Jan 6, 2010
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First out I will say that this press conference is about me and not about the last manager, or the reason he left.
I don't think I need much of an introduction but as everybody knows, this is the club in my heart.
I am the man who won the league for the team the only times in it's history and I will do it again.

I have learned from my mistakes at the World Cup and have been studying a lot about managing, this time around I will succeed, I will bring glory here again.
The team is good with a bunch of fantastic players who will give heart and soul for the club and the fans, that is exactly how I played back in the day.
Passion, exactly what is needed.

I believe I will boost the team too perform even better, I will bring them too their best and we will be a force to be reckoned with both in national and international football.
The days of the big Italian teams are over, time for the southern pride too show them what it is all about.
We will make them shake too their very bone as they walk up on our turf, Stadio San Paolo, the football mecca and now Gods residence.

I know I will lead with the full support of both the board and the fans.
That I will need, football is about more than just winning, especially for the people here in Naples, football is life and I am its God.

I am Diego Armando Maradona, "El Pibe de Oro", and I will bring gold and glory to Napoli.



Maradona Leaving the Press Conference

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My first couple of days back have been filled with interviews and TV appereances, now it is time to focus.

Soo, I have talked to the board and I have been allowed to form my own team of staff, meaning that the whole Mazzarri squad of people have been layed off, except for Nunzio Papale who will be kept as one of two Goalkeeping Coaches.

The first one to join me is Héctor Enrique, he assisted me when I managed Argentina and has agreed to follow me to Napoli, he will be a great asset as Assistant Manager


Héctor Enrique

Then, I have managed to sign atleast three great men you probably have heard of before.

Gianpiero Ventrone - Coach
Marco Rota - Coach
Gian Nicola Bisciotti - Fitness Coach

Other than them there are a bunch more of Physios, Scouts and coaches, all great but relatively anonymous.
All the staff I have hired are Italian, except for two who were good enough without knowing the language.

With all my staff set up and ready, it was time to come up with a good training programme.
We all sat down together with two representatives from the players,
Paolo Cannavaro and Marek Hamsik, to come up with the most perfect routine for the whole team.

I added a few pointers about how I wanted the team to play and we all went from there,
and trust me when I say, what we came up with is nothing short of excellence.
Cannavaro took the opportunity to hand me a list of the players prefered shirt numbers, if the had any, for me to take a look at.

Haha no one will have number 10 though, I am "El D10S" after all.


Next up, I will take a dip in the transfer market, I have a couple of players I am looking at. And also a couple of pre-season games perhaps.
Let us see next time whom I will sign and whom is deemed not good enough for me...

Forza Napoli!
Wicked start mate, hope you suceed. :)

Thank you Foxo, I've read yours too.
A different approach but it's nice.
Rather rash decision making from the Belarusian side though huh?
Might have been fun trying it out climbing that league a little, well well...
Good luck at... Port Vale was it?
Yeah, good luck, keep reading and I will read yours. Ciao!

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So let me show you what I have done with this transfer window soo far.

I have brought in five while letting four people go. The club gave me plenty of money too use which was good as the players I sold didn't really bring us a lot of money.
Well, let's get too it.

Transfers In


Angelo Ogbonna
Came cheap from Torino and will start off as a back up/rotation player at the back.
Left footed and tall, with a good work rate and good physique he can prove to be a starting player in the future with the right training and with some match experience.
Signed for us while rejecting deals from teams as Palermo and Udinese.
He won't regret it.


Leonel Galeano
Another central defender, he is the one who took the slot of the one non-eu player a season we are allowed to take in.
I saw him a few times when I managed Argentina and I even called him up once to play against Jamaica, he did well for his young age and I'm sure he will be a great player for us in a few years.
Hopefully he can learn the language fast so he can start in some games, I find that very important, especially for a defender, to be able to understand what the other players are saying too avoid mistakes.


Axel Witsel
A versatile midfielder capable of playing anywhere in the midfield.
At a mere 21 years old he has already played for the Belgium National Team 11 times and is definetly someone who will fit right in here with us.
Has a good touch on the ball and a mature mind for his age, able too concentrate on his task no matter what.
As with Galeano, he will start practicing Italian right away to be able to have more controll on the field, I see no problems with this guy, he even came cheap.


Federico Macheda
He is only here on loan, from Manchester United, but I will hopefully manage to sign him after this season or loan him once again after this.
The best young Italian striker out there, save for Balotelli perhaps, with his mind set on scoring.
Will provide good back up for Cavani and Lavezzi if needed and will get plenty of time in the late stages of games if we are ahead.


Pablo Piatti
Came from Almería at a pretty high price, our most expensive signing this window at the least.
A versatile player as well, capable of playing in the middle or to the left on the midfield, and even up front if it is needed.
Good technique and speed, with which he will penetrate the oppositions defence quite often of course.
This is our star signing, and being already fluent in Italian, he will be right off with a good chance of starting games right ahead.
Will most likely take the place of Blasi or Pazienza when I am looking for a more offensive approach.

Transfers Out
Erminio Rullo - Leicester
Raffaele Maiello - Cagliari
Gianluca Grava - Atalanta
Luigi Sepe - Empoli (Loan)


This will most probably be the team which I start out from every game, with rotation on some positions to get all players fit.
In the Pre-Season games I will experiment with this and see what I will have to change to improve.
Brilliant OP and the transfers layout is awesome mate! lot of work done! well done :)
Brilliant OP and the transfers layout is awesome mate! lot of work done! well done :)

Thank you, thank you.
I will try too keep it up. :)

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Pre-Season Summary

That's it then, all the pre-season games are played and we are ready for our first Europa League games.
We have been drawn against a team called Sibenik.
Never heard of them before but have done a bit of scouting and it's a team that we should beat fairly easily.

Well about the pre-season games, we won them all. Details will follow.

Our first three games were away in Northern Ireland, the board had set up these matches before I got here so I did not decide on the opposition myself.
First off were Glentoran.

Glentoran 0 - 7 Napoli
Marek Hamsik (21)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (26, 73)
Edinson Cavani (28, 69, 78)
Jeff Wright O.G (56)


Edinson Cavani - Man of the Match

As I said, easy.
They stood no chance at all and it was great to see the whole front trio score in the first game.
Good defence made sure too keep Glentorans opportunities too a bare minimum.
All in all a good performance, and most importantly of course, 20 players got some time on the field.

Portadown 0 - 7 Napoli
Hugo Campagnaro (5)
Edinson Cavani (7, 50)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (9, 45+1, 55)
Paolo Cannavaro (15)


Ezequiel Lavezzi - Man of the Match

Once again we won with seven goals too none.
This time we got two goals from central defenders wanting too show that they too can do it.
This didn't mean they took it easy in the back though, a good clean sheet and a good effort from the whole team.
Once again there was some rotation and 20 players got to play.

Linfield 0 - 5 Napoli
José Sosa (15, 24, 33, 46)
Edinson Cavani (62)


José Sosa - Man of the Match

Aww, the goalscoring went down a notch.
But I'm not too down about that.
Some rotation done made sure that José Sosa made his first game from start, and boy how he did start.
Four goals in one game, that's not all too shabby right?
Some of them were really pretty too look at as well.
Hope he can keep this up when the season starts for real.

After those three games in Northern Ireland, the team traveled to Spain, and a warmer climate.
More precisely, to the island of Minorca.
Here we played against the local team Sporting Mahonés, a small time team with no history too speak of really.
This too was supposed to be a walk in the park for us.

Sporting Mahonés 0 - 3 Napoli
Ezequiel Lavezzi (7, 86)
Cristiano Lucarelli (33)


Ezequiel Lavezzi - Man of the Match

Not as many goals in this fixture even though we created loads of chances.
Lucarelli, Lavezzi and Sosa were a bit too wastefull today and played a bit too cocky to create a better result.
But still, three to nothing and solid defending.
A good effort and we are still undefeated in the pre-season.
We have not even conceded a goal, that's really good.

After our brief Spain adventure, we were off home too Italy where we would play our two last games before the real season starts.
First out, Serie B team, Empoli.

Empoli 0 - 4 Napoli
José Sosa (9)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (34, 39, 69 Penalty)


Ezequiel Lavezzi - Man of the Match

Another win, another game without conceding.
Lavezzi is really playing good now, scoring many goals.
With him in such a form against the real competition later, we can really start gathering points in this seasons league.
Once again it was total domination with Empoli barely getting a shot off towards goal.

Spezia 0 - 4 Napoli
Pablo Piatti ( 6)
Alberto Comazzi O.G (12)
Davide Scantamburlo O.G (32)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (42)


Christian Maggio - Man of the Match

Nice too have one of my signings score, Pablo Piatti scored the first goal of the game.
Another player who stepped his game up was Christian Maggio who managed to land the MoM award for the game with two assists to his name.

That concludes the pre-season.
30 - 0 in goal difference over six games.
Even though we didn't play the best teams out there that is still a really good result.
Solid defending and strikers who deliver, that's a good foundation too build this season upon.
Now fellows, off too Croatia and Sibenik.



HNK Sibenik is a team playing in the Croatian top league and came second in the 2010 season.
They started their Europa League adventure in the 1st Qualifier round against Macedonian team, Metalurg Skopje.
Managing to win 6-1 on aggregate.
After that they played the Lithuanian outfit, Suduva Marijampoli beating them 6-2 on aggregate.
Next team too stand in their way was Lausanne from Switzerland who were beaten in a close battle due too a 0-1 result in their away game and only managing 2-2 at home.

Now they are to play us, and hopefully their so far succesfull campaign will come to an end.
And we will take it over from here.

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This was supposed to be easy, and it was.

Sibenik 0 - 4 Napoli
Edinson Cavani (3, 75)
Marek Hamsik (36 Penalty)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (42)


Edinson Cavani - Man of the Match

The game was never a hard one and we went up a goal in the third minute with Cavani curling the ball up in the far off corner after some terrible defending from the home team.We got four yellow cards, some terrible decisions really.
**** that Övrebö referee.

Napoli 4 - 0 Sibenik
Ezequiel Lavezzi (22, 44)
José Sosa (62, 65)


José Sosa - Man of the Match

Another four goals with none conceded and we were through too the next round of Europa League.
Sibenik never showed anything that would doubt that this was a win.
A good double from Sosa in the second half added too his points already consisting of two assists from when he laid on Lavezzi for the first two goals.
Just a note, Piatti came too the club at such a late date that he couldn't be registred for these two first games, he will be available for us during the group matches though.



Ezequiel Lavezzi

Even though he didn't get the MoM award in any of the two games I have to choose Ezequiel as the best player over the two games in total.
Scoring three goals and adding one assist he was a main factor in both wins.
He was also our best striker during the pre-season with Cavani tailing him five goals short.
Press Conference

Maradona, now you have played your first competetive games here at Napoli, what do you think about the league start against Brescia?

We did well.
How can I not be confident with this brilliant team?
Me and my boys beat that Croatian team with a total of 8 - 0.
It is a good sign, Brescia will be our first game but not our most difficult.
We intend to be competing with the likes of Roma and Inter this year.

Soo you're saying you are going for the title?

What else would we be going for?
A place in the middle of the table?
Haha, no way.
We play football to win, the fans deserve it, the city deserves it, the team deserves it and is capable of it.

Reporter: Isn't that a bit too enthusiastic.
You only managed to qualify to the Europa League last season and Inter is still a very strong team having won five years in a row.

Maradona: Just wait and see, we can beat them.
Sure they are good but they don't have Lavezzi, they don't have Cavani or Hamsik.
They are Napoli players, they are world class players.
They are players that win competitions.
We are fighting for the win and that's that.

Uhm, okey.
A player who have really played well in the pre-season is José Sosa, do you see him getting a first team position, and if so, who will be left out to give him room?

Well that's a cheap trick to trying to lure me into irritating my players.
Sosa is a good player but new here.
He will have to prove himself a bit more, but of course I will rotate the team.
And also he is a versatile player and can play in many different positions, he will get his time.

That's enough for today, I have no time for you no more, it's game time.


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Dawn of War

Now it's time to get serious.
Europa League is one thing, but the league is the most important competition for us.

In our first game we are playing against Brescia, away.
They are newly promoted to Serie A after finishing third in Serie B last season.
A pretty average team with, if you ask me, one stand out player.
That is Alessandro Diamanti, a new signing from Premier League team West Ham United.
He is skill full and will be under tight marking during our game.

Brescia 0 - 4 Napoli
Edinson Cavani (38, 61, 87)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (53)


Edinson Cavani - Man of the Match

A great team effort with Cavani leading the team towards a win with a hat trick.
Brescia had most of the ball during the whole game but we played smart with counter attacks that just ran through their defence at will.
Also a very good game by Walter Gargano who managed to land 91.7% of his passes to the right adress and also running like a beast all over the midfield swooping up lost balls and such.


Walter Gargano - Maradona likes what he sees

Next up is Cagliari, a team belonging in the middle of the league at the end of the season. Having a couple of dangerous players with Daniele Conti and Alessandro Matri as the most outstanding ones.
Having won their first game against Catania they come with good confidence and are raring too go for their first away game.

Napoli 1 - 0 Cagliari
Marek Hamsik (17 Penalty)


Manuele Blasi - Man of the Match

This was really anyone's game, we didn't play very good at all.
Cagliare proved to be a sturdy opponent, we couldn't even score without having a penalty thrown our way.
We acually got two penalties this game but Hamsik managed to misplace the second one, just too keep the game really close.
None of the players really stood out today but Blasi was best, with some good tackles and interceptions he kept it difficult for Cagliari to get past our midfield.


Europa League

Soo back to Europa. The draw has been made and we were dealt group F together with Liverpool, Lille and Lech.
A pretty good group but we have good chances of qualifying if you ask me.
Liverpool are the favorites to win the group but we'll contend for that spot with Lille probably also wanting a piece of the cake.
Our first game will be at Stadio San Paolo, and we are hosting Lech, let's raise some ****!

Napoli 4 - 0 Lech
Joël Tshibamba O.G (10)
Pablo Piatti (16)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (43, 80)


Ezequiel Lavezzi - Man of the Match

Again, a four goal win.
I could get used to these, haha.
They played good though, Lech, but we did our own thing.
Lavezzi is soo darn fast and just kept on running, trying too beat their defence.
And he did, time and time again we counter attacked and he was spearheading the attacks.
Landing two new goals and one assist.
The assist meaning Piatti scored his first goal of the season, and ever, for Napoli.


Diego Maradona - Leading Napoli to their first win in the Group Stage of Europa League
Looking awesome mate! love the layout and the read! seeing you aint even conceded a single goal in friendlies or cups is awesome! mastermind the team early ;) Keep it up, if you get a spare 5mins take a look over to my story :) would be greatful :D

Let's get it on

Things heating up, a game against Juventus awaits next
They have started off a bit un-even with one win, one draw and one loss in their first three games.
The loss came against Cesena in their season premiere, falling down 0 - 1.
Considering their form we should have a good chance of getting a good result back from Turin.

Juventus 1 - 0 Napoli
Fabio Grosso (24)
Red Card Edinson Cavani (43)


Giorgio Chiellini - Man of the Match

A close game, close.
I feel we would've won, or at least scored if Cavani didn't get that red card.
Juventus played like **** for the whole second half.
Playing with the whole team behind the ball at all times, pathetic.
Not a fun game at all with them being terrible cowards.
I just want us to move on from this, it's just a speed bump on our way towards the top.


Now then, Bologna next
They've started their season terribly, with three consecutive losses to Palermo, Cesena and Catania.
We are playing at home so this one should get us three points.
They have some class players though.
Most importantly they have Marco Di Vaio, a fantastic striker, rarely misses.
We have to keep him under pressure at all cost.

Napoli 2 - 2 Bologna
György Garics (29)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (39, 50)
Marco Di Vaio (80)


Ezequiel Lavezzi - Man of the Match

Oh for crying out loud!
How we could fail too win this, I don't know.
Sure, Bologna played decently but they are not as good a team as Napoli.
That **** Di Vaio scored a late game equalizer and we didn't have the strenght to take the game back after that.
One point, two point less than I expected.
Let's move on.



Hamsik - Time for Fighting Mode


Next stop, Udine
We really have to turn it around now.
Sure it's only two games without wins, but every game counts and we don't want to start off behind our competition.
Udinese have a good team, many dangerous players.
The most dangerous being Di Natale, Inler and Alexis Sánchez.
All players that I'd like to bring to Napoli if I get the chance.

Udinese 1 - 2 Napoli
Almen Abdi (2)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (49)
Cristiano Lucarelli (76)


Marek Hamsik - Man of the Match

There we go.
A pretty close game with them creating most of the chances.
It was all up hill after an early goal from a player I have never heard of before.
De Sanctis let that one slip by too easily and should've saved it.
Anyways, in the second half, after I had talked to the guys, they started showing some spirit.
Lavezzi scored after making their keeper look stupid.
Lucarelli then settled the score with a long range effort in his first league game of the season.


Finally Marek Hamsik is showing us what he got, two assists against Udinese made sure we won the game.
He's in good from, just hope he can get his scoring form on as well, that'd be fantastic.

Next up is three other tough games with Liverpool at Anfield first.
Then We go back home for two games, against Fiorentina and Lazio.
Three good teams indeed.
The Liverpool game should be toughest, they are atop of their league and play at home.
Fiorentina and Lazio are good as well but we should be able to get good results at home. Until next time.

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Nice update, and i hope Napoli do well....but Maradona on the other
like the updates should do very well some great players you bought in keep it up

Now we are off for England and Liverpool.
As usual, being the superstar that I am, there will be a massive press apperance wherever I go.

Anfield is never an easy place to play at.
Great fans, the closest to our own of any English team.
Against Lech and Lille I really can't see us losing, so the result in this game is half for the points, and half for the prestige of beating Liverpool.

We will go home winners.


Liverpool 1 - 2 Napoli
Dirk Kuyt (55)
Edinson Cavani (82)
Marek Hamsik (90)


Marek Hamsik - Man of the Match

There you go.
Once again Hamsik steps up and shows the rest how it is done.
In the last minute of ordinary time he strikes, leaving Liverpool stunned.
To be honest though, we were under pressure during most of the game.
Liverpool had the ball the most and created most chances, but we scored more goals than them, and that's what win games.

Six out of six points soo far in Europa League.
Great result and much needed experience of international football for the players.
A little warm up before we go to the Champions League next season.


Maradona - Celebrating a late winner at Anfield


We have many fierce rivals and Fiorentina is one of them.
In front of our home crowd the atmosphere gets pretty heated in these kind of games.
We will give it our all, fight 'till we drop.

Napoli 1 - 3 Fiorentina
Alberto Gilardino (43)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (53)
Juan Manuel Vargas (57, 72)


Juan Manuel Vargas - Man of the Match

A tight game with Juan Manuel Vargas brilliant display being the difference between the teams.
We created an equal amount of chances but Vargas was sensational.
First he hit Gilardinos head with a good cross from down the left side.
Then he scored a free kick right past the wall and in to the net.
And that was all before he finished his scoring with another long range effort impossible for De Sanctis to save.


A second home game right after the other.
Now against Rome team Lazio.
Lazio are coming from a lost game against Cesena where they conceded four goals, even though they scored three themselves.
So the defence isn't rock solid.
That's good to know.
We will make them suffer again.

Napoli 2 - 1 Lazio
Cristian Ledesma (26)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (73, 89)


Ezequiel Lavezzi - Man of the Match

Once again Lavezzi scores two in the same game.
That's his seventh goal in the league soo far, putting him in top of the league goalscoring charts.
And again, a late winning goal.
These points makes sure we keep tailing Roma at the top of the league, they still haven't lost a single game, winning all but one.


Next up is Inter, five time consecutive League winners and reigning Champions Leaue Champions.
It will be tough, but I have faith in us.
We will take this!


Cavani - Lavezzi and Hamsik are leading the team, will "El Matador" step up to the challenge and lead the team against Inter?

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Napoli 1 - 0 Lille
Edinson Cavani (70)


Hugo Campagnaro - Man of the Match

Not being the most entertaining game ever player, we still got three important points.
A well deserved win in a game where we did the most.
Good goal by Cavani who got the ball in the middle of the pitch after a Lille corner, and ran all the way too goal and scored a well placed finish.


Cavani & Napoli - Fighting for the points in Europa League



Time for action.
Now we are going to play against Internazionale.
A fantastic team who will meet us with their whole first eleven intact save for Eto'o who is injured.
Inter are expected too win every game they play, I know that and will use that to our advantage.
We will play mostly for counter attacks.
They have such a strong midfield that it will be hard to break down.
With both Cavani and Lavezzi up front we have some great speed that is sure to cause trouble against teams attacking too far forward against us.

Inter 0 - 2 Napoli
Marek Hamsik (27 Penalty)
Edinson Cavani (71)


Edinson Cavani - Man of the Match

We got a penalty after Dejan Stankovic went on and pushed Cannavaro from behind during a corner.
Hamsik scored without hesitation and we were up one to nothing.
After this there was mostly Inter, attacking and playing the ball around us with the occasional counter attack by Lavezzi, Cavani & Hamsik.
But we managed to keep it clean.
The whole defence played good and managed to keep the Inter attacks stop outside our penalty area.
They have some strong long range shooters but they didn't manage today.
In the 71st minute Lavezzi got a break and ran towards goal, shot, but Júlio César saved the ball.
He couldn't get a hold of it though but re-directed it right in front of Cavani who didn't miss when he got this fantastic chance.
Two goals ahead and we kept defending from here on.
A win against Inter, we are heading towards the top.


Now we are going to play against Sampdoria who find themselves in the middle of the table.
They have won three consecutive games before having us over for a visit.
Those wins came against Parma, Slovan Bratislava and Bari.
Not really as good a challenge as Inter perhaps, but three wins are three wins.

Sampdoria 1 - 2 Napoli
Marek Hamsik (41)
Daniele Dessena (46)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (66)


Marek Hamsik - Man of the Match

Game after game we see how lethal our offensive trio is.
Hamsik, Cavani or Lavezzi is in the goal charts after almost every game we play.
That's a really good quality to have.
The defence do their bit too, although there can be some improvements.
Today Cavani had a bad day at the office, looking a bit dazed after the Inter game.
That, thankfully, didn't hurt us too much though as Hamsik and Lavezzi took responsibility and scored one each.
They even assisted eachother on their goals, brilliant two man efforts.


Serie A


We are in a comfortable second playe after, soo far, magnificent Roma.
Not a single lost game and only one conceded goal, they look like early title contenders already.
When we play against them though, both those things will change.
We will beat them and score more than one goal, just wait and see, they won't be on top for long.


As you can see, we are scoring more goals than anyone else.
Sure we concede a bit too many goals but that's not that important at this time.
The defenders I bought are all still young and will grow into great Serie A players in a season or two.
As long as we score and win, they are allowed to make a few mistakes to learn from.
Our great supporters are making us have the fourth best Avarage Attendance numer soo far this season, I know we can do better and atleast beat Roma for the third place.


Both Cavani and Lavezzi are among the seven best goalscorers soo far this season, with Lavezzi on top.
Being three goals above the second place isn't bad either.
Marek Hamsik shows that he is, even without scoring all that many goals, very important for our attack with his six assist.
Blasi and Pazienza are doing their job in the midfield, tackling everyone trying to break through to our defence.
Great to see Lavezzi being the best rated player soo far this season, the magazines got it right.
Lavezzi has been magnificent soo far.​
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