Ozzie's Kit Requests Thread

Aww, because people slag off smart shirt designer :) I managed to lose the white border around the sponsors though

Wesley Ngo Baheng in the BSP!! I had him hitting net in the champions league!
il give ya a shot? yeah he is mint, and is leo aro and tristan plummer is banging them in now ;D
@Ronaldinhoo Ok
Team Name:
Home Colours:
Away Colours:
Third Colours:
Nation Flag Next/Underneath Crest (I find this quite cool):

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Dont Know Why,:S Some people like me cant afford photoshop and SSD is free and easy to use

I have photoshop, but it is really complex and annoys me alot.

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OK, I'll reopen the thread
Team Name: Blackpool
Home Colours: orange &' White
Away Colours: Blue striped
Third Colours: REd and black something niice
Kitmaker: Nike
Sponsor: Football manager
Nation Flag Next/Underneath Crest (I find this quite cool): underneath England
@ronaldinhoo any other sponsors? cant do fm
Sorry about sponsor mis-sizes, ill change if you are too bothered.
Ronaldinhoo only just got pm sorry but i just but volkswagon on it...
How about this one mate?

Dynamo Berlin (121184)
Maker: adidas
Sponsor: Mercedes Benz
Home: Logo crimson w/white hoops (like QPR)
Away: Black with white and crimson (your choice on the design)
Third: your call.

Cheers mate
Team: St. George FC (fake team (?) created for custom database)
Sponsor: The Football Association
Shirt Brand: Umbro
Template: R11
Kit Colours & Design:

(be creative)
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Team Name: Manchester City
Home Colours: Sky Blue:

Away Colours: Dark Blue

Third Colours: Plain White, with two very thin stripes on right hand side, black and red.

Kitmaker: Soulcal
Sponsor: Etihad
Nation Flag Next/Underneath Crest (I find this quite cool): It does look good, but I want this as plain as possible please :)

thanks in advance!
those are smashing mate, just two points though..
would it be possible to make the away kit a bit darker..?
and secondly could you not find a soulcal logo? no worries if not, it looks quite good with republic anyway ;)