Feb 3, 2013
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The life of football loving Parisians changed drastically as the city club, Paris Saint-Germain, was bought in to wealth.
Many good things come with money, and PSG managed to win the Ligue 1 in 2012.
Then there are some tougher things, like expectations, there are more and tougher expectations weighing on the team's shoulders.
The project got itself a thorn as the manager, Carlo Ancelotti, left for Real Madrid and the club had to, once again, realise that they are not yet on top of the pecking order.
Nor is the French league.

In comes Christophe Sauvage, and unproven, unexperienced French manager, to try and retain the league as well as further improve on the European scene. This season a new threat awaits as newly promoted AS Monaco has opened their wallet, and much thanks to their beneficial taxes in Monaco, have bought some of the most sought after talents in the football world. Such names as Falcao, Moutinho, James Rodíguez and Toulalan have arrived.

Will Christophe Sauvage prevail?
Let's find out!

"Cavani's arrival is the proof that we're continuing our project of turning PSG into the best club in Europe," PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi said.

Cavani, who will wear the No. 9 shirt, was the top scorer in the Italian league last season with 29 goals. He led Napoli to the Italian Cup title in 2012 and to a runner-up finish in Serie A this year.

"I experienced three fantastic years at Napoli," Cavani said.
"But I always wanted to try to go to the next level.
I've been proposed a great project here at Paris Saint-Germain."

"I never hesitated to come here when I saw the trust the club is giving me. This project is very ambitious, very motivating. They are among the top clubs in the world. They are among the few clubs that can win the Champions League."

By making its first signing, PSG restored a bit of order at the club following Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti's departure for Real Madrid and Brazilian sporting director Leonardo's resignation last week.

"The project is bigger than any person here," Al-Khelaifi said. "Our objective is very clear: to win the Champions League hopefully in the next four years."

PSG Keeps Spending

Recently PSG have been involved in a massive amount of rumours about players joining and leaving.
With new manager Christophe Sauvage seeming determined to field a 3-5-2 line up, changes are deemed to happen.

After finishing the deal with Edinson Cavani, Sauvage looked further west, towards Madrid where he personally had a talk with young central defender Raphäel Varane and his agent as well as Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid. This was after a drawn out negotiation over the price for the wonderkid which, rumours have it, landed narrowly above €20 million.

He was not to join alone. His fellow U-21 France National team defender, Kurt Zouma have also started training with PSG after leaving Saint-Étienne for around €20 million as well.
Sauvage has the money to spend, and everyone knows it which leaves PSG in a bad spot for negotiations, which adds to the already high price of quality players and talented youngsters.


PSG migration to AS Monaco

In the recent week PSG have been selling off players. Three of which signed for Ligue 1 rivals, AS Monaco. PSG being the biggest spender in the league, with Monaco in second place. PSG is also the club that has sold for the most, these inter-league signings included.
Fans have seen the french trio Kevin Gameiro (€13.25M), Christophe Jallet (€4.2M) and Jérémy Ménez (€15M) travelling south to try and win the league ahead of their former team mates.

Sauvage said that he had no fear of selling to teams in the same league, as he only sells players he feels are reduntant and of not enough quality. Harsh words from the new manager, that he'll hope wont come back to bite him when the teams play eachother later on in December.

Rest of the Transfers


Thiago Motta - A.C. Milan €6.5M
Injury-prone player with a salary too high for his skills. I feel like I can sell him and bring in some younger blood who can grow and get stronger with the team

Diego Lugano - Bologna Loan €50K/Month
An old defender that has no place here with both Varane and Zouma joining.

Alphonse Areola - Châtearoux Loan
A young talent who wouldn't have gotten any first team play here so a loan to a weaker club was the best way to go about it. Has been promised to be the first choice there.


Senad Lulic - Lazio €15M
With a 3-5-2 tactic being employed I needed someone to rotate with Pastore out on the left wing, other than Maxwell.
A real fighter with a decent left foot for crosses as well as some defensive capabilities. A pretty alround winger that I think will do well with us.

Kevin Strootman - PSV €18M
A strong talented central midfielder who will take Motta's place. Great workrate and split vision, he is able to dictate the pace of the game from his central position. He's capable both in his defensive and offensive duties and at an age of 22 he has plenty of room to improve with us. At a good 186cm he's also bound to be a force to reckon with in the airspace.

Christian Benteke - Aston Villa €20M
I certainly feel I overpaid for this one, but as I wanted another striker available as both Moura and Lavezzi might have to play midfield roles this season, I got a bit stressed in the final days of the transfer window. With Lukaku demanding a key position in the team as well as a much higher salary, my choice fell on his national buddy Benteke. A tall and strong striker more than capable with both his right foot and his head, I believe he'll get enough play time to show us what he's got.

Very good purchases.

shouldnt have sold Menez tho as he s awesome on fm with loads of assists and goals
What is your transfer budget on the new update?

I downloaded the "Barcasebs Summer Transfers 2013 (15.7.2013)" from this site, and had €63M to spend.

Very good purchases.

shouldnt have sold Menez tho as he s awesome on fm with loads of assists and goals

Yeah he's good on paper, but I've never been a fan of the player so I just wanted to get rid of him haha.
Cool man did you get all the money you made on transfers aswell?


A decent set of friendlies that we played fairly well.
As always, the results aren't the important thing, but rather that the players get some games together before the season. Everything to make the tactics and teamplay better, although we're still a bit from it.

Bordeaux 0

Adrien Rabiot (90)

We had most of the chances even though they stood for a bit more possession. Both Zlatan and Cavani struggled in front of goal, and it took until the last ordinary minute and a substitute youngster to get the goal we needed. Adrien Rabiot is a club talent that'll hopefully become good enough to one day play as a first team choice. Good for him to get the goal for the fans of the club he loves. My first title here and hopefully just one of many.

Valenciennes 0


A strong defensive display by us, but unfortunately our attackers doesn't seem to have understood quite how to play under the new tactics. Will need some working on and in due time I believe it will become clear to them and then their class will shine through. But for today, Raphäel Varane was our best player, strong and decisive in the back.


Lyon 0

One of the toughest teams in the league, on paper, Lyon stood up well and we were held to a tie once more. No goals scored, but no goals conceded either. Both team's defenses were the thing to watch this game as they completely shut out the opponents strikers, who were of class. Lisandro López is a player I admire much so I'm glad we were able to keep him goalless.

Rennes 2
Jonathan Pitroipa (15)
Víctor Montaño (90+3)


Today neither Sirigu nor Thiago Silva had good games at the back. Once again neither did the strikers, they're both new here so I get it that it takes some time to get used to the language, the league, the team and the team mates. Hopefully we will not have fallen too far behind once that finally starts to set in.
A tough loss to take where the first goal was a nice move by Pitroipa who was alone with Sirigu and got around him to score in an empty net.

Month Summary

A couple of tough results to take, so I'm really glad we managed to get the Trophée des Champions, although that technically was in July, to make up for it a little bit. The scoring haven't been good at all, as we haven't scored any goals at all in the league. Cavani and Zlatan are struggling but I don't want to change things up just yet. Benteke is there to take a spot if I give him the chance, but he's still pretty far behind the other two when it comes to ability and class. Then again he's talented and form is not a thing that should be taken lightly. We'll have to wait and see a bit more though.

Joueur du Mois

I choose Adrien Rabiot as the player of the month, not because he's played most or the best, but he's the one who've made an impact and won us my first title.
Good luck mate! I tried a PSG save and failed miserably as I got sacked for not signing any high profile players haha! They're a tough team to manage but I'm sure you'll do fine. Will follow this

The Champions League draw was not gentle with the french champions as they are not very good seeded yet due to inactivity in the European championships earlier seasons.

We will really have to fight to get through a group with us, Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen and A.C. Milan. I really think we can do it though. Milan has become weaker lately with Silva and Zlatan leaving them for us, but I'm sure they want some revenge for that. Also Leverkusen haven't been among the strongest teams in Germany for a while so hopefully we can beat them to it as well. Manchester United on the other hand is always one of the strongest teams in the whole of Europe, and we will all do well if we manage to qualify with such a beast in the group.

Good luck mate! I tried a PSG save and failed miserably as I got sacked for not signing any high profile players haha! They're a tough team to manage but I'm sure you'll do fine. Will follow this

Yeah they're not as easy as they seem at first glance. With all that money. It's a bit hard to get all the players to play well early on, as they are all new, there's no team spirit and stuff like that. I've struggled now early on, but hopefully I can turn it around quickly as you don't last long in Paris unless you show immediate results.
Yeah they're not as easy as they seem at first glance. With all that money. It's a bit hard to get all the players to play well early on, as they are all new, there's no team spirit and stuff like that. I've struggled now early on, but hopefully I can turn it around quickly as you don't last long in Paris unless you show immediate results.

Yea but when they do get going, they are unstoppable it seems. I was winning games by 6 or 7 on a regular basis in the league just before I was sacked and I didn't even have Cavani! Make sure you play Pastore a lot as he is just unreal when he's playing well, one of the best left wingers in the game.

Unreal Champions League group you have by the way, haven't seen such a tough one in ages!
Yea but when they do get going, they are unstoppable it seems. I was winning games by 6 or 7 on a regular basis in the league just before I was sacked and I didn't even have Cavani! Make sure you play Pastore a lot as he is just unreal when he's playing well, one of the best left wingers in the game.

Unreal Champions League group you have by the way, haven't seen such a tough one in ages!

There were some crazy groups this year around on my save.
My group was one of them.
Shakhtar, Bayern München, Napoli and Manchester City was in Group A.
Dortmund, Chelsea, CSKA Moskva and Juventus was in Group F.
Those are some mean **** groups I tell you!



Ajaccio 1
Cédric Hengbart (Pen 90+2)

Okey sure we should've won this game, but to concede a penalty in the last darned minute of the game is aggravating to say the least. Pastore didn't do us a favour here but I don't really want to blame just him. The defense did good all game long, as they've done so far this season. But we're still lacking up front with goals just not being scored. We had the ball most of the time, and we got to chances, but the finishing was very impotent I have to say. No, more shooting practice on the trainings will be happening most definitely.

Edinson Cavani (Pen 31, 38)
Christian Benteke (86)

Mersaille 0

Finally some goals!
Zlatan got an injury when playing for Sweden so Benteke took his place in this game and delivered in the closing minutes of the game. Edinson Cavani was the one who stole the show in this Clasico though, with two goals to his name. I'm really glad he showed us what he can do here, and hopefully this is just the beginning of something great. Good game, good win, a much needed one to boot.

Montpellier 0


Another goalless draw. Not much to say really, we had the chances, they didn't, but we still didn't manage to score. Lackluster in the striking area again. We will have to turn this around pretty soon if I'm to avoid being fired very early in the season.

Lille 2
Florent Balmont (11)
Rio Mavuba (45+1)
Franck Béria 2nd Yellow Card (75)

Senad Lulic (49)
Edinson Cavani (Pen 60)
Blaise Matuidi Red Card (55)

A tough games with many cards being handed out. We did good to get a point here as we came back from two goals behind. It was even in every area of the game, with chances and possession being close for both teams. This is one of the tougher teams to beat in the league as well, together with Lyon, Marseille and Monaco so I'm not to upset with getting a draw against Lille away from home.

Christian Benteke (31)
Edinson Cavani (88)

Leverkusen 1
Arkadiusz Milik (72)

I'm glad we started my Champions League career with a win. We dominated throughout the game and were unfortunate to even concede a goal.
Cavani was our best player with a goal and an assist to his name, while Varane kept things in order in front of our goal. This puts us in 1st place in the group as A.C. Milan beat Manchester United 1-0 at San Siro.

Month Summary

As things keeps going slow in the league, I'm starting to feel the pressure to perform. I'm glad we atleast managed to get some goalscoring going, and Edinson Cavani seems to have grown accustomed to the team a little bit, now hopefully Zlatan will come back from injury and do the same, as he'll be back for the next game which is against Manchester United at Old Trafford. We'll do our very best to keep at top spot in the group and make David Moyes sweat a little as to whether they'll qualify or not.

Joueur du Mois

Edinson have started to score goals, and is the reason we've been able to win any games at all so far.



Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Pen 23, 81, 84)
Clément Chantôme 2nd Yellow Card (90+1)

Évian TG 1
Yannick Sagbo (45)

Well that win was hard to achieve. All teams in Ligue 1 seems to be playing with a minimum of eight defenders against us, and only playing on counter attacks. Which seems to be fairly efficient, many good, pacey strikers in the league. But in the end Zlatan showed us the way with his first, of many I hope, hattrick for the club. A game we totally dominated in every way, all the time, except for the scoring part that thankfully came in the end.

Zlatan scoring a hattrick to win PSG 3 points in Ligue 1

Sochaux 1
Sloan Privat (88)

Senad Lulic (8)

Sure we should've managed to score more than once, but c'mon! A late game point loss again and it's getting really annoying. Dominating the game from start to finish in all departments except scoring, of course.
The defenders did a good job all game except for their goal, not much more to say about the game really.


Stade Reims 0

Another game played against one goal, against 10 defenders. We didn't manage to score this time around either and the owners have stated their concerns with me and I'm hanging very loose at the moment. If I don't turn this around very soon, I'm out on the street without a job.

League Table

Manchester United 1
Robin van Persie (35)


Ah finally! A game we actually deserved to lose, they dominated us from start to finish and we had huge troubles getting the ball on their side of the pitch. The defenders did a heroic job for us, only letting them score a single goal. With Thiago Silva being the best player in the game, stopping van Persie in his tracks all but one time.

A.C. Milan 2
Mario Balotelli (Pen 45+2, Pen 56)

Edinson Cavani (27)

It was an even game with few clear chances. It hurts that they got two penalties and that Balotelli didn't miss from the spot, forcing them in behind Sirigu.
What hurts even more is that we got a penalty as well, just that Zlatan wasn't in his best of form today either, and managed to have Abbiati save it. Making us leave Milano without a single point.

Group Table

Javier Pastore (11)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (89)

Valenciennes 1
Younousse Sankharé (9)

A close one but still a win. I'm glad that we can continue to play in the cup as, of course, I'd like to win as much as possible. Might get us tired ahead of league games though so I will probably rotate a whole bunch when playing in this competition, as I did in this game as well.

Month Summary

Losing in the Champions League is one thing. It was two away games against very strong opposition.
I'm very much more concerned about the bad results in the league, they are also the ones that are making me fear the loss of my job. We are in a big hurry to get some results here as any lost points might lose me the manager position, at any point now.

Joueur du Mois

Mamadou Sakho has been a rock at the back so far this season, and this month was no different. Have so far not played a single bad game for us and is proving to be vital even with the likes of Thiago Silva and Raphäel Varane at his side.


Lorient 0

Javier Pastore (7)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (90+1)

Yeah! A win in the league, just what I needed. Once again a good game by us, and this time we even managed to score. Once in the beginning and once in the very end. Sakho and Varane keeps acting like giants in the back, stopping every corner and cross without much trouble. Silva is still struggling some to settle in properly in France but he's getting there, not playing bad in any way, just worse than the two younglings.

Ezequiel Lavezzi (27, 48)

Bastia 2
Claudiu Keseru (30)
Wahbi Khazri (37)

Seems we just can't get a string of wins together in the league, another draw and much closer than many other games we've played. Considering we just got back from San Siro, it's a bit understandable though. We have to rotate quite a bit since we have yet to be knocked out of any competitions.

Nantes 3
Filip Djordjevic (42)
Vincent Bessat (52)
Papy Djilobodji (80)

Kurt Zouma (17)
Lucas Moura (39)
Thiago Silva (55, 87)

Today it was Thiago Silva's turn to shine. In a game where we were everything but solid in the back, the defenders made up for it in bit by scoring three of our goals in this close faught game. You have no idea how crazy happy I looked as Thiago Silva scored in the 87th minute on a cross from van der Wiel. 3 points that'll keep me at the job for atleast another week.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (34)

A.C. Milan 0

I'm really glad we won this game, and Zlatan kept his cool not overdoing his celebration when scoring against his old team mates. We had most of the chances in the game, but it was a real tough one, with Balotelli coming close a couple of times. Much needed three points as it let's us atleast have a small chance of qualifying past the group phase.

Leverkusen 1
Stefan Kiessling (30)


We had to see ourself fairly defeated here in Germany today. They played better and we were weak in front of goal. This might be the game that got us knocked out in this year's Champions League. Now we have to trust Leverkusen to win against Milan in their last game, at the same time as we're supposed to knock Premiere League champions Manchester United. A United that have already qualified to the next round, hopefully that'll make them play a weaker team against us. A fools hope perhaps.

Ezequiel Lavezzi (1)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (14)
Edinson Cavani (48, 88)

Nice 1
Neal Maupay (33)
Didier Digard 2nd Yellow Card (61)

We really crushed Nice here, their consolation goal meant nothing as it was about the only thing they managed up front the whole game. Zlatan and Cavani played with their defense up front, and Lavezzi managed to get another goal to his name, I'm really glad about that. More goalscorers are needed and he's stepping up. This means we're in the Semi-Finals where we will play Monaco, Montpellier or Sochaux.

Month Summary
A real improvement for us, this month. To bad we lost in Leverkusen but seeing as we got much needed points in the league I don't really feel like complaining. We have to cement our place as a domestic powerhouse before intimidating the other European top clubs. That's why I'm also really glad that we managed to advance in the Ligue cup.

Joueur du Mois

Ezequiel Lavezzi has been our best player this month with some great goals to his name as well as good overall plays. I have him playing as a right midfielder so he's not playing as offensive as he's used to and is needed to do more defensive work and he's finally looking to fill that roll as good as I believed he could.