in to the break with a slender 1-0 lead, but it could have been easily the other way around. But straight from the off, we scored another with Lukaku scoring a neat Chip. But City came back at us and Silva scored a quick double to equal the scoring, and then he almost scored his hat trick but he hit the bar. We hit City on the break and Lukaku scored a powerful effort to give us back the lead, and three minutes later, Substitute Kadlec netted the winner

Lukaku Out

Lukaku is out, this time for another four weeks after falling on his knee and twisting it. This seems to be a constant problem

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10th September 2011

Bolton Wanderers 1-5 Millwall FC
From The Reebok Stadium: ATT:- 27875

Thoughts before hand This was our first away game in the Premier League against a team we'd beaten in the F.A Cup final a few months ago. Bolton were surely looking for revenge

Goal for Bolton:
Klasnic (45+3)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Griffiths (9)
Cahill Own Goal (39)
Kadlec (48, 90)
Derdiyok (59)

After thoughts A great, well paced game. Griffiths opened the scoring and you wouldn't have known he was struggling with fitness. Then Bolton came at us, we were at sixes and Sevens, then Nolan scored but he was deemed to be off side. Bolton then scored an own goal, which took the wind out of their sails. But deep into first half stoppage time, Klasnic slotted past Frey to give the home side some hope. But substitute restored the two goal lead early on, with a wonderful strike in the area. It was our game after that with Derdiyok scoring a placed header and Kladec getting his second on 90 Minutes.
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15th September 2011
Europa League

Lierse 0-4 Millwall FC
From Herman Vanderpootenstation (lisp): ATT:- 10472

Thoughts before hand We had a tough group and we wanted at least a draw, away in Belgium

Goals for Lierse:
Notari sent off (9)
Ciman sent off (49)

Goals for Millwall FC:
Henrique (18)
Griffiths (40)
Piattia (53)
Verhaegen Own goal (86)
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20th September 2011
Carling Cup 3rd Round

Millwall FC 1-0 Q.P.R
From The Den: ATT:- 20146

Thoughts before hand After the great win the Europe, we were renewing our Rivalry with Q.P.R in the league cup, needless to say, we wanted a win but also had to change a few players around

Goals for Millwall FC:
Lukaku (34)
Carling Cup 4th Round Draw

Holders Millwall travel to Bristol City. City knocked Chelsea out of the cup and Millwall disposed of Q.P.R