Penalties - Player on a Hat-trick

Doesn't happen all the time, if the game is much closer generally the designated penalty taker will take it.
I've had players on a hat-trick not take the penalty when I wanted them to take it, seems someone pulled rank?

I've also had it where the penalty was in a tight game and the guy on the hat-trick didn't take it either...


the tw@t that did take it blazed it over the ****** bar!!! :'(

I never set penalty takers, free-kick takers, corner takers or throw-in takers... I couldn't care less who took them - that's why I have a captain ;)
Not necessarily true. For some reason, in my last game Sissoko took a penalty (his stats are 9 for penalty taking) and missed. I checked the rest of the line up and there were several players with 15+ for penalty taking, and the guy wasn't on a hat-trick, so I can't explain it.

Emm, I said rating (as in average rating), not penalty taking. Big difference XD

But that's in my experience. As I can see it just gives it to the player with the best rating at the moment. Though, when I think about it, it just might be some formula considering rating and penalty taking. Or maybe even more stats, like people suggest, like influence maybe...
This happened to me before. Andy Dawson had scored 2 free-kicks then stepped up to score a penalty.
I had never thought of it as the game letting whoever is on a Hat-Trick take the penalties
timmsy i don't know how to set it or whatever but i agree with you (u support man utd and northampton)
if you were to sub off a guy on 2 goals they always get upset you didnt let them stay on for a hat trick attempt :( its happened to me a few times now, its annoying!