Don't know much about him in FM or real-life but he is kick-*** in Fifa 11 Manager mode XD
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Doesnt fit in with my tactics so not bought him but heard lot of good things from others on here. Think his PA is pretty high
Probably the best AMC in FM

Good article although nothing new really
Really good read that. I hope for his sake that he stays in Brazil for a couple of years yet. Reminds me a bit of Robinho, could and probably should have stayed at home for 2/3 more years but instead joined Madrid for a huge transfer fee. Didn't really set the world alight as he wanted and then ended up at Man City.

But yes, I do hope he stays at Santos for a while yet and just hones his skills for now.

Probably the best AMC in FM

Good article although nothing new really

I have him as a CM Advanced playmaker ;)

Can't really argue with Javier Pastore as an AMC :p
Playing well in my Young Boys team after he got rejected after trial with Besiktas.
He has a CA of 184 and PA of 186
Good read..hope he stays at Santos till he's properly ready for other leagues...
Was just thinking, when was the last time a Brazilian shone in the premier league? There was GIlberto Silva of course, but he's in a different mould to Ganso. Anyone remember any attacking brazlians who've been named the next big thing to come to england and do well? Don't think there have been many, if any....
it's a matter of opinion

Pastore PA: 181
Ganso PA: 186

So on paper Ganso is better ;)

IRL, and in the game Pastore is better by his stats, maybe in the papaer Ganso is better, but in the most important things Pastore is over him. :p
Unreal player in FM