Most memorable FM game?


Jan 2, 2006
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What is everyone's most memorbale game they have played? Mine has got to be 6-2 Vs Arsenal In Prem.
I once beat Spurs 8-1. They had 3 injuries before half time, then Robinson got sent off shortly after the break, Carrick was a poor goalkeeper.
Has to be on the last fm with Fulham. I was drawing 1-1 with Sheff Utd in the Fa Cup semi final and i just threw every1 upfront and had keeper going up for corners. Got a corner and right enough last minute goal by Van Der Saar
I had a game with Notts county, where I was 3-1 up after 58 mins I made all my subs, 4 mins later my keeper got injured down to 20% condition so I took him off and put my striker in goal, we conceeded on 80 mins the on 81 I had another player injured and had to take him off so we played the last 15 mins (as there was 6 mins of injury time) with 9 men and a striker in goal, we held out for a 3-2 win and I told the team I was delighted. ;)
Alloa, 4th season (started in div 2) beating Servette, Newcastle,Marselle,Herenveen and Sevillla in the UEFA cup
Me and me cousin had a 2 player game goin and he got sacked from Chelsea and went to Man City. His first game in charge was against my newly promoted Wolves and i ****** thrashed him 7-0.
He gave up then so i was back to lonely old single player game.....
Again with Alloa

Losing 1-0 to Juve at the Del Alpi, despite having 11 shots, Buffon got MOM

I then drew the leg at Recreation Park 3-3, after taking a 3-1 lead.
One of my most enjoyable matches had to be the other day, I was playing Newcastle and beat them 5-6 at St James' I am Man U. It was something like 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3 at HT then 3-3 they took the lead for the first time, I equalised then they scored again I equalised then i scored in 90th min with Ledley King to win 5-6 :)
Another Alloa game id like to add :D

Final day of the season, if I won and Celtic lost we'd be on equal point sbut the goal dif was around 12 in Celtics favour.

I won my game 8-0 away to Killie and Celtic lost theires 2-0, I also missed a pen, I was sooo close :(
I may as well shut this thread! No ones gunna have a more memorable game than this :

Also I didnt even have my strongest team out, well maybe only one player who would have played wa smissing but he is my best (Colins John)
I would love to slap you Lloyd!

Most of them are the best regens you tard! even if it was Real Madrid reserves, im Alloa, playing away in the CL!
My most memorable is Villareal 5 - 7 Man Utd

Was in Champions League group stage and it was such a good match to watch.

I've attacked it incase any of you want to experience my weak defensive skills too :D
I know I keep posting in this thread but its been a memorable campaign.

My results from my CL group :

Benfica A 4-0
Benfica H 3-0
Real Madrid A 3-0
Real Madrid H 4-1
Man Yoo A 3-0
Man Yoo H 1-2
Ok so you've done well with Alloa,we get the message!!!

I remember once on 01/02 my brother was 4-1 (he's Munich,a few years in) up against someone like Zaragoza with 10 mins left,when something like this happens. A sendin off,an injury to use his final sub,a keeper sent off so he's down to 9 with Elber or Hargreaves in goal. Possibly another injury or sending off,he loses 5-4

It was bad enough getting someone sent off on 01/02 without losing your gk etc.

I remeber you used to get a stirker sent off then you would lose 3 goals in a half to a crappy team.
Well your not going to be able to slap me are you Greg. So unlucky :D
I wouldnt be so sure...these Scots often get what they want
My most memeoable game was 1 wit Rushden on 00-01. gt them in consecutive seasons promoted 2 prem,
then game went funny, and wudnt go past a certain date.
can only remember 3 of my players though, lampard, Ibrahimovic, and Andy Burgess who was there at the start
In FM 06 I was Bristol City facing mk dons. I went down to ten men and they had a penalty. They missed it and in the end i won 5-4 in injury time.